Title:Life After Death
Author:Sara Maxwell
Disclaimer: I really really wished I owned them, but I don’t. I do this for my pleasure as well as for others. I have nothing to give so don’t sue.
Warnings: OOC, Mental abuse, someting you wouldn’t expect (or so I think), sap, angst, death(maybe)but that'll be later, and.........well just see for ya self
Pairings:1+R(don’t worry they aren’t envolved in that way cause frankly I can’t stand her), 3x4, 5+/xSally, Noin+/xZechs, and eventually 1+/x2



//////////=change of scene


On Earth A.C. 197
"Duo!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!" the small blond screamed as he sat up in his bed that he shared with his unibanged lover.

"Quatre, it was just a dream. Calm down. I'm here. Go back to sleep Little One." Trowa said soothingly as he rocked the sobbing Arabian.

"No, T-trowa! It happened j-just like........" Quatre trailed off as he sobbed harder. "I know, but it'll be ok. I'm here for you."

"Trowa, how come....why D-d-d-duo!?!?!"

"I don't know Little One." Trowa said on the verge of tears. It had only been a couple of months since their comrades 'death'. All of the now ex-pilots were heart broken, even if they wouldn't admit it. Wufei just went on seeming not to care when in reality he was in torment over he had treated Duo while the self-proclaimed 'God of Death' was alive. Trowa was pretty upset, too. He deeply missed Duo, and was even more grief-stricken at what it had done to his small and fragile lover. Quatre, as you can guess, wasn't handling it very well. He had nightmares every night. No matter what Trowa did to try and ward off the disturbances, they came over and over in full force. Every night the small blond was forced to relive the death of his best friend.

Heero didn't seem to care, but like Wufei, he was torn inside. But it was worse for him. He didn't know why it bothered him like it did, of course Duo was his friend, but he just couldn't understand why he felt as if part of him had died as well.

Heero awoke when he heard Quatre screaming and just turned over onto his side knowing he couldn’t help Quatre any more than he could help himself. He sighed a sad sigh and tried to return to sleep. He had to get up early in the morning because he had accepted the job to be Relena’s bodyguard. He really didn’t like the obsessed girl, but he needed something big to take his mind off of Duo. //Why? Why did you leave us?// he questioned as he drifted back off.

Wufei had been awake all night. He had been thinking about the past couple of months. He was grateful that he had Sally to talk to. She always listened to him and helped the best she could. She never made him feel like a stupid teenager whenever he was around her. Even though things were rough at the time, Sally was helping him plan Quatre’s seventeenth birthday party. Quatre was the youngest, then Duo, Heero, himself, and finally Trowa. They had high hopes that this would bring him around. Sally had prescribed mild sedatives for the boy only hours after the incident. He was really badly shaken and no one was able to calm him. Even Trowa had a hard time getting him away from the rubble.


The day started out like any other day for the pilots. They got up and checked for missions. There weren’t any. So they decided to lounge around.

Quatre and Trowa were making out on the couch not wanting to waste what precious time together they had. Heero was fixing Wing and Wufei was meditating in the gardens. Luckily they had one of Quatre’s nicer houses to stay at this go around. Duo was walking around being unusually quiet. The braided one walked from room to room appearing to just be looking around.

About one that afternoon, a mission came in. It was a solo for Duo. Duo just grabbed a jacket and left after saying good-bye. If the others would have been paying attention, they would have been able to notice the finality in Duo’s voice.

About three hours later, the four remaining pilots received a call in from Duo saying that there was no other alternative but to self-destruct.

Quatre would have none of it as he began running down a list of possibilities that would be able to get the Deathscythe pilot back safely. Duo only disagreed and told everyone good-bye. Quatre begged Duo to wait until they could arrive. “Duo, we can be there in no time. Please wait on us.”

“Sorry Q-man. It’s two hours away. Too much time. I’m sorry.” With that the screen fizzed and Duo was lost to them forever.

As soon as the link was broke all four of the boys were in their gundams and on their way to try and assist Duo. All hoping it wasn’t too late. Wufei had contacted Sally and told her to met them at the target point incase Duo was injured. They knew that Sally could handle herself in the heat of a battle if necessary.

The four gundams all touched down at once. Sally arrived seconds after they did. Quatre was the first out of his gundam and to Deathscythe, or rather the remains. “Noooooo, Duo!!!!!!! You can’t go!!!!! Not this way!!!! I won’t let you!!!!!!!!! You me I..... WILL...... NOT......... LET.......... YOU!!!!!!!!!!!” the blond said trying to lift the wreckage and find Duo’s body hoping against all hope there was even one left.

Everything appeared to be melted or blown to hell and back and most had been taken out with no trace. Trowa ran up behind Quatre as he began to walk blindly into the mass heap of metal not noticing the few scratches and cuts he acquired along the way. “Quatre!!! Stop it!!!!!” Quatre pulled away from his lover only to be restrained by six hands that were much stronger than he was in this state. They moved the struggling blond out of the wreckage and Trowa held him close. “Shhhhh...” the tall boy tried to no avail.

“NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” the blond only sobbed harder. Sally was crying as well but not to the extreme as Quatre was. Wufei was trying to comfort her and himself. Heero just stood there in awe before realization finally hit him. He sank to his knees and stared at what now remained his friend. The one that he wished to call lover, even though he was never able to admit that to himself until it was too late.

Sally tried to sober up enough to give the uncontrollable blond a sedative. Once it kicked in everyone began to search for a body. When one never showed, they figured the blast was too much for mere flesh and bone to have made it through. They headed home after searching for about an hour.

They decided since they were unable to locate a body they would leave Deathscythe behind as a sort of grave and reminder to all who ever cared about what they had done to get them their peace. To remind them of the lives that were lost just so they could live without fear of being controlled by a heartless, cold, sadistic bastard, who probably wouldn’t give a damn about anything or anyone as long as they had what they wanted. Sally accompanied them to Quatre’s house to help keep watch over him. She and Wufei ended up sitting in silence the entire night. Quatre slept a troubled sleep and Trowa watched him throughout the night. Heero lay in his bed and stared at the ceiling.

Occasionally he would glance at the empty bed across form his. The part of him that was still in denial was still waiting for the braided loudmouth to come in the room at any moment. As the days passed he finally realized that there wouldn’t be anymore loudmouthed baka to bother him. Everyone greatly missed Duo.


Trowa really hated to have to give Quatre sedatives but he wouldn’t calm any other way. “Let me get you your pill.” he said quietly.

“N-no. Trowa please.”

“Please what?” His answer was a soft kiss to his neck.

“Please make love to me. It’s been so long. Please. I want you to. I need it, you need it. Please.”

“Quatre, are you s.....” he was cut off by a small yet demanding kiss.

The next morning, Heero was rushing around, trying to eat his toast and get his shoe on at the same time. Wufei was also preparing to leave. Sally and he were going to some type of meeting. There was a new branch of defense being formed and they had heard from Noin that they would very much be appreciated if they joined (yes the Preventers). Trowa planned on keeping Quatre occupied by taking him out for a day on the town, even if all they did was walk. He knew Quatre need to get out some.


On Colony L4-630b A.C. 197
The young, violet-eyed girl walked to the back of the restaurant and cleared the table. She then walked to the kitchen and deposited the dirty dishes before returning to seat some new guests. “Hi, my name is Helen. I’ll be your waitress fro the night. Can I get you your drinks?”


*sweatdrops* I hope I didn't give to much away. Anyways, I think it sucks. Lemme know what you think. And even if you did figure out the little secret, there is a major twist later, sooooooooo..... anyway later. ^_^