>>Heero stood stone still. Finally, after what seemed an eternity,
he spoke. "Get ready to go to space."
PART: 2/?
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"Get ready to go to space." Heero said flatly. Quarte couldn't help but
wonder if anything had been going on between the two...Surely, they had
admitted their feelings for eachother? Watching Heero's face, Quarte
got a sinking feeling. /He...hasn't said...anything...to Duo about how
he feels?! Oh my god...That could've been the last time he'll ever see
him...Oh, Heero.../ He thought, then selfishly leaned on Trowa's shoulder,
glad for a moment that it had been Duo, not his beloved that had been stolen

/Oh shit! Oh SHIT! I'm being kidnapped by a mad freak who thinks he's some
kind of GOD! Huh...Wait...Considering what he did back there, planetside, he
seems awfully close.../ The only sign of Duo's racing thoughts were his
eyes, which flickered madly from object to object in the small, cramped room
his 'cage' was kept in. /Although,/ He mused, /You could really call it
something like an...Huh?/ His head snapped up, and he turned to face the
sudden noise that had broken his train of thought. He immediently stiffened
(1) as he spotted what had caused it. Well, he stiffened as much as it was
possible when you're trapped in an...eh...ehem....hourglass. (2) /Damn it,
this guy's an ASS! You NEVER put people in hourglasses when you kidnap them!
That is just a kidnapping no-no! Its cliche anyway!/ Anyway, he saw what
caused the noise. His green-haired captor entered. Predictably.

He made a great show of walking around Duo and examining him from all sides.
(3) "So. How are you enjoying the accomadations, (Damn, I know I can't
spell!) my little creature?" He inquired casually. Duo forced himself_not_to
twitch. "First of all, they suck! Second, its fucking cramped in here!
sentence, he was frothing. The man appeared slightly amused by the
spectatcle. "Hojo Tsuki does." He answered calmly. "But then again, all my
friends do say I'm much too old fashioned..." "Friends?" Duo muttered. "Huh.
I'll let that one go. But as far as the name..." He perked up visibly at
this part, "Now that I know it, I can put you on my shit list!" He exclaimed
happily. "No, I'm afriad not," Hojo said, all expression of geniality
vanishing. "You're under my control. Completely." He stopped at Duo's look
of contempt, then added, "Not right now, of course. I want you to
be...free-willed. At least for now. In fact, you'd jump out of the nearest
airlock if I told you to. Its voice contolled." He added as an afterthought.
"Airlock, ne? So we're in space, just like I thought." He missed Hojo's smug
look at that one, "Well. the guy's will come n' get me anyway." He
"Yes." Hojo said simply. "Let them come. Let them. I have need of them," His
expressionless face took on a more sinister look, and he continued,
muttering now, "Yesss...Your power will increase significantly, with a
binding severed...Most significantly..." Noticing Duo's alarmed look, he
laughed, then said a word that Duo couldn't catch, but it was too late by
then. He fell into the deep abyss of sleep...Watching Duo sleep, Hojo's
expression turned tender for a moment, and he whispered, "My boy...My poor
little boy...I'm just trying to make you stronger, can't you see?"

All four pilots had successfully launched themselves into space, (again)
when Wufei caught an OZ frequency. Interested, he listened for a while,
until he realized it was putting out a warning of some sort, for all forces
to be aware of a ship that was relentlessly desroying colonies OZ had sworn
to 'protect', left and right. It also held the ship's current coordinates.
He opened a channel to the other three, and relayed this information. All
was silent for a bit, then Quarte stated bluntly, "The coincidence is *too*
close. That 'ship' must be the one Duo is held on." Trowa agreed, and Heero
pondered, then spoke up. "So it isn't only Duo we're going after. This is
also for the sake of the colonies." The other three couldn't quite place the
strange tone they heard in Heero's voice. Anger? Sadness? Happiness? None of
them could tell, but they all knew, whatever it was, it wasn't good. They
all punched in the coordinates, and settled down for the wait. /I'm going to
save you Duo, I swear it....and when I do....I....I'll show you what whipped
cream is *really* for!/ Heero promised himself, as the stars streaked by.

Groggily, Duo woke up. To a wildly grinning Hojo, whose face was pressed
against the window like a squashed egg. "Holy shit!" He yelled, then
scuttled away. Well, tried to. Then hit glass. "Owwww..." complained as he
slid down the clear wall. Suddenly, he noted the much more malicious gleam
in Hojo's eyes. /OhshitohshitohSHIT!/ "Hello, *D.U.O.*" Hojo almost-purred.
"How are we doing? Not *too* terribly hurt?" For a second, his pale,
insect-like face turned red with rage. "Because *pain* is a form of
*weakness* and you *know* I cannot abide it!" /Know? I
know...nothing...about this guy...no, wait...I..I...he is....master?/ Taking
advantage of Duo's confused state, he pressed his hands together, and stared
deeply into Duo's eyes. /Wha? What is he...doing?/ Suddenly, it all came to
Duo. /He's trying to take over my mind! No!/ He fought against the invading
force, and felt it retreat--barely. /No! You can't do that!/ Something in
him warned. /Let him win! Let him think he's taken control! Let him have
control of your body, in order for you to keep your mind! You'll just
exhaust yourself otherwise, then he'll have *both*!/ Ruefully, Duo admitted
that..it...he(?) was right. He stopped fighting, and could feel Hojo's power
washing over him like a wave of pollution. He shuddered, but listened to the
voice once more, /Now you are not powerful enough to defeat him. Wait until
your power gets stronger./ Suddenly, the wave stopped. His body was no
longer under his own control. Hojo grinned and rubbed his hands together
gleefully. "Only a...few...modifications are needed to make you
perfect,...Duo." He headed toward a small cabinet, but never reached his
destination. A minor explosion rocked the ship.

"Hmmm. I can see your friends are here. Well, I really should be going
to...deal...with them." He sighed with regret, "But, I will turn on the
viewer so you can watch their pitiful lives go to waste." He said, regaining
his maniac grin. That said, he headed out. Duo tried to sigh in relief, but
found he couldn't. /Oh yeah. Body control./ The small view screen in the
corner flickered to life, and his head turned to face it. /Okayyyy...He
wants me to watch them beat the living shit outta this ship. Fine by me./ A
terrible realization began to form in his mind. /No! Shutup! I want to think
about my rescue, NOT all the ways I could die!/ He could see all four
gundams waiting outside in space. /Mmmmm...Heero. I wonder...if it was *his*
idea to come and get me.../ He could hear Heero's voice! /Dammit, I'm
hearing things...No, wait!/ The intercom boomed out, "This is to
the...person...who kidnapped Duo." Duo tried to giggle. Hee-chan sounded
like he had doubts about Hojo's humanity. Well, come to think of it, so did
he. "Return him. Immediently, or face the consequences." Heero warned. "If I
don't? Will you destroy the very ship he is on? I think not. You're
bluffing." Hojo countered. Heero hesitated, then spoke again. "You are a
danger to the colonies. You must be neutralized, regardless of any personal
feelings in this matter." His voice sounded so flat, so...dead. /Huh.
Hojo-man's been busy, if he's a 'danger to the colonies'. And the only
dangerous thing Heero considers is...death./ Duo pondered, then remembered
the rest of the message. /Ohmigodohmigodohmigod, he said FEELINGS!/ Duo
exulted. Then he also remembered what that meant. /Oh, fuck. I'm gonna be


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