Title: Sangue e Morte (Blood and Death)
Author: Sarit (suboshi_yui@yahoo.com)
Crossover: Gundam Wing/Anne Rice - The Vampire Chronicles
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Warnings: AU, TWT, possible OOC, Angst, Lemon, and possible sap. Death too…but its not permanent….
Rating: NC-17
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Author's Notes: This fic will have some French and possibly Italian and other languages. I will provide translations when necessary. Certain places I have borrowed from Anne Rice's novels. All others are direct places in this time period. (Yes, I did do some research! ;)) I would like to thank everyone who has inspired me. I have read many vampy fics, and all those wonderful authors have inspired me to write my own! Enjoy!


Time: 1769 before the French Revolution
Place: Paris, France


Death had arrived.

At least, that was what the citizen's of Faubourg St. Michael. Life was hard here. Most people in this section of Paris. Many citizens barely made enough to feed their families. Thus, the halls of the Bastille were filled with Parisian citizens who could not pay their taxes. Despair was rampant within the streets of Paris.

At least here they were. Not far, was Les Innocence. The church had long since abandoned it. The ruins of the church lay quietly, solemnly looking out at the rest of the world. Rubble filled the once majestic sanctuary.

Les Innocence, the graveyard attached to the church, stood adjacent to the church. The church, once called St. Michael's Cathedral, was no longer used. Many of the citizens kept away from the old building. Many said it was haunted, cursed. As to the graveyard…no one dared approached it. Whether it was night or day, Les Innocence gave off an evil aura to all those that came near.

Grayish white tombstones poked out of ground, the grasping fingers of the statues reaching towards heaven. They seemed to be reaching upwards for salvation. Salvation that would never come. The decayed earth gave off a rotten stench, the worms and other night creatures thriving within.

The wrought iron fences that surrounded the area creaked and groaned when the wind blew. The sounds alone were enough to make one think of ghosts and demons. The trees were dying, their limbs decaying. All in all, Les Innocence gave off a wretched feel. The place was evil, many said. Where demons inhabited the abandoned mausoleums and crypts.

Little did the citizens of the area know just how true they were.

For demons did in fact inhabit Les Innocence. They called themselves the Children of Darkness. They were many, numbering nearly two hundred. The oldest among them, a child of seventeen, with long, auburn colored hair, ruled among these demons. He did not fear them, for he was one of them. Being one of the eldest, none dared to thwart his power and position.

His name was Armand. Tall and sleek, he was a dream to many. In reality, he was a nightmare. His bloodthirstiness was curbed only by his hidden gentleness. He ruled with an iron fist, as taught to him by his mentor, Santino. The Children of Darkness were demons, sent by God to teach humanity the value of the Christian faith.

And they did their duty with relish.

For they were not just demons…but of the old race. They were what the scholars called blood drinkers. Vampyre. Vampire.

They roamed the streets of Paris, killing the young, the old, and the helpless. Any and all were there pray. Their decree: kill those that feared death. For they were Death and nothing stood in Death's way.

This particular night brought out Armand with his loyal companions. His emerald eyes flashed, watching with amusement as his second returned from a fresh kill. He gazed at the youth, still surprised at his appearance after all these years.

The customary garb of the Children of Darkness was nothing more than long black robes. The figure approaching was indeed dressed in such. Unlike the others, however, he did not sport a cowl. His violet eyes shown with an inner light; his long chestnut hair falling down his back in a long braid. His pearl white teeth shone in the moonlight, his pink tongue sliding out of red lips to lick them. Armand could see the tell tale signs of blood just at the edges of the youths lips. He shook his head.

"Duo, you know you are not supposed to go out alone."

The youth, Duo Maxwell, shrugged. "What can happen, Armand? Some peddlers attack me? Besides, you know the blood is sweeter when fear is upon them. Who better to strike fear than Death Himself?"

Shaking his head, Armand sighed and looked to the others with him. The tallest of the group, a sleek, handsome young man, shrugged. His brown hair was short, save for the long bang that covered half his face. His one eye that could be seen, glittered, as green as Armand's own.

"You know he does not care. Why try and change him now? He has not changed in the past seven hundred years. I doubt very seriously he will on your whim." The banged youth replied disdainfully.

His companion, a fiery red head with eyes the same color as his own, snorted. "We are wasting valuable hunting time! The night calls and you three are standing here bickering over Duo's enthusiasm! Are we going or not?!"

"Patience, Catherine. We shall hunt as you wish. There are many tonight whom require a visit from Death." Armand shrugged. He turned to the green-eyed boy. "Trowa, you and Duo will take the east side. Catherine and I will take the west."



Catherine rolled her eyes. She took Armand's arm and they headed in a westerly direction. That left Trowa and Duo alone. Which was fine with the two young men. Ignoring protocol, they walked down the streets in full view, knowing that eventually some lost soul would come to them, asking for death.

And not one, but two did in the space of an hour. The Parisian streets were dark, the lanterns having gone out long ago in the early evening. Duo spotted the first, a young woman, certainly no older than they. She was half naked, her tattered clothes about her. She held something in her arms, rocking it gently. Duo sniffed and wrinkled his nose at the smell. Old blood.

To a mortals eyes, the woman's burden would have been hidden. But not to them, the demons of the night. Duo made a face as he made the figure of a stillborn baby. The woman was obviously the mother, having just given birth to a dead child. Her pain was obvious and he moved in quickly.

The young woman, who was no older than fifteen, looked up at the strange rustling sound. Her eyes widened and she cowered back against the wall. She had wished for death and now here He stood before her. She opened her mouth, but only one word came out.


Nodding once, Duo bent down, his violet eyes meeting hers. He held out his arms and she gave him the child. He brushed the cheek of the child and then sat it down on the ground, wrapping it in the tattered clothing the woman had discarded in her haste to give birth. He held out his hand and lifted her to her feet. His other hand reached out, caressing her soft cheek, feeling the wetness her tears had left behind.

Trowa stood to the side, watching his lover at work. Duo was truly Death himself when it came to hunting. No one was as skilled as he. He marveled at the way Duo's body moved, the way he was so sure of himself and what he was doing. Of course, he had seven hundred years of experience to fall back on.

With reflexes no mortal could copy, Trowa whirled around and pinned the so-called killer up against the wall by the throat. His emerald eye stared intently at the struggling man. The knife that the filthy scum had had in his hand, fell to the cobblestones with a clang. Trowa smiled and licked his lips. He preferred the scum of the earth such as this one. They had no morals and no convictions.

'Much like us…' Shaking his head, he pinned the man against the wall and forced his neck to the side. No use in being gentle with this one. He grinned, and the man shrank back in fear. The moonlight glinted on the pair of white ivory fangs that began to distend from Trowa's gums. They flashed before embedding themselves deep into the neck of his victim.

The man screamed, the pain of blood being forced from ones body excruciating. Trowa paid no mind, his only thought was of the nourishing liquid that flowed into his mouth. He growled, biting deeper. His teeth tore a gash in the skin, allowing the red liquid to flow more freely, filling his mouth with the killer's life. Trowa hummed to himself, the thrilling taste of the blood filling his veins, his very soul alive and vibrant as he took the killer's life

Trowa moaned, having to force himself away from the man just as his heart stopped. All creatures of their kind knew it was death for them to drink the blood of a mortal when their heart had stopped. Moving away, he let the corpse drop to the ground, his mind having already discounted the being. He moved towards his lover, watching Duo as he worked.

Duo, unlike Trowa, was interested in the ones who were in pain. Those who wanted an end to the hurt and suffering of life. Such things attracted Duo like nothing else could.

Lifting the young woman up by her hand, he put his other arm around her waist, pulling her in close. He knew she could smell the death and decay of the cemetery on his robes. He breathed in her scent, that of woman and blood. It was a heady mixture and he licked his lips in anticipation.

The young woman stared at him, in awe. He was easily the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life. The grief of loosing her baby seemed to melt away, leaving only this man…this unearthly creature before her. Her breath caught, as he moved in closer to her.

His lips parting in a smile, Duo brushed his lips against hers. She blinked, then moaned, arching into his hold. He smiled, his lips making a path along her cheek, down her jaw line to the side of her neck. His tongue slid out, licking the sweet flesh. She gasped, clutching his shoulders tightly, pulling him in closer to her.

Licking the side of her neck, Duo's teeth grazed her soft skin. She moaned, throwing her head back. White ivory extended, and in one smooth stroke, entered her skin. She cried out in pain, but his grip on her was solid. She sagged against him, her eyes drooping shut.

Duo sighed, his eyes closed. The sweet taste of her flowed into him, recharging him. His tongue lapped at the wound in her neck, lapping up the slow trickle of blood. Not satisfied with that, he bit deeper, and she groaned. This time, it was as if a floodgate had opened and his mouth was overflowing with the sweet tasting liquid. He moaned, swallowing reflexively.

He stayed that way for a time, until the flow began to slow. He pulled away, licking his lips. He let her body fall to the ground and he arranged her body in stasis next to her child. He turned, grinning as he saw Trowa watching him. He looked over the lithe form of his long time lover. He had fed well. His cheeks were rosy, the paleness gone.

Advancing upon his lover, Duo pushed Trowa against the wall, his mouth claiming his lover's in a deep, hard kiss. Trowa moaned, his fingers parting the folds of the robe so he could touch the soft skin underneath. Duo sighed, his violet eyes filled with passion and lust. He darted in, his tongue sliding out and licking the last traces of blood from Trowa's lips. The banged youth moaned, his lips opening under the sweet tongue of his lover.

Taking the invitation, Duo's tongue slid inside, caressing the walls of his lover's mouth, brushing against the still extended fangs. Trowa moaned, his fingernails digging into the soft flesh of Duo's back. Duo groaned, his impatient fingers sliding the robe over the slender shoulders of his lover. His hands roved over the now naked flesh that was exposed to him.

Pulling back, he licked his lips and looked for a moment on Trowa. The tall youth was sinewy and all muscle. The muscles within his arms and chest rippled when he moved, sending a small groan to escape from Duo's lips. His lust filled eyes traveled southward, and a smile appeared on his lips at the sight of Trowa's hardening erection.

Trowa moaned, his eyes closing at the lust in Duo's eyes. It had been this way for five hundred years; ever since he had met Duo Maxwell. Five hundred years that he and Catherine had been with Duo, four hundred of which had been serving the Children of Darkness. He gasped, opening his eyes. His emerald eyes gazed at Duo, the now bare skin glistening in the moonlight. He groaned again, feeling Duo's hand caressing his member. "Duo…"

"Hush, mon amie."[1] Discarding his robe, Duo's hands reached out, touching the soft flesh of his lover's chest. He smiled and slid down onto his knees, his hands making a trail as he went downward. Reaching forward, his tongue slid out, licking a path down Trowa's stomach. Trowa gasped, his head falling back as the sweet tongue slid into and caressed his belly button. He moaned, digging his fingers into Duo's hair, pressing him downward.

Smiling, Duo did as requested. His hands took a hold of Trowa's thighs, steadying him. His tongue slid out once more and licked the head of his lover's erection. Trowa gasped, shaking his head, moaning. Nodding in satisfaction, Duo continued his ministrations. His tongue slid over the soft, but hard skin over his lover's member, teasing. Satisfied with Trowa's reactions, his mouth opened wider and took his lover in, swallowing him whole.

Trowa screamed, his hips bucking into that warm, sweet mouth that surrounded him completely. He gripped the hair of his lover, pulling. "Cher, Dieu! Duo! Ce qui sont vous faisant à moi?!" [2]

Grinning, Duo continued his work, his tongue swirling around his lover's arousal, his fingers teasing the entrance of his lover. One, then two fingers slid inside, thrusting and preparing. Satisfied with his work, Duo pulled his lover's cock out of his mouth. Trowa looked down and moaned, the loss of that hot mouth almost driving him insane. "Duo…S'il vous plait…"[3]

Smirking, Duo rose up and took his lover's mouth in a fierce kiss. His hands grasped Trowa's ass, lifting the taller youth. Trowa gasped, his head falling back as he felt his lover's erection poised at his entrance. He moaned, crying out as he felt himself being invaded, taken. Trowa wrapped his legs around his lover's waist, pulling himself down fully on Duo's hardened member.

Duo gasped, his violet eyes burning with an inner fire. He thrust into his lover savagely, the lust an desire filling every pore of his body. Trowa's inner walls squeezed him tightly, sending shards of ecstasy through his body. He cried out, his mouth latching onto Trowa's neck. His fangs pierced the soft flesh and suddenly every feeling was heightened a hundred fold.

Growling low in his throat, Trowa darted forward, his own teeth extended. He pierced his lover's neck, feeling the blood flow into his mouth. Incredible sensations filled his mind, body and soul. He moaned wantonly, his body moving with Duo.

Their bodies, now heightened with pleasure from their blood sharing, were lost in a sea of pleasure and gratification. Simultaneously, they pulled away from each other, screaming as they both came together. Duo's essence filled his lover, as Trowa's own seed poured forth, spraying the both of them. Duo pressed his forehead against Trowa's, panting. His violet eyes bored into Trowa's emerald ones. They remained that way for a few moments, and then Duo moved away. Grabbing his robe, he donned it and gave Trowa his own.

Trowa shrugged, slipping the garment on. It was the same with them every time. They were always filled with lust and passion, but when it was over it was like business as usual. He looked out into the night, his heart heavy. It would be nice to share more than just sex with someone. 'Bah. Mortal nonsense. You're better off, Barton.'

The two made their way from the alley, never looking back at the dead mother and child. Both had received what they had wanted.


On top of the building, a lone figure watched as Duo and Trowa headed back to Les Innocence. He gazed down at the remains of his fellows work. He snorted. Change was coming. And if he had anything to say about it, he would be the one to start it. He already had a prospect…a young man. Blonde, blue eyed. There was one word to describe this man, the figure thought.



[1] "Hush, my love."
[2] "Dear God! Duo! What are you doing to me?!" Oh, come on…what did you think he was saying?! *giggle*
[3] "Duo…Please…" Yep. You guessed it… *giggle*