Title: Doushite

(the only reason doushite is the title is cuz Duo keeps saying it and....it's the last word....)

Authors Notes: Hmmm...This song is by Eels, and it's name is Flower. I was a little depressed when I wrote this, so it may reflect on my writing...C and C appreciated.


/Turn the ugly light off, God,
wanna feel the night./

Tap-tap-tap. *Oh goodie, Heero's still typing. He won't even notice me.* Duo gleefully thought, as he snuck past him and opened the door leading outside. "Hello, Lady night," He cheerfully whispers, as he settles under the massive bulk of an ancient tree.

/Everyday it shines down on me;
don’t you think that I see? Don’t you think that I see what it’s all about?/

He sighs softly, propping his head on his hands. *Heero, doushite(1)? Doushite?!*

/Hard to look the other way
while the world passes me by./


*Earlier in the day*
Duo slowly approaches Heero, trying to work up the courage to say
*something* to him, but, just as he seems ready, Heero abruptly gets up and
walks past him, not even noticing. As he walks further and further away, he
becomes smaller and smaller, until he is just a speck in the distance. Duo
watches until he's sure that Heero's gone, and then, with a small sigh and
an unDuo-like slump, walks home.

/And everyone is trying to bum me out./

Duo watches sourly as Relena flounces over to Heero and begins fussing over him.

/It’s a pretty big world, God,
and I am awful small./

Duo watches as hordes of admirers converge around Heero. He is still sad, but the desolation is mixed with just a little anger.

/Everyday they rain down on me,
flower in a hailstorm. Flower in a hailstorm,/

Finally, Duo gets up slowly and walks back to Quarte's estate. Silently, he opens the door and tiptoes up to the room both he and Heero share. It's pitch black inside, and he trips over one of his shoes, waking Heero up. Angry, Heero shouts at him for staying out so late, and waking him up.

/I could throw it back at them,
but then I play their game./

Duo stands tensely, fists clenched, not speaking. His gaze drifts over to his bed, and he's not even listening anymore. Just hearing *his* voice. *Wow, he's got a beautiful voice...It could be used *a lot* more productively than for...yelling at me...*

/Everyone is trying to bum me out./

When Duo wakes up, Heero has already left the estate. Duo shrugs on the outside, but inside he's screaming *DOUSHITE, HEERO?! Doushite...*

When I came into this world they slapped me.
And everyday since then I’m slapped again.

Duo sighs, and heads back to his and Heero's room. He sits on the bed and remembers all the times Heero has ignored him, punched him, threated to kill him...*Doushite...Why did I have to fall in love with *HIM*?*

/Tomorrow’s king: an unslightly coward.
You see, I know I’m gonna win./

As Duo ponders, however, his resolve gets stronger and he then remembers all the times Heero had looked like he had been on the verge of saying something...*doing* something. Smirking a little at that one, he sets out to win the one who has stolen his heart.

/Turn the ugly light off, God,
don’t wanna see my face./

Duo finds Heero resting under the same tree he had been last night. *I wonder what he's thinking about?* Duo pondered. He walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder. "Relena?" Heero asks. Duo snatches his hand away as though it's been burned. "Ahhh, no, it's only me, Duo." He mutters, "But I have some stuff to do, so, I really oughta be going." He runs off, trying not to cry.

/Everyday it will betray me;/

"Duo? Daijoubu ka(2)?" Quarte asks himas he runs toward his room. "Hottoite yo!"

/don’t you think that I know?
Don’t you think that I know what they’re talking about?/

Heero walks in later that afternoon and asks about Duo. Quarte tells him that he didn't seem too well. With a look of resolve on his face, Heero walks up to their room. "Duo?"

/If they step on me tonight,
they’re gonna pay someday./

Duo crosses his fingers and prays.

/Everyone is trying to bum me out./

"Duo-kun, I...I...love...Relena..." Something deep inside him shatters, and he flees, this time, forever. *Heero, doushite?....*


(1) doushite = why
(2) daijoubu ka = are you alright? (3) hottoite yo = leave me alone!

Authors Notes 2: Poor widdle Duo...Sorry, I promise I'll get better at this....After all, it's only my third, ne?

Disclaimers: I don't own any of this. Let me clarify it: I. DON'T. OWN. ANY. OF. THIS. STORY. (except the part I wrote. wait, this is getting confusing) Ummmmmmmm, let's clarify it: I don't own any of these characters. I don't know who does. (ignorant me. ^_^) I do not do this for profit. I do it for enjoyment.