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Author's Notes: Ok. Here's the exp. First, Andrys had an affair with Helen Maxwell, who already had a son, Zechs. Damian (Duo) was born. A year after that, Andrys Peacecraft married Charity Battlebreaker, and Valeria (Katana) was born. Heero is a Battlebreaker, so Val's 'posed to marry him. But her family's dead, so thats out...(Aneler Live is Relena. Relena n' Zechs are supposed to protect the real Peacecrafts by playing them.)

Katana sighed softly, and gently laid her head back on the hard plastic seat of the shuttle-freighter. She wanted so badly to be able to hug Duo, tell him everything that happened, and cry her eyes out, just like in the old days. She sniffled once or twice, but darkly reminded herself of the all the danger that still surrounded her. She was alone, with no money, or influence, and Relena would soon know of the failed...obliteration. (Or should I say Aneler Live? She questioned herself grimly.) The only one that remained from that night was her. And Duo. But he hadn't even been there. Not when it mattered. She felt tears spring unbidden to her eyes, but she fiercely blinked them away. She would not cry, she was strong. No, instead she would get revenge. As soon as she found Duo, she would team up and make Relena pay... She fell deep into slumber, remembering when things were better...

>>>7 years ago >>>

Valeria bounced happily out of bed, remembering that this was the day she was to meet another little girl. Another girl! Oh, the joy! Maybe she would make friends, and they could sleep over at each others' houses and watch TV and talk about important girl stuff that Damian wouldn't know about! She giggled, eager to meet the other girl. Quickly, she ran to the big mahogany wardrobe that housed all her dresses. She swung open the heavy doors with difficulty and picked out her very favorite dress, an aquamarine one with lots of frills and bows and lace.

She dressed, and ran down the immense marble staircase mother had insisted upon.

"Daddy!" She crowed, spotting him jogging across the courtyard. His stride only quickened, and he called back,

"Get ready for the child you're to meet! Be on your best behavior, and DO NOT be impolite!" He ordered harshly.

"Yes daddy." She mumbled quietly, ashamed of the spectactle she had made.

She descended the last few steps slowly, and with the grace befitting the only Peacecraft heir. Well...There was Damian. But his mother was not Charity Peacecraft...No, she was Helen Maxwell. And that made him...Made him...She dismissed the rebellious thought, more intent on getting her breakfast.

She sat down at the huge dining table, and rang for servants to bring food. They sprang into attendance when they heard the bell, and brought her a splendid meal, which she ate slowly, bite by bite, because it would be slovenly to do otherwise. When she was all done, she gathered up her skirts and breezed into the reception room, anxiously awaiting the other girl she would meet, Aneler Live.

>>>6 years ago >>>

"Ok, if you tell me your worst secret, Damain, I'll tell you mine." Valeria breathed softly. Damian shrugged his shoulders and looked at her quizically.

"Why should I?"

"Oh please, Damie, please!" She looked imploringly at him.

"Alright, alright, fine." He answered, uncomfortable with denying her. "Ok, you remember when you met that obnoxious girl, Aneler Live?"

"Yes..." She said, hesitantly.

"Well, I had to meet a boy. His name was Zechs Merquise, and he's my half brother!

She looked at him scornfully. "That's all?!"

"No, of course not. Anyway, me and Zechs played together and had a good time--but at the end of the day, you'll never guess what happened!"

"Oh, what, what?" She stared, transfixed.

"Aneler tried to kiss me!"

"Ohmigod! You're not serious!"

"Yep. Totally," He answered, sounding smug.

"You didn't let her, did you?"

"Of course not! I pushed her in the mud!" He grinned, pleased with himself.

"Oh. So that's why she called you a b------."

"She WHAT?!"

>>>4 years ago >>>

"Damian, will you promise me that you'll never leave me? Please?" Valeria asked.

"Where did you get the idea I would ever leave?" He asked right back. "I don't know...Just promise me...I love you, Damie, I don't want you to ever leave!" She burst into tears, and ran to him. He picked her up in his lap and let her cry. When she was done, he wiped her tears off with his good dress shirt.

"D-damian, your shirt..." She trailed off, surprised at the look on his face.

"Val, I promise I'll never leave you. Ever. I love you Val...Besides, we Peacecrafts have got to stick together!"

"Just don't leave me Damie...Don't ever leave me..."

>>>2 years ago >>>

Damian stood up and faced his father, Andrys Peacecraft. "You will not marry Valeria off to some person she's never seen before!" He ordered angrily.

Andrys looked at him, and softly spoke, "The Peacecrafts have always married the Battlebreakers. That's the way it's always been."

"You're willing to marry her off to some fool who's going to pilot a gundam?! Who could die at any time?! Who goes around calling himself 'Heero Yuy' when he knows perfectly goddamn well who he is?! She's only twelve..." The last was spoken in a whisper, unheard.

Andrys stood up also, red-faced with anger he was not showing. "She will marry a Battlebreaker! I don't give a damn whether he calls himself by 'Heero Yuy' or by his real name, Regal Battlebreaker! Is that clear?!"

Damian looked at Andrys in a new light, unable to see what had drawn his mother, Helen Maxwell, to have an affair with this man, this...beast. He spoke, finally coming to an understanding of sorts, "Alright. Alright. You may ruin Valeria's life, you bastard, but you won't ruin mine!" He screamed, then turned and ran out of the hall.

Andrys took a shaking step forward, and roared, "You are the bastard here!"

Valeria watched from the stairs as Damian ran out. She felt the wet tears slip down her cheeks, assuring her that this was not a dream, Damian really was leaving...She whispered, "Damie...Damian...You promised...You promised me!"

>>>1 year ago >>>

Late that afternoon, Valeria snuck out of the house and into the garage. "Oh yeah baby, oh yeah." She whispered in awe, staring wide-eyed at all the motorcycles. She walked around all of them, inspecting each one. "This one." She said, pointing at an old, beaten up motorcycle that looked it had reached retirement age two years ago.

"Yaaaaaa!" She screamed as she raced down the empty highway, feeling like she was immortal. /OH @$#@! CAR!!/ She yelled to herself, and swerved dangerously into the opposite lane. "Hey! Stupid &*^%$# teenagers!" The faceless driver cursed at her. She giggled to herself, feeling remarkably...free. Yes, that was it. She'd never felt this free before! She accelerated madly, gunning the engine, and running into both lanes. "Faster!" She screamed again.

The scenery was blurring past at an impossible rate, and she began to get a little worried. Maybe she should slow down a little...To her surprise and horror, she found that she couldn't lower the speed. /Ohmigod.../ She watched in utter terror as two cars came racing up, in the wrong lanes, just like she had been. Only this time, they weren't trying to slow down.

She made a last desperate effort to slow down, then swerved off onto the side, hoping to God that the side lane wouldn't be bumpy enough to crash the 'cycle. Apparently, it was. A big rock loomed ahead in her vision, and she couldn't move in time. She could feel the 'cycle buck under her, and she flew off, afriad to hang on any longer. It was forever before she hit the ground, and when she did, the concussion shocked her...(At the risk of sounding cliche--)Then everything went black...


>>>Now >>>

Katana woke up with a start, trembling. "God, Duo, I need you..." She hoped desprately that the freighter would reach the colony soon.