TITLE: Bloodlines
PART: Prologue
DISCLAIMERS: Relena is portrayed as an evil blood-sucking bitch. Also, I do not own Gundam Wing. Get over it. None of us do. :(

Author's Notes: Ummm.....this is a new series.....ummmm......read?

Face shrouded in shadow, the dark figure mused over the many ways to kill Pargan. Her master. Her servant. She always exulted in the times where she had to act as a Peacecraft, for it gave her complete power over him. Sending him to do her bidding amused her no end, as he always did when things were done in private. It was too bad she needed him to complete her rise to power. He was such a fool, insisting on keeping the location of the true Peacecrafts a secret. Didn't he realize they were going to find out who they were and destroy her? They were too dangerous.

She sighed wearily, as one does when life is constantly fraught with danger. Perhaps, she pondered, she could ask Zechs to locate them. Well, the other one. The brother. The one Zechs was supposed to play, as to protect him. This was so chillingly ironic, she had to laugh at it all. Poor Zechs. She'd be rid of him, too, once his purpose was completed. She might've kept him alive, if not for his sense of 'honor'. At first, he'd refused to play decoy. But once he did, he played the role of a true Peacecraft almost too well. A knight, that was what he was. A thrice-damned, idiotic, noble knight, which was especially why she had to get rid of him. The sooner, the better. This world had no place for the kind, caring people.

She abruptly drummed her fingertips upon the hard oak of the table before her, thinking now about another diallusioned innocent she had to kill. The Peacecraft girl. Valeria Peacecraft...It was a waste, but she knew the girl would most defintely take up the reins of power as soon as she was of age. And with a nickname like hers, (Katana, wasn't it?), Relena seriously doubted the possibility of gaining power for herself. So she'd have to kill her. It wasn't like it was anything new. She'd killed hundreds before, so why would this little girl be any different? /Because she is a_true_Peacecraft,/ her mind easily supplied.
She screamed in outrage at the traitorous thought, flinging the nearest thing within reach.

The inkstand shattered against the wall, leaving Relana alone with only her heavy breathing to break the silence. /I'm NOT supposed to feel!/ She calmed herself, then wearily called for the captain of her personal guard.

"Dyne, I want the Peacecraft girl dead. Cover the traces up, and blame it on somebody else...Anybody. No, better yet, blame it on the gundam pilots."

"Aye, ma'm."

She just couldn't understand why she wasn't dead. She was supposed to have died. Better to have died, than to live like this. Broken... Much better to have died. Maybe she should finish the job herself...No! Something primal, and instinctive in her screamed out against that thought, and she suppressed it. There was a reason she could not die....Yesssss....A reason...There had to be, right?! Yes...yes...There was revenge! She had to live for revenge! Yes...She would seek out Damian. No, no, he wanted to be called Duo now...He would know what to do. He always did. He would help. So Valeria left,--no, no! It was Katana now! Katana. There is no Valeria. Valeria does not exist. She died. Only Katana remains. Katana the strong, brave, and everything Valeria never could be.

Author's Notes: I would like to thank Katana, for her help with my ideas, and other things (also, for Valeria's new name)and Libbychan, my wonderful editor! :) (That was a great edit, really l-chan! You caught and corrected lotsa stuff I never woulda gotten!) Thanks also to_everyone_for all the support! Okay...Now I have to go and read all my emails that I've neglected.....poor things..