PART: 1/?
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Duo snuck quietly into Trowa's room. Good. It was afternoon, the time when he usually took a quick nap.

Grinning, he fingered the long, ornate blade he held in one hand. In the other lay a gag. He slowly approached the bed. Bending over Trowa's silent form, he carefully tied the gag around his mouth. He didn't need to worry about Trowa escaping, he was more than competent enough to stop him. Trowa rolled over, onto one side, then tried to mumble something. Finding he could not, he woke up to see the cause of such an abberation. It was a smirking Duo. He tried to say 'Duo, this is no time for games!' but it came out as "Mphmuhpmphhmph!" "Quiet," Duo breathed, then straightened up and continued, "My master wants you dead, no matter what. I'm really sorry about this, but, as Heero would say, 'Mission Accepted'..." He then lay the sharpened edge of the blade on the smooth, milky-white skin of Trowa's throat. "Goodbye, Trowa." He whispered. Just then, Quarte walked in. "Trowa-kun, I saw this really cute...Duo, is this some kind of sick joke?!" He exclaimed. "No, no this is no joke." He said sadly. "Now I'll have to kill you too, Quarte." Not knowing what to do, Quarte simply walked up to Duo and stared in his face and said, "So kill me." Seeing the hesitation in the other pilot's eyes, he quickly snatched the dagger away from him. "Duo, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!!" He yelled as loudly as he could. Getting no reply, he hesitantly put a hand on Duo's shoulder. "Duo?" "Duo?!" He shook him, lightly though, but got no response. Getting worried, he yelled for Wufei and Heero to come. They were both irritated at the interruption, but when they saw what was going on, they quickly overcame it. Heero walked over to Duo and said, "What is going on here?" Duo jerked his head up at the sound of Heero's voice, but his eyes were far away, as if he was listening to something else. However, a bitter chuckle emerged out of his mouth proving the theory wrong. He stood up, slowly, and turned his head to meet Heero's. When their eyes met, an instant understanding passed between the two of them. "Duo...." Heero breathed. Duo's eyes flashed, and he laughed mockingly. The other four gundam pilots were shocked. Duo had never acted this way before. There had to be *something* wrong. In the time it took them to think this, Duo had already launched himself into the air. He tackled Heero, (who had been blocking the doorway) left him on the floor, and ran out of the house. Wufei was the first one to break the silence. "Let's follow him, shall we?" They all nodded, especially Trowa, who was curious as to who wanted him dead.

Running. He was running. He could tell that much. Why...was he running? What was he running from? He couldn't remember...The effort to do so left him with an throbbing headache, but somehow he knew he shouldn't stop running. /Yes,/ A voice crooned in his head, /You're all mine now, D.U.O./

Duo's trail was pretty easy to follow. Broken branches, and crushed grass were everywhere. With Heero in the lead, the G-boys (minus Duo) followed.

A...clearing? Yes, it was a special clearing...The clearing...The one...his master...was locked away..in...because...because he hadn't trusted...in me....No! Don't think about that! That was...a long...time ago...Master will need you now...Acompanying that thought came a rush of blackness, and Duo Maxwell fainted for the very first time in his life.

At last! Gasping for breath, Quarte...and well....No one else was gasping for breath. But Wufei, Heero, and Trowa were there too. Straight up ahead was what looked like the end of Duo's trail...Now they could get to the end of this nonsense! Marching forward, they entered the clearing as one. Now this time they all gasped. In shock. Duo was suspended in midair by a tall green-haired man.

As they came into the clearing however, he immediently dropped Duo, leaving him to land with an small thump. Shaking his head, Duo looked up. "Wha? Where am I?" He uttered, looking as he had been drugged or something. Which, come to think of it, maybe he had. They walked right up in front of the strange, green-haired man, and asked in unison, "Duo?" The man seemed to find this amusing for some reason and said, quite blandly, "What do you want with my D-U-O?" "Hm?" Quarte asked, "I thought his name was Duo..." The man chuckled again. "D-U-O. My *Damn Useful Object*." Heero's hand tightened into something like a fist and he ground out, (quite calmly) "First of all, he is not an object. He is a human. Second. Duo is not yours." The man chortled and gasped for air as huge spasms of laughter overtook him. "D.u.o.? Human?! Hah, that's the best one yet! Duo, did you deliberately mislead these innocent people into thinking you were *human*?!" Duo seemed to curl up and become even smaller. But still, his voice was defiant, "I *am* human!" "Oh really?" The man countered, "Well, could a human do this?" He flicked a finger to a nearby tree and ordered, "Destroy it." Whimpering, Duo gathered up in his hands what looked like a burning ball of light, and hurled it at the tree. It promptly exploded. "You see?" The man said, "Duo is not even remotely human. I'm sorry if my pet disturbed you. I'll be leaving now."

Wufei, Quarte, and Trowa were still staring in shock when Heero yelled, "You're not leaving with Duo!" Gathering their wits together, the other three backed Heero up. The man laughed and replied, "Of course I'm going with Duo. I created him. I'm his master. Right Duo?" he added as an afterthought. "No." Heero said. "Oh, that's too bad...And I was going to let you go...Duo, destroy them." After what looked like a deep internal battle, Duo nodded, and began to obey the other's commands. "Wait!" the man cried, "I want to know what you feel, truly, right now." Closing his eyes and frowning Duo replied, "I...Master...My heart feels sad...I do not want to destroy my only friends..." "So." Glowering, the man growled, "It is as I thought. 100 puny years among humans changes my best creation into a worthless, emotional being." He took a step toward Duo, and slapped him, with the edges of his long fingernails, so that it drew blood. Duo just stood there, blood dripping down his cheek, waiting for the next order. "We're leaving. Now. If you 'pilots' want to battle, I'll be somewhere in space. I do love a good, unfair fight!" And with that, he disappeared. The four pilots all breathed huge sighs of relief and disappointment. Heero stood stone still. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he spoke. "Get ready to go to space." In his mind he added, "I won't let you down Duo!"


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