Hiroshi- baka


DISCLAIMERS: Very short. Very mild shonen ai. I do't own GW.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Ummm...This is a fic that took me by surprise. I, baka that I am, thought I could control what I wrote. Kagami told me different...:( This actually happened to be my nightmare. (The Relena part, not the H&D part) K, that said, enjoy....



Live: Hero Psycho Dreamer

I kill you in my dreams
I turn the other cheek during the day---

Duo restlessly tossed and turned, dreaming of multiple Relenas, who were chasing him around the Sanc Kingdom. "Nooo..." He moaned. Sudddenly, his beautiful face smoothed out, and he sighed contentedly. He had just found a hidden stash of Heero's explosives. Later that day, when she appeared at their newest safehouse, he completely ignored her.

I'll kill you all
The sub-culture of my dreams is waiting for me to fall asleep

Wide-eyed and awake, Duo contemplated his options. Go to sleep, and suffer a multitude of maniac Relena's or...or...or....Closing his eyes, he resigned himself. "Duo! Duo! Duo~! Awwwk!" The pirhana-Relena-parrots shut up as he gleefully swung his scythe. "Take that! And that! And that!" He shouted exuberantly. "Awk? Awk? Hee-?" He stomped down on the remaining ones, laughing happily like a child at the fair. "I'll kill you all!" He raised his fists to the sky as the parrots rose to the sky, again and again.

Meanwhile, a shady being waited in the back of his mind, grinning in dark joy. "When you let down your guard...I'LL be here!!!! Mwahahaha!"

I know you're scared---you should be
I know you're scared

He laughed in terrible joy as the parrots squealed in fear and flew away, calling, "Scared! Scared! Want Hee-OMPH!" The pre-historic parrots met up with modern day artillery. Interesting effects, indeed. The being noted this method down.

Heeeeee-r-oooooooo!!!! (No expanation needed)
They say they'll cook my mind!

The being also noted this method. Primitive, but effective.

These feelings I can't hide-I can't share
I feel alone
I am
The sub-conscience keeps me here

Duo moaned and turned in bed, chilled to the bone. There was no other people in the world...Only Relenas! Alone! Alone! He was all alone...Heero...There had to be Heero somewhere, somewhere. "God, let there be a Heero..." He'd muttered in his sleep, unknowingly confessing what he would never even think of telling. A heart-stopping silence filled the shabby dormitory Heero and Duo shared. "Duo?"

I fell in love with the right to fee-eel
I saw your tongue---it licked my heart

Duo stirred and woke up, tired but unwilling to brave the loneliness of his sub-conscience. "Awww...Gawd, what time is it?" He reached over to where his alarm clock was supposed to be. It wan't there. "Dammit!" He yelled, terribly pissed off. "Duo?" Heero's quiet voice intruded upon his cursing. "What is it Heero?" Heero said nothing, and lithely jumped off the top bunk in which he hadn't slept one wink that night. "Heero? Awk-!" Relena wasn't the only one who could awk. "Heero-? Wha-" "Baka. I'll always be here."

They called you queer

Duo wondered what the Relena-parrots would have to say to this...

Dream of

Duo was too busy that night to find out.

They called you queer
They called you queer
They called you queer
They called you

The being nodded happily at the outcome and skipped off to terrorize more innocent gundam pilots... 5 minutes later, Wufei's dorm: "AHHHHH!"