Title:Call Me Crazy

Author:Me ^_^

Disclaimers:I do not own Gundam Wing so don't try anything.

Warnings:Well, I hate to say this but our beloved Braided Baka dies. It also really sucks, so don't blame me I was just trying to contribute. This is my first death fic/poem. And please be nice. If it doesn't make sense, I take the blame. However, my real life muse, Shadow Angel, talked me into posting. I'll be soooo hurt if you don't like. So lie to me even if you hate it. Think that's it. Oh and no beta reader so if it's mispelled sorry and for the lack of punctuation. Never posted a fic or anything like that before so if anything's wrong lemme know.

Here ya go:

Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy but I believe
That love should be cherished and not dispised
It's an emotion we cannot fight
Even you, Perfect One, can not escape
Can't you just admit
That deep down you feel it too
Or is that too much to ask of you?

Call me crazy but I believe
That true love won't give up and float away on a summer breeze
It will not fail
It will not lie
It will not leave you lonely
Or make you want to die

Call me crazy but I believe
That the love has always been there
So don't pretend that you don't care
I believe that love is happiness that two people share
Not something you think you should own just because it's there

Call me crazy but I believe
That love is always willing to grieve over it's loses
When it falls from under you like dead leaves in the wind

Call me crazy but I believe
That if you can not share this with me
That I have no place here, no happiness
I guess if you don't feel the same
That I should just leave
And the only way I know how
Is to simply end my miserable being

Call me crazy but I believe
That this will be my only way to true happiness, for now
If you finally realize that you have this emotion
I'll be waiting for you on the other shore
This was my last plea, my love
I cannot be ignored
For you will find me
But it'll be too late
Love is powerful
But it will not wait, forever
Goodbye my lovely
Please tell the others not to cry
For if this wasn't meant to be, then I will not die

Call me crazy but I believe
That it is my time
That is why I hold this knife
I won't wait any longer
So now I say

Yes, I know it stunk!!! Gomen. C&C welcomed. *sweatdrops* Please don't stare at me like that. Duo's not really dead. *runs from angry ML members with sharp objects and the intent on killing* EEEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
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