Title: Apartment Conversations, Uncomfortable Situations
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part: 2/?
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"Here it is Relena, Heero. Home sweet home." Duo said as he grinned maniacally.

I almost snorted. He was still the baka. No, correction, he still played the baka. Because I could tell he was faking his stupid grin, faking it all. I wish I knew what he really held under his mask...

He produced his plastic access card with a flourish, and slid it through the entry slot in the same fluid motion. He still hadn't lost his incredible grace...

He toed the door and it softly slid open. Relena immediently rushed in, exclaiming about his 'incredible decorating taste'. He was still standing by the door, impatiently, I could tell, waiting for me to step into his home.

I opened my mouth, it was incredibly dry, and then began my apology. To tell him how badly I wanted him back. How much I missed him. How much I...loved him.

"Duo, I..." I trailed off, unsure as how to proceed. God, how did you go about doing this?!

He interupted me, his gentle voice sweet and understanding. "Let me guess, Heero dearest. You just love me so much, you had to back to me. And you wanted to you're really, really, sorry for what you're done." He paused there, slightly.

I wanted to cry I was so happy - Duo had known! He'd known all along! But why hadn't he sought me out if- I was on the verge of nodding, when Duo suddenly smiled a cruel and predatory smile. No, no, that was wrong...

"Yeah, and I'm an angel. I won't tell Relena that there ever used to be an us. I promise. You don't have to worry about me butting in on your relationship. Just as long as she doesn't mind that she wasn't your first, ne?" He said with a cool smile, then walked away, presenting Relena with an empty one.

God, Duo, had I hurt you that badly? I didn't think you would care. Or...miss me. You said you would, but...I should've known. Duo Maxwell never lies.

I walked in, finally, shutting the door behind me.

Relena and Duo were having an animated conversation about books, and, feeling like I was intruding, sat down in an unclaimed love seat.

"So, what kind of books do you like, Relena?"

"Oh, almost anything, Duo. Most everything goes." Relena gracefully shrugged.

"Oh, that's good..." Duo replied, probably wondering why Relena and I were here. But I could tell, he was too polite to ask straight out. He would wait awhile, and then...

"So, what do you like, Duo?" Relena asked with a bright, sunny smile, obviously trying to salvage the situation.

"Hm? Wha-? Oh. Uh, I like poetry, fantasy, you know. That kind of stuff." He answered absently, and I wished I really knew what he was thinking about.

"Aa." Relena said, and I could've smacked my forehead. Speaking Japanese was a habit she'd gotten from me. Duo would automatically assume...

Duo just smiled wistfully and asked, "Is there any particular author you fancy, Relena?"

She answered hesitantly, obviously thinking hard on it. "Yes, there is one particular author I like..."

"Who is it?" Duo asked, sounding mildly curious.

"Hmm...Yes, it would have to be Ruari B. Malachai..." She said, smiling. She wasn't prepared for what Duo did next, though.

He started coughing violently, and it looked like he was choking on something.

My heart leapt in my throat, and I rushed over and smacked Duo on the back. Hard. (1)

His coughs gradually abated, and he looked at me and simply said, "Thank you."

Feeling suddenly awkward, I walked back to my chair.

In answer to our inquiring looks, he shifted nervously, then answered, "I just didn't think Relena would be into him...I mean he generally writes pretty violent, non-peaceful stuff..."

Relena grinned, then answered, "That's why he's so interesting to read! It's a whole different viewpoint to read! He's my favorite author EVER! He, SO, rules!"

Duo smiled, for real this time, and said thoughtfully,"You sound quite the adoring fan...I think I can get you something, wait a sec..."

He got up and walked out of sight, returning in a moment with a handful of books and and a whole stack of papers.

He plopped himself back onto his (leather, of course) couch, and handed the whole mess across the small coffee table to Relena, who squealed and enveloped him instantly into a big glomp.

I felt a huge stab of jealousy, but tried to ignore it. She wouldn't...She told me...

"Duo...OmiGOSH! Thank you...So much! This means so much to me!!!!" She said against his shoulder.

He gently extricated himself from her grasp with a painful smile, saying only, "Don't you think Heero's bound to get a little jealous?"

I thought instantly, Not of you, of Relena!

Relena looked confused, but let it slip in her profuse thanks to Duo. Curious as to what all the stuff was, I pulled myself off the love seat and strolled over to sit down by Relena. I had a feeling Duo would clobber me if I tried to do the same with him.

The 'stuff' was in fact a few first editions of some of Malachai's work, all were autographed, and the papers...Wow, he'd given her a manuscript! But how could he have come by such a valuable thing?! I mean, even I knew who Malachai was!

One the most popular authors/artists of all time, rumored to live on this very colony. It was all unconfirmed, of course, but still...

I think part of the reason Relena agreed to take some time off to help me out was because of these elusive rumors...

Even the publishers had no idea where he lived...

Some of the colony people had said he lived here, that they'd even seen him...Especially the mayor. He'd been too greedy though, thinking that Relena would spend so much money on something so personal! She was quite dedicated.

That didn't matter. I'd help Relena find Malachai, after I made up with Duo...

I shook my head slowly, and re-focused my attention as Duo said, "Oh, yeah, I know Ruari. Pretty well, I guess. He's ok. I mean, he's really cynical, but you'd know that from the books, right?"

At Relena's nod, he continued. "Well, he doesn't like to be around a lot of people, that's why he moved here...I'm about the only close friend he has..."

"Why is he so cynical?" Relena asked.

"He...Someone hurt him very badly a long time ago, so he doesn't trust the world anymore..." Duo replied truthfully.

Relena nodded, then wondered, "But why'd he give you...a manuscript?! That thing must be worth millions! I wouldn't trust it out of my sight..." She flushed when she realized the implacations of the statement, but Duo just gave a crooked grin and replied simply, "He trusts me."

She grinned then asked cautiously, "Do you think I could...meet with him, maybe?"

Duo looked her over slowly. "I dunno...Ru's pretty short with people. He doesn't like a lot of people, that's why it's so hard to find him."

Relena nodded but asked again, "Please, Duo, I really, really, want to meet him. Could you maybe try, being good friends with him and all?"

He thought for a second, then replied slowly, "I...guess. Can't...hurt, maybe." He said with a laugh.

I fidgeted. Sure, I read - and liked - Malachai's work as much as the next person, but I sure was getting tired of all this. I mean, he wouldn't even talk to me...

Relena thanked him profusely, and he laughed again, showing his perfect white teeth.

I tried not to noticeably drool...But when he titled his head back like that...And that shirt! That wasn't helping any either...As well as...Well, damn.

Those were his 'lucky' jeans...Guess he still had them, but...They didn't exactly help my situation out any...Baggy, baggy, but full of holes...A lot of holes...

He stood up suddenly, dusting his hands off on his...er, nice, jeans.

"Dusty papers..." He explained with a grimace. "Ru just gave 'em to me one night, and...well, what was I supposed to do? So I laid 'em somewhere and forgot all about 'em..."

He chuckled a bit, then continued seriously, "I'll go make some reservations at...Hmmm...Not Dominguez's...Not...no, um...How about Bahama Breeze(2)?"

Relena nodded enthusiastically, so I guessed she must've been there before.

"Oh, Relena, I'll call Ru after that, and make sure that he shows up!" He called out laughingly behind him as he jogged toward the phone in what looked like the kitchen.

I wondered what this Malachai was to him...Were they lovers? He called him 'Ru' and said he stopped by one night...Ugh, stop it Yui! I admonished myself.

If they were together, I'd just have to show Duo that I loved him more. Malachai might have more money or influence than me, but I didn't care. Duo was mine, no one else's!

Relena grimaced at the surly statement on my face. "Heero, lighten up!" She said. "We're gonna eat a wonderful dinner and see Ruari!" She chirped.

"That's what I'm worried about..." I muttered.

"Heero, don't be silly. I'm sure they're not involved. Besides," she paused, "Ruari-kun will just have to fall for my wonderful charm and eloquence!"

I couldn't tell if she was joking or not. "Stranger things have happened..." I said cautiously.

Our little conversation over, I reclined back on the couch and tried to listen to what Duo was saying.

Sneaky? Exactly. I knew I could, even though a normal person wouldn't have been able to. I was hoping Duo'd forgotten that.

"Yeah...Okay, yeah, I know! And I want your best table, too, or I'll have your ass on a platter as main course! NO! Not THAT way! EWWWW!"

Okay, nothing interesting there...I was feeling slightly ashamed, when I caught the next part.

"Reservations? For three, of course."


Author's Notes: 1: That's a little joke I have with my friends...One time at lunch, when Martha was choking on something, I kind of just gently patted her back. It didn't help, and everyone generally laughed at me. Rebecca and Alli gave 'demonstrations' on how ur supposed to do that...Heck they *still* remember....>_<

2: Anyone heard of Bahama Breeze? I dunno if it's a chain or what. But it tastes GOOD! It's a really fancy place, had to wait 40 minutes to get in (in freezing winter weather) but it was SO worth the wait!


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