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Evil Is In the Eye of the Beholder 2


Mr. Yuy was pissed. His son was, once again, being disrespectful to him. It seemed that the incedent years ago had no affect on the boy. He was practically giving Heero the chance to get laid. But, no; that stupid whore kept getting in the way, filling his son's head with worthless junk. Their relationship was mostly platonic, with only little kisses every now and then. Not once had either made a move! Hell, they hadn't even slipped any tongue! Every time he dared to ask his uncontrolable offspring blabbered on about waiting until they were married. Hah. That fairy was just buttering him up, then he'd get into his bed and be gone with a large amount of money. Why couldn't Heero figure it out? The emotion, the-it- their relationship was fake. Nothing but a show.

Mr. Yuy, who had been still seated at the kitchen table, stood up with a determined statement. He was going to talk some sense into Heero once and for all! He was tired of talking to a brick wall who wouldn't even respond to an impact. His footsteps resounded through the deserted hallway as he approached his son's room. Most of the servants who weren't off duty had enough sense to get out of the way. Mr. Yuy was a powerful man both physically and financially.

He lifted one shrivled and veined hand to the door and knocked loudly. Noting that the door was unlocked he walked inside to find the room empty. Not a soul inhabited the room. Everything was neat and organized, as usual, with no signs of escape. How could Heero have gotten outside? He then cast a look at the window. Of course! There was a huge ledge protruding from the side of the house where one could stand and shut the window back. That had to be it. 'Sly bastard. You think I have no idea what is going on. I know you went to it's house. Well I'll be waiting for you when you return.' Mr. Yuy let out a sinster howl that was supposed to be a form of laughter.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Yuy, however, was Heero stealthly sneaking out behind the man. He had been in his room the whole time and from the reactions on his father's face, his plan was going perfectly. He smirked. If you're going to perform a crime, why not do it right in front of them? He countinued the rest of his journey through the house in the shadows. Not that anyone would have caused trouble. It was known throughout the household that Heero was prefered to his father, for obvious reasons.

As he stepped out into the late morning sunlight and breathed deeply. His father was trying his best to keep him inside lately, probally to seperate him and Duo. The japanese boy didn't really like the public in the first place. Most of the townsfolk were far to engrossed in his looks and the 'unstable relationship' he had formed with the fairy. They would always flit around him buzzing about nothing that intrest him like nats. Though he couldn't blame them, with his rare appearances and barely anyone really knowing him they figured he was exactly like his father.

When Heero was approaching the market place, he turned into a deserted alleyway and hid amongst the shadows. He then pressed his hands together in such a way so that his index fingers were forming a diamond shape, as his other digits were pressed flat against each other. He shut his eyes and concentrated on some invisible force. "Makura Kakou!", he yelled. His voice echoed through the desolate alley, but his body was no where to be found. There was a sigh from off to the right as a shadow moved. 'I really have to learn an invisibility spell.' Heero had performed a spell to enclose him in darkness so that he would appear a shadow to the common observer. But it was a little odd seeing a shadow walk around so he had to keep near things that had a large shadow or an object that could have a shadow. Though the second was a bit harder to manage, it was possible. It's amazing how pre-occupied the townspeople could be.

He passed by the colorful foods and intricate clothing and jewelry with one thought on his mind. 'Duo.' Call it an obsession, but Heero could never get enought of the boy. Sure there were the good looks, and the ever present magic placed on all fairies, but Duo was also a naturally good person. He thought nothing of himself and was always willing to help. That is, when people let him get close enough to help. Yet through all the hardships the boy still remained cheerful and bright. It almost made you think he was under a spell half of the time, though it was really you who was under a spell.

Heero had arrived at his boyfriends house much quicker than usual. He shook his head attempting to clear his head. It seemed as though he was thinking much more than he used. He tried not to think so much, especially about the worst things, but he had gained a since of foreboding in the last few weeks. Something big was going to happen and it most likely involved him.

By now Heero was moody. Luckily he had the rest of the day to cheer up and enjoy himself. He knocked on the small cottage' door. Without hesitation the door was flung open to reveal a beaming Mrs. Maxwell.

"Why, Heero! Hello! How have you been lately? Would you like some tea, or maybe some cookies?", the bouncy woman said rapidly. Suprisingly Mrs. Maxwell looked quite a bit like her adopted son. She was short for a woman her age, slender, and lithe. And she too had a hidden strength, though it was one of the mind instead of the body.

She gave him enough room to enter still asking how he was and if he was comfortable, leaving no time for him to respond.

"Well how have you been? That Relena girl bothering you much?', Mrs. Maxwell asked while hastily preparing a tray of snacks.

"You know, she and her haughty attitude came over here the other day, askin' to see Duo. Well I'm no friend of hers either, so I told her to leave. But then she came at me saying how important she was being your 'fiance'", she made quotes with her fingers,"and demanded to enter. I placed a protection spell on the door and told her Duo wasn't there giving her no reason to enter. So when she tried to walk past me, she was flung a hundred feet back. If there's too much dark magic in ya even the simplest pure spells will do some damage." She snorted. "You, her fiance? When she came over you were out with Duo. Who is she trying to fool?!"

Exhausted from a good rant the energetic woman plopped down on a large worn chair. "Oh, gomen Hee-kun. Just take the tray down to Duo's room. He's expecting you."

With the obvious dismissal, Heero departed with tray in tow to his fairy's room. He shifted the tray to one hand as he prepared to knock only to be stopped by a cheery 'Enter'. He shook his head and opened the door.

Inside, the room was dark except for one halfway open window allowing some light to filter through. Duo was sitting on his bed facing the window, hair unbound and legs crossed. The light reflected of him just right, giving him a heavenly glow. Not that Duo didn't already look heavenly, but sometimes it was as though he had no beauty amplifying powers.

Heero placed the tray on the bedside table and climbed on the bed behind his koi. He wrapped his arms around the boy's slim waist and leaned in so that his face was next to his ear.

"How are you my love?", Heero whispered. Duo leaned back into the embrace and replied, "As well as I'll ever be. Ya know bein' a fairy ain't all it's cracked up to be, especially when you're an unknown type." The soft tenor held a hint of bitterness.

"I know. You have told me many a time how hard your life is and I believe you." He glanced at the old jeweled necklace Duo's mother left him. "All that matters is that you are happy. I wouldn't care if you were an ogre! I would love you with all my heart."

Duo turned his head back towards Heero's. "Even if I was a smelly, mannerless ogre?"

"Of course. Not that you have manners now.'

"Hey!" He elbowed the chuckling young man and glared. But his resolve soon broke and he too was laughing.

Whe the hilarity had died down to small giggles and grins Duo turned hopeful eyes on his boyfriend.

"Anou Hee-chan? Would you brush my hair?" Heero's eyes softened. "You don't even have to ask."


Mrs. Maxwell closed her son's door and smiled. they were so sweet with each other. That show of affection just firmed her resolve to keep the Peacecraft away. It was obvious to anyone with a pure heart that they were meant to be together. Unfortunately many of the townspeople were envious and hateful towards the couple, clouding their judgement. They were envious of the boys relationship and hateful that the two most beautiful men in town were taken.

Yes, she was sure about it now. She had to protect them.


Damn! Her plans seemed to be going all wrong. Heero had refused the breakfast she brought up and, most importantly, the quality time with her. If this was supposed to get her Heero then it didn't seem to be going well at all. She hadn't been able to find him all day and none of the servants would speak to her. What's worse, Mr. Yuy couldn't find his own son! She needed to marry and bed the Yuy boy soon. She had to be in charge of the company. Relena could care less if Heero wasn't a loving husband. Just as long as he was under her control then she would finally be happy. Heero was just a bonus. A prize. The wipped topping on Black Forest cake. Everything had to go according to plan or all would be lost.

Relena, now back at her own home, once again walked into the closet and summoned the inky blackness.

"Peacecraft-san, back so soon? I'd have thought you'd be busy taking over the Yuy company?", the voice mocked.

Relena growled. "I have no time for your jokes and bouts of sarcasm. Spirit, all is not well. I have gotten no reaction from him at all. Not to mention, he's been out all day."

"Oi, oi, Peacecraft-san. You are being too impatient. My plans will work you just need to give them time. All will go according to plan."

She sat in silence for a while, pondering it's words. "Well, I may be a little impatient at times, but if he is not mine soon it will be too late."

"Hm. Looks as thought you are afraid of the fairy's power afterall." The voice snickered.

"I am not afraid of some mildly attractive, commoner! There are other interferances possible. Besides, I will be taking care of him shortly."

"Believe what you will, Peacecraft-san, but I know your true emotions." With that, the voice faded away and Relena stood. Step two of the plan was about to commense. But first, she needed the materials. She had to perform a rather difficult spell. Not that she couldn't perform a spell such as this, but it would take some time. No one would miss a few peasants. She smiled evilly and went about the evenings task.


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