Title: Convincing the Fool
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part 5/?
Disclaimers: I don't own GWness!
Warnings: Language, (I love a cursing Duo!) shonen ai
Author's Notes: Blaaah. Tired. I've proofed it several times, removed the more stupid mistakes, but there's still a lot. >_< I hope ya'll like this part, Ld helped me to get the ball rolling on this one, so, thanks! ::waves::


She had the exact same thought I'd had.

"Is it...Adam?"



I heaved a sigh of disappointment. Some people...

"Uh...No, Relena." I tried to say it as gently as I could, really, but I think some irritation must've shown through. She was a good kid, I did like her, but sometimes...

She wilted, and I hastened to comfort her. Hell, I liked her.

"Relena, Ruari's at our table." I said, with a small, knowing grin at her.

She completely freaked out. "Omigod! Where is he?!" She got down on her hands and knees and started looking under the table. I looked at Heero. A small smile twitched at the corners of his mouth at Relena's antics.

/Kawaii.../ I thought dazedly, hoping he wouldn't do that very often. I just might have to forgive him for all that he'd done...Naw...But I did have to admit he was very sexy...

Finding no one hiding under our table, she got back into her chair with a huff.

"I give up." She announced. "Really, Duo, who is it?"

I almost rolled my eyes. Hmmm...At our table, not you, obviously not Heero, wonder who it is...?

"Me." I said with a small smile.

Heero looked at me sidelong, and I guess he was gauging if I was telling the truth or not...Geeze, folks, didn't you read your Duo Maxwell pamphlet on the way over? I'm sure it was a long flight...Maybe page two, 'Habits Of'? 'He may run, he may hide, but he never lies'?

Relena blinked. She looked rather shell-shocked. I didn't blame her. I was one of the more...most successful people in the upper circles.

She blinked again. An uncomprehending look flashed across her face. Damn. What was with blondes anyway? (1)

"Duo!" She yelled, causing several people from nearby tables to look up.

"Yes?" I answered politely. Damn, this was getting good.

"Duo!" She said again, though less loud.

This was getting a bit repetetive. I looked at Heero from the corner of my eyes, he was looking over at Relena, smirking. Oooh...Sexy smirk. Drool. Remember how to breathe, Maxwell.

No WAY! Mr. Maxwell, do not go THERE, it's OVER, he made that damn well clear! If he wanted you back he would've come sooner! He's here for duty! Duty...

"Duo?" She asked wonderingly.

I resisted the urge to smack her on the forehead, maybe to stimulate a little thought. Only a little.

All of a sudden, she started laughing. Worried, I asked Heero,

"Is she...Is there something..?"

He shook his head silently, dark hair falling into one of his eyes. Annoyed, he shook it out of the way, and I stared while he did. Nice...

"Duo! You're joking! Oh how funny, Duo, you've always been good at fooling people! I swear, I almost thought you were serious there for an instant!" She burbled happily, just as Adam came along with our menus.

"Gentlemen...Madame...Here they are. Call me when you're ready to order." He said, not even looking at the still giggling Relena.

"Ah, just go ahead and get me the usual, Adam my man, don't worry about Miss Peacecraft. She's just missed her medication today, that's all." I told him with a straight face. Damn, but I was feeling better.

One brow quirked up, and before Relena could kick me, he said with seeming disinterest, "And how was your trip to the colony's Charter? I hear this one's padded walls are very soft."

I fake growled at him, and he raised his hands in supplication, darting off to get my order with a laugh.

Heero shot me a Questioning Look, one brow raised much like Adam's had been. Come to think of it, Adam was rather good-looking...

Ah, so that was his game. He didn't want me, but he didn't want me to be with anyone else, either. I smirked at his petty jealousy.

'You lost me a long time ago, Heero,' I mouthed at him, ignoring his puzzled look, and turned my attention back to Relena, who was currently perusing the menu.

"Relena..." I began.

"Maa, maa, it's ok Duo!" She said, smiling sweetly at me. "I can understand your need to joke like that, but can I meet him soon?"

I hated her little habit of speaking japanese so casually, she must've been around Heero a lot to have picked that up...

This was getting a little out of hand. I gazed at Heero for some help with her, after all, she was his 'girlfriend'...

He shrugged unapologetically, and I wanted to break something in my frustration. I was getting a little pissed. Game's over.

"Relena. Excuse me." I ground out, and she looked up from her menu. "It's. True."

"Really?" She asked. "Well, I'll bet you don't know how this will end, then." With a superior smirk, she began reciting one of my unfinished journal entries from the latest book.

"tonite i think i feel something, even if it's hate. i can't go to sleep, memories of the dead haunt me. so i stay awake and i stare till i find myself incoherent with lack of sleep or maybe just lack of intelligent thought. i'm writing again because that's what i do when it hurts so bad i can't think - " (2) She paused there, expectant.

I thought a moment. I hadn't wanted to really continue that...but this seemed to fit.

"my heart, doling out it's wasted share of blood to the body, falters now, and i think it's broken, little pieces fall to the ground, thru my outstretched hands and i cry softly into satin sheets for every dead body signed with my name in blood, theirs and mine, but they're lucky, i'll burn eternal in this continued existance and i refuse to die like them. i breathe but my heart is still on floor, pumping out wasted blood to the world, so wasted like me." I finished softly with sad inflection. Relena gaped, then began scribbling that down on a napkin.

Heero looks incredulous. He hadn't really believed me, then. Damn. Why is it that no one ever does?

"My...my apologies...Du- Ruari..." She faltered.

I flashed her my best grin. Why did everyone act like that when they finally found out?! "It's ok, Relena, really. And please, don't call me Ruari. That's my muse's name. He's conceited enough as it is." Another grin. Damn.

Relena giggled happily then, and said, "Well I guess I won't be able to seduce you, then..."

I sweatdropped, Heero death-glared her. Eek. Tense situation, here...

Adam chose that exact moment to bring out my requested dinner. Damn him. He was probably listening in on me the whole time - he's got the entire place bugged, I think. Helluva guy, Adam is.

My usual was an enormous hamburger, 'fancy' style, with a plate of delicious golden deep-fried, original Earth recipe, french fries. And a Coke. Can't forget that.

Relena and Heero goggled. They were stunned.

"Duo..." Heero said funnily. "You're...Ruari...in one the fanciest restaurants ever...and you eat that?!"

I smirked, chowing down. "Good," I explained through a mouthful of food. Adam just rolled his eyes and patted me on the back, earning him another deathglare. Baaad Heero...

"Is your order ready?" Adam requested politely, and Relena flushed, then ordered the 'genuine' lobster. As opposed to 'fake' lobster, right? Yuck, with all that synth food, I wouldn't be surprised, though...

Heero rolled his eyes then ordered noodles with rice and chicken. How unexpected, really...

As soon as Adam left, I was assailed with a multitiude of questions from Relena.

"Why'd you lie? How do you write so well? Why do you hurt so much? How come no one knows where you live? Can I have your autograph?" She asked breathlessly.

"Woah, chill Relena," I said. "I can show you around for a few weeks, maybe, we can hang out, before I have to start writing. We'll have plenty of time for that later..." I ended dramatically, chewing on my burger for slight emphasis.

Her response completely blew me out of the water. Completely.

"Oh, but I can't stay, and all. I have...things to do. You know. Lots of...things. That's why I'll be leaving Heero with you."


Author's Notes: 1) No offense intended to any blond other than Relena at alll. :)
2) That's a piece of my crappy writing, in another piece of my crappy writing, how neat...