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Evil Is In the Eye of the Beholder: Prolouge


Most fairytales start out with 'Once upon a time', but this isn't like most fairytales. There are no good witches, and gallant princes saving the helpless
good-natured princess. There were only better witches than some, and the princes were handsome bastards while the girls were totally kick-ass. This
has absolutley nothing to do with the sugary, good-guys-always-win world you're used to. Not even close. So I shall start this tale in a more appropriate

It was a dark yet utterly peaceful night-for most people. A gentle breeze blew through the small town wedged in between a group of towering gloomy
mountains, and demons of all sorts dizzily floated around going along in their demonic ways-again, for most people. In one house however, the largest
plot of land housing the richest and most successful, was roiling with anger waves.

A door slams and cracks on impact, being heard the next few houses over. Not that it bothered the neighbors. Why should they care? The rich can
do as they please. Heero Yuy, the only child of the Yuy household was asked to marry the most financially secure and beautiful girl in the town. But
what danger or evil could come out of that? Unfourtunately she was also the meanest little bitch the citizens had to offer and had been accused several
times of being a witch.

Heero walked over and sat on the edge of his bed, disregarding the cracked door. He gagged. If that was the prettiest the people had to offer then
there wasn't much. The guys however... Heero shook his head. This was probably what got him into this mess in the first place. Actually, the what was
more of a who. Duo Maxwell. The one boy in the entire town no one could resist. What with his glowing amethyst eyes and dazzling long hair, who
would want to?

But Duo was a peasant and a guy. A king or a queen did not exist, however those of lower intelligence or housing or lack of money, were considered
peasants. Duo had the intelligence just not the other two. Not to mention he, like Relena, also had a dirty little secret. He was a fairy.

The odds were stacked against him and further pursuit of the boy might get him killed fo the seduction of an influential heir in the community. Yet
somehow, Heero had the feeling that something within him could counter a fairy's appeal and leave nothing but true emotion. But he had yet to figure
that out.

He sighed. His life had been royally fucked since the day he was born. He laid back on his bed silently contemplating the pros and cons of just
giving up and killing himself and fell asleep depressed.

A little ways away from there a young girl happily sighed to herself in the darkness of her closet. Though we couldn't see much of her she really
was quite attractive, yet in a fake sort of way. Maybe it's the way her aura glowed eerily, a murky green in its hue. Or the way she could look pleasant
and sinister the same time.

She was dwelling on what everyone else was propably gossiping about now. It's amazing how efficent word of mouth could be. Again she sighed.
Heero Yuy had been asked to marry her. Relena. The most beautiful and the luckiest of them all. Or at least that's what she told herself.

Soon he would realize his feelings for it were just bit of seducing magic causing him to create an illusion of caring. But was she really the luckiest
and most beautiful? She pushed away that dark string of thought and tried to remain optomistic. She HAD to remain optimistic.

She then turned towards the back wall of the closet and began chanting in an unrecognizable language. A silvery mist filled the small space and
threatening to suffocate her, and then she uttered, "Dark Spirit. I call upon your guidance and wisdom." A dark lump of a figure materialized in front
of her.

In a somewhat detached airy voice, it answered, "Why do you call upon me this evening miss Peacecraft?". She sat up straight confident in the
answers she would recieve. "Spirit. I want you tell me who is the most beautiful in this town."

The voice suddenly became mocking and glee filled, "Are you sure you want me to tell you that?"

She huffed angrily. "Yes! Tell me now Spirit!"

"Well...." its voice once again was mystical and mysterious, "Tis' not you who bears that title, but somone far more beautiful than you could ever be."

"Of course!", she interrupted, "It's that slutty fairy! I should ha-"

"However even after we look past the facial beauty there is an inner shine that radiates off him. And he is lucky to have one to match his superior
soul. Duo Maxwell is he, so friendly and wise."

Silence flowed for a time enveloping the small space. Miss Peacecraft interrupted the tense quiet with another question. "Spirit? I want to know how
to get Heero Yuy to love me, his true love." The form chuckled.

"Love you I cannot make him do however love his true love is a possible task."

She nodded though the action went unoticed. "Good. His true love and he have to be together fo eternity."

"Ah, but I have not the power to bring them together. However it you follow my instructions the two souls will entertwine and become forever one."
It began rattling of instructions as Relena Peacecraft commited every piece to her memory.


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