Title:Life After Death(2/?)
Author:Sara Maxwell
Disclaimer: I really really wished I owned them, but I don’t. I do this for my pleasure as well as for others. I have nothing to give so don’t sue.
Warnings: OOC, Mental abuse, something you wouldn’t expect (or so I think), sap, angst, death(maybe)but that'll be later, and.........well just see for ya self Pairings:1+R(don’t worry they aren’t involved in that way cause frankly I can’t stand her), 3x4, 5+/xSally, Noin+/xZechs, and eventually 1+/x2 And gomen, I am a huge yaoi fan, but I can't write it. I may try later *shrugs* dunno ^_^


//////////=change of scene


On Colony L4-630b A.C. 197

The young, violet-eyed girl walked to the back of the restaurant and cleared the table. She then walked to the kitchen and deposited the dirty dishes before returning to seat some new guests. “Hi, my name is Helen. I’ll be your waitress for the night. Can I get you your drinks?”


Heero walked down the halls of Relena and Zechs’ mansion. He wasn’t impressed with the house, however. He and the others had a brief stay at one of Quatre’s estates and it was twice as big. He remembered how excited Duo was. It had shocked him to almost complete silence.


“Q-man...it’s........big!” Duo said in an excited whisper. Quatre blushed and opened the doors for his friends.

“It was my father’s favorite estate. he loved it here.”

“I can see why.” Heero mumbled. Wufei turned and smirked at him. Duo smiled at him glad he was at least trying to have fun. Duo walked in after everyone else and just watched as everyone stood together turning circles trying to take in the house.

Wufei caught a glimpse of sadness on his braided friend’s face. “What’s with you, Maxwell?”

Duo replaced the mask with the usual. “I’m starved.”

“When aren’t you starved, Duo?” Quatre giggled.

“Oh, haha Q.” Trowa wrapped his arms around his small lover and they cuddled. The others left to explore together leaving the other two to be alone. “Oh, wow, Heero! Isn’t this great!?!”

“Hn.” Heero saw hurt in Duo’s eyes and was about to apologize, but Wufei come running out of a room with and angry maid hot on his tail.

“Get this mad onna away!” he screeched. Heero had expected Duo to be rolling on the floor in laughter, but when he looked to see Duo’s reaction he was surprised to b alone in the hall. He walked down the hall looking in the open rooms trying to find the Deathscythe pilot.

“Guess he’s gonna get it, ne?”

“Quatre will probably stop her.”


//That’s odd.// Heero thought at the lack of words from Duo. “something wrong?”

Duo looked at him, “Nope, still hungry though?” Heero couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his face. “Shall we?” Duo said walking past him towards the stairs.


“Welcome.” Heero was brought out of his memories by Zechs. The former White Fang leader extended his hand. Heero took it not wanting to piss off his employer. “I would like to have a word with you before I take you to Relena.” Heero nodded and followed the taller man into a nicely decorated office. The furniture was a beautiful shade of crimson with gold designs. Zechs took a seat behind his large desk. “Have a seat.” Heero sat and stared at Zechs as if saying ‘hurry up so I can get outta here, I can’t stand your sister, but what else is there to past my time’(if that’s possible). “I wanted to let you know that my sister is very happy that you agreed to watch after her. We both know that she......” Zechs paused trying to think of the right words, “has feelings for you. I don’t have a problem that you don’t have the same feelings for her, but all I ask is that you don’t lead her on or send mixed signals. I would really hate to see her hurt.” Heero nodded. There was a short silence. “I would like to say how sorry I am for the lose of Duo.” Heero dropped his gaze to the floor showing he would rather not talk about it. Zechs got up and walked around the desk. “I understand you not wanting to talk about it, but I am pretty sure Relena will try and ‘help’ with this. Just thought you should know that there are people here to talk if you need to.” Heero could feel his chest constrict and tears well up in his eyes. He kept his eyes glued to the floor.

“Zechs.” Noin called from the door.

“Yes, Noin?”

“We have an appointment for lunch with Ms. Darlian.”(Relena’s adoptive mother, duh!)

“Thank you. See if Relena needs any help getting ready.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, Heero. I don’t think we’ll need you today. Be here tomorrow morning at 7:30 so you will have a chance to get to look the place over. You have permission to add any security mechanisms you see fit.”

Heero nodded, “I can see myself out.” Zechs nodded and left. Heero wiped the tears from his eyes. He walked out and to the front doors purposefully. Get the hell out!(Do you blame anyone for not wanting to be around HER!?!)



“How many times have I told you not to address me as ‘sir’?” Noin smiled and shrugged. Zechs leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“I thought you didn’t want to do that around others.“ Noin teased.

“Did I say that?” Noin nodded. “Do everyone have a problem speaking?” Zechs said wrapping his arms around his love. “Heero. Hmm, one never changes.” Zechs’ expression turned to a sad, understanding. “Yes, Noin. He has changed. He shows emotion. He’s upset over Duo’s death.”

“You think he loved Duo?”

“Yea, and I think it worse because he realized it after it was too late.” Noin hugged him and rested her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes, Zechs pulled away. "Go to Relena. We wouldn’t want to be late, would we?”

“No, sir.” Zechs smiled at her and headed for his room to get ready.


Sally and Wufei sat in the back of the meeting and listened to the proceedings.

Sally was amused at how Wufei would sneak glances at her. He thought he hadn’t been caught. There was about fifty or so people there at the meeting and it was said only the best of the best would make it in. Wufei wasn’t nervous, however, he knew that if anyone would get in it would be Sally and himself. “So, Wufei.” Sally whispered to the said boy.


“Do I have something on my face?”

“No, why?”

Sally smiled, “Cause a certain young man keeps staring.” Wufei blushed a deep red and turned his full attention to the meeting. Sally sat back straight and smiled to herself.


“Anywhere you would like to go?” Trowa asked his silent companion.

“Could.....could we go to the park?” Trowa nodded. He knew Quatre would want to be in one of Duo’s favorite places. As they sat on a bench in front of the lake, Quatre broke the silence this time. “Parks were always beautiful to Duo.”

“Aa. Would you like to talk about your dreams?”

“No. They are all the same. It’s ‘that’ day over and over.” Quatre looked deep in thought for a minute.

“What is it, Little One?”

“I don’t.......I can’t......I didn’t feel it when Duo died. Trowa, I can’t believe my best friend died and I didn’t even feel it!!!!” Quatre’s voice rose in volume before he collapsed on Trowa’s shoulder in tears.

“It’s ok.”

“No! I should have felt something, Trowa!”

“Quatre, it’ll be ok. We all know Duo’s in a better place. We should be happy knowing he’s where there is no wars.” Quatre hugged Trowa tightly to him and continued to sob quietly. Both ignored the stares from others around them.




“Sorry, but my little boy is sick and I need to take him to the doctor. Do you think you could take my shift. I know you’re just getting off of yours, but he really needs to go and the baby-sitter can’t take him.”

“Sure, Amy(1).”

“Oh, Helen thank you!! You sure you don’t mind?”

“Yea, I’m sure. Go on before you get stuck here anyway.” Amy smiled and hugged Helen.

“Ya know, you should smile more. I would really suit you. Your eyes seem so sad.” Amy said pulling out of the hug and heading for the door.

“Yea, well it’s hard to smile when you aren’t happy.” Helen said to the retreating girls back.


(1)My friend SA goes by that in another fic of hers. ^_^

Lemme know what ya thought. *sweatdrops* I was sure someone would have guessed what at least one of the surprises was going to be. *shrugs* Oh, well. Enjoy!!