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Evil Is In The Eye of the Beholder 1


An enchanting young man, in more ways than one, was strolling through the marketplace searching for the finset foods a few contei could buy. The usual catcalls and whistles were thrown his way as were the snide remarks and heated glares. The boy just carried on with his business paying no heed to those expressing their choice words. He paused in his journey at a cart supplying exotic fruits and vegetables shipped in from the for corners of the world. He began looking over a few starfruit when a gruff voice called out to him.

"Hey sweet-cheeks. Back for more?" A burly black man around his thirties sneered at him. The boy didn't take the time to look up already used to this man's teasing. "Heh. Cat got your tongue?", the man asked.

"I think a village is missing its idiot 'cuz I'm starin' at 'im right now.", the boy replied, still not looking up.

"Fiesty, are we?" The boy glared becoming mildly annoyed. "Come now, I was only joking. How about a little coffe? Freshly brewed." He raised an eyebrow at this, expecting a hidden meaning to the offer. "Don't you want something hot and black in ye?" The man snickered.

The young man blanched now more than annoyed. "Go fuck yourself.", he told the man. He had had enough sexual offers from here to last him for months. He was 16! Did age not matter to them?

"But, I already have." The man hopped over the side of his cart to put an arm around the boy's shoulders. "You know who I was thinking about? I was thinking about what it would be like if your ass was mine." He began slowly trailing his hand down the tensed boy's backside. "You haunt my dreams, Duo Maxwell." The hand finally stopped at the boy's, now Duo's, butt.

Before the man could get a good grip, his arm was savagely twisted behind his back and his foot trapped under Duo's weight. Duo grinned evilly showing of his gleaming incisors. "I told ya before, Jed, not to put your hand within 5 feet of my privates-in all directions. Ah well, it's the death of your balls." With that Duo delivered a hard, swift kick to Jed's crotch. He watched as the man writhed in pain kicking up dirt in his frenzy.

"Maybe that'll teach ya ta keep your hands to yourself.", Duo said as he strutted off. No one noticed the man bent over mewling in pain, they only saw Duo swaying his hips seductivley. It wasn't a purposeful movement, it was just natural. Much like his natural beauty. He didn't prepare himself with make-ups and fancy perfumes before he left for the day-he was always like that. Most of those people didn't really care for him, but just wanted his body. He could have been a real shit, but people would still have come flocking.

Being a fairy was a blessing and a curse. He could always use his charms to get out of scrapes or get more for his money, but most wanted sex in return. That, however, was one thing he would never do until the right person came along. But he had uncommon radiance for someone his age, especially for a boy, attracting unwanted attention from most people in the town. Often he would get hit on as he was walking down the street, doing nothing that was in any way appealing. Then there were the ones who could resist and were envious of his in-born talents. Those who despised him, tried their hardest to do away with him any way they could. Wether it be shipping him of or something as dishonorable as holding his parents hostage out of jealousy, it didn't matter to them. One of the main persons in that group and more likely the leader, was Relena Peacecraft. It amazed him how one person could hate another so much as to openly showing malice for another. No matter what he said, she would still call him a demon who was poisoning everyone in the town.

The one thing that was good, or at least amounted to some value, about being Duo Maxwell was his current boyfriend. Every girl in town wanted
him and perhaps even some of the guys. Though the attraction was not as strong as Duo's, it was enough. His boyfriend was not for show, though. His boyfriend was his one and only and just happened to be startilingly attractive. It was an added bonus, that's all. Duo had met plenty of pretty guys in his life, but there was something about his boyfriend that seemed to draw Duo to him as though he were a powerful magnet and he was the reverse polarity. There was also an inner attraction with this boy. His soul seemed to be in pain yet he stayed strong and took the chance to (hopefully) love another. Yep. Heero Yuy was the best boyfriend a guy, or girl, could ever have.


Uh. Light. Way too much light. Morning or not it was still too bright. He squeezed his eyes shut tighter futiley attempting to shield out the light. He grunted and rolled over into his pillow. Waiting for him was a glowing jar of lightning bugs. He lept up intending to beat the shit out of whoever dared to wake him. He opened his eyes and his pupils quickly became adjusted. He swivled around searching for the fool intterupting his sleep. He heard light footsteps behind him and a burst of giggles.

"What's the matter Heero? Can't find a pretty girl in your room?", a voice couquetishly asked.

Heero recognized the voice without visual. He could recognize that voice anywhere.

"Relena, what in Shinigami's name are you doing in here? And is that light nuclear powered or something?", he asked.

She pouted. "C'mon Hee-chan. You aren't happy to see me?"

He snorted. "I can't see you. You wouldn't stand still."

"That's because I have a surprise for you.", she smirked, " You can turn around on the count of three. One. Two. Three!" He whippe around fast enough to make any normal person dizzy just watching. "Suprise!", she chirped. It was breakfast. A woderfully decorated breakfast. A very fishy breakfast.

"You do know I can get my own breakfast, don't you?"

"Yes, but I wanted to make sure you were eating right and didn't skip your most important meal of the day.", she sounded genuinely worried. Key
word: 'sounded'.

"What plot are you up to know? I'll never have sex with you and you know it?", he snorted and glared at the offending pink witch.

"But I'm planning nothing Heero baby. Just making sure that we spend as much time together as possible before the wedding.", she explained with a fake smile.

"You're too kind." With that Heero turned on his heel and made his way out of his fixed bedroom door.

Relena smile turned sinister. Everything was going according to her plan. Heero should think more highly of her, her being a witch and all. She had succesfully cursed the doorway to make Heero forget a good aspect of it and in place remember on of its' faults. Heero Yuy would one day realize that she was his true love. And with the help of the mirrior and a little extra magic it would happen soon.


At about the time it took Heero to reach the stairs he felt as though he were forgetting something. He thought about it hard for a few minutes until his head began to hurt. He shrugged. If it was that important he would more likely remember it later. He then descended the stairs and walked to the kitchen to get real breakfast. Who needed some fancy breakfast when oatmeal would suffice. Like his lover. Relena was all glitzed up and rich, but Duo enjoyed the simple pleasures and found solutions to problems without using money. Just another one of the many reasons he prefered Duo to Relena.

"Good to finally see you up and roaming around.", a gruff, mildly annoyed voice called.

Heero snorted and gave the man the finger. He continued to make breakfast paying no attention to what went on around him.

"You should be full by now. I thought you were to eat the lovley breakfast sent up to you."

Still no answer. "At least have the servants do that. Can't have you getting your hands dirty. Yes, leave it to someone lower than you." There was a double meaning to those sentences. Once again a fight was to break out.

Heero took his finished oatmeal and said to the man, "Be lucky that my breakfast is ready, old man. Next time I kick your ass." He walked past the man and gave the woman sitting next to the man a quick kiss. "Good morning mother."

"Get back here, young man! You don't walk out of this house unless I tell you to!", the man shouted. Heero kept on walking through the kitchen and into the hall. "You are not to be going to see that boy! Do you hear me?!" The mans face was turning red and veins were protruding from his neck. Heero stopped and turned. "Two words father; Fuck you.", he said deadpan.

His father let out an outraged scream. Heero smirked. It was too easy to make his father angry. One of these days he was going to have a heart attack, not like the bastard didn't deserve it. After he.....his eyes clouded over as he thought about it. He shook his head tousling his hair more than ever. That specific memory was one he wanted to forget.

In a last ditch effort, Mr. Yuy had tried to beat the gay out of him. His father wanted an heir for the company and for someone of such a position it was a disgrace to have a son who liked other men. So his father had raped him along with a few of the neighborhood pediophiles. With every thrust he told him another reason why he was a faggot and didn't deserve to live. Then he would give another man a turn. It had gone on like that for 2 days without ceasing. By the end of the second day Heero had been close to dying. For the rest of the week he was in bed recovering with constant visits from his father, who was continuing to tell him how weak and usless he'd be if he went off with Duo. It took a long time after that for him to mentally recover. Unfortunately with the help and support from Duo it only brought them closer together. Since then, Heero had hated his father. Though the hate was more fear than anything else. He knew that his father could to much worse than yell if he wanted. Mr. Yuy was playing with him. Trying to keep him at ease to catch him off guard and give him worse treatment than before. Heero's only defense was that he was abnormally strong for his age and could defend himself in times of danger. Other than that he was defenseless.

In all this time he had finished breakfast. Now that breakfast was out of the way, he could grab some clothes and enjoy his day. And he knew just how to enjoy it.


Author's Note: I am way too happy to be writing this. Way, way too happy. I'm actually enjoying this, so expect more. Much more. Feedback is still needed, though. And I'd like to thank Lady Tora 'cause she wrote my sinister fic of the moment. Read Lady Tora's fic 'Snow White' at http://www.1x2x1.org. Thank you for reading!