Author : Sara-chan

Pairing : 1+2

Warnings : sad

Disclaimers: Heero and Duo don’t belong to me. Damn -_-;

Note: This is a short fic. In fact, it was written because I made a pic, and I thought it’d be good to add a fic with it. If anyone wants to continue it, feel free to do it. Just ask me, ok? I could even draw some pics for you. ^_^

* * * *

A picture from the Past: Solo’s farewell


“I will kill him if he hasn’t brought his report.”

Heero was muttering death threats toward a certain American pilot. Duo had come from his mission a hour ago, but had forgotten to give Heero his report. He was now in the bathroom, singing at the top of his lungs. Heero wasn’t patient, so he decided to take Duo’s papers himself.

Through his search, he had found a gun, a grenade, some mangas and junk food, but there wasn’t any report at all. The Japanese teen glared at the bag as if it was responsible for not giving him what he wanted. Then he saw a hidden pocket in the back of the bag. Heero frowned, but that didn’t stop him from putting his hand into it. His fingers found then something. That must be it, Heero thought.

But it wasn’t.

Heero’s eyes widened at what he saw between his hands. It was a picture. An old picture.

Heero stared at the young Duo, aged of 8 years.

He felt like he was looking at a stranger. He had never seen Duo this happy before. This Duo was smiling and laughing honestly. He looked… happy. The boy Heero knew smiled differently. It was as if Duo didn’t want to smile, but he did it anyway or else his mask would fall.

But when he saw this picture though, Heero wondered how Duo could’ve changed so much. Duo looked so innocent there, so careless it made Heero’s heart clenched when he remembered the way Duo had looked after this mission: sad, tired...

Heero’s eyes looked then at the other boy… at the teen. He must have been around 14 years old. Who was he to make Duo smile like that? They looked so happy together, so content… as of nothing mattered to them because they were together.

When the shower stopped, Heero quickly put the picture back in the bag and went back to his desk.

“Did you find your report?” Duo asked as he entered the room.

“I’m not going to search around your mess,” Heero glared as he typed on his PC. Duo stuck out his tongue, but Heero ignored him.

He was still thinking about the picture. He wanted to know who the teen was, because deep inside, Heero wanted to be the one to bring a smile like that one on Duo’s face.

As Heero finished his report, the words at the end of the picture burned in his mind.

[ I’ll always be there for you, Kid.

Solo ]