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CHAPTER 15: I won’t forget you..?


Trowa raised his eyes from his book and sighed. Quatre was still standing before the window, gazing at the sky with worried aquamarine eyes. The Latin teen felt dizzied after observing his lover’s resilient pacing.

“Quatre, they’ll be back sooner or later. Stop worrying. You are going to grow white hair before you reach 20.” He said with an amused look.

But he had to admit it. He was worried too, even if he didn’t show it. Heero and Duo should have been back from their mission this morning. Trowa knew Heero. When he was on a mission, the Japanese pilot was always on time. He had never been late before.

Quatre turned to look at the green-eyed teen without leaving his post from the window. “I know Trowa, but I’ve had this bad feeling since this morning,” he said as he put his hand against his chest. “Something bad happened to them. I don’t know what, but…”

At that moment, the front door opened. Quatre jumped on his feet and rushed toward the hall with Trowa on his tail. The sight of the Wing’s pilot set off alarms in the Latin boy’s ears. The Japanese pilot was too tense, too rigid. And his eyes…they seemed to contain so much rage and anger that it was frightening. Trowa was shocked. He had never seen his friend in such a state.

“Heero? How did the mission go? Are you alright?”

Trowa sighed. Quatre had switched in mother hen mode. Trowa knew his lover well enough. The blonde could have kept asking questions until he got answers, but the Japanese pilot only passed past them without saying a word. Which of course made Quatre damn furious.

“Heero! Where is Duo? Is he still in Deathscythe?”

Trowa had noticed the longhaired teen’s absence too. Usually, he was never far behind his short-haired partner. At the Arabian boy’s question, Heero tightly clenched the banister. Trowa could see the wood bending under his abnormal strength.

“Captured,” Heero snapped, then climbed the stairs.

Trowa could have sworn he had heard the door slammed behind him.


Heero was trying to stay calm. It wouldn’t do any good to throw everything within arm’s reach. His room. No. *Their* room at St. Gabriel Academy had already suffered from his rage. Shards of glass and scraps of books had been scattered all over the floor. Heero hadn’t even picked them up after his outburst. He didn’t care anymore. What he wanted at this moment was to find Hokasaki and make him suffer *very* painfully.

When calmness and lucidity settled back into him, Heero had rushed toward Hokasaki’s room. But the man had already left. If he hadn’t known the principal was in the next room, Heero wouldn’t have suppressed the furious scream hanging deep in his throat. During the entire night, he had searched in all Hikosaki’s folders, trying to find an indication to where the man had gone, or what he had done to Duo. But there was nothing. Not even a sign. And on top of all that had happened, he hadn’t even successfully accomplished his mission. He didn’t know where the base was nor how OZ was recruiting his new soldiers. Heero had never been as furious in his entire life as at that moment.

And now that he was in his dorm room, alone, his anger had died to give way to growing worry. Heero let his fingers slide around the sliver cross now hanging around his neck.

What had happened to Duo? Was he alright? What had Hokasaki done to the braided teen? Heero knew he wasn’t dead because then, the American corpse would have already been found. No, it didn’t look like OZ’s usual method. They took Duo, but for what reasons? To interrogate him? Thinking about that made Heero’s blood turn cold. The Japanese teen sat up on his bed and ran his hand in his hair in a nervous gesture. He didn’t have the slightest idea where Duo and that bastard professor were.

What ate Heero the most, was that he had planned to tell everything to Duo when the braided boy came. But now it was too late.

<Iie! I will find him!>

He went to his computer and switched it on. Blue eyes glazed with a determined look and he went back to work. He wouldn’t give up on Duo! Not when he had finally understood what Duo meant to him.


[OZ’s base: Siberia]

Collins suddenly sneezed and wiped his nose loudly. It was too fucking cold here. The snow had kept on falling all day, and seemed to never end. But well, he wouldn’t have caught a cold if he hadn’t changed his post. More new soldiers had come within these last weeks. Collins hadn’t the slightest clue why, but he was sure it had to do with the arrival of the new doctor. Hey… maybe he could ask for a prescription. His throat had been hurting him like hell since yesterday.

Loud steps behind him made him nearly jump, but when he recognized the person, he straightened up and saluted. After the door closed up, Collins sighed and wiped his forehead, though he wondered what Colonel Une could be doing here.

After being sure that the door closed behind her, Lady Une stepped in the room.

“How is it going so far?” she asked at the man sitting in front of several computers.

“Fine. The new pilots have all adapted to their work. You must have been able to see that these last weeks, Colonel Une, right?”

“Yes, I can in fact confess that I didn’t believe you at the beginning of this project, but I quickly changed my opinion. The results are very promising.”

“It seemed that the Gundam pilots will attack our site in Europe,” the Doctor said.

“Exactly, that’s why I came to see you,” Une replied. “Do you think you could send our new pilots?”

“Certainly. They will be ready,” he confirmed.

“Perfect. The Gundam pilots will soon be a past memory,” she smirked.

Hokasaki smiled as well.


[OZ’s base: Europe]

“West wing, ok.”

“01, go to the Central command center. You have 5 minutes.”

“Ryoukai 04.”

“Wait 01. Don’t do the impossible. The mission comes first.”



“Hai. 01 out.”

Heero fought back the urge to throw the communicator link away. Damn Quatre! So what if he was a bit more suicidal, if he was too reckless, he didn’t need Quatre to watch over him like that. Damn it. It had already been two months. He couldn’t believe how fast time had passed. Two months…

Heero threw a cautious glance in the corridor. When he was sure that no one was there, he rushed toward the main control room.

And Quatre didn’t have the right to say anything. He couldn’t understand. It was during his mission that Heero could forget. That he could forget him. Otherwise, he would feel guilty and anxious again. He needed to immerse himself in his missions or else he would lose his mind.

He finally found the room, and easily unlocked the door. Once he was inside, he quickly hacked into the main computer. Five minutes later, he found the password. The Japanese pilot sent his virus then started the detonator that would destroy the entire base. A smirk appeared on his lips. It was the same feeling he’d always felt when he accomplished a mission.

<Nimnu Ryoukai.>

When he went back in the corridor, he told Quatre he had completed his mission. But suddenly, Heero heard loud steps behind him.

“Here he is!”


The pilot quickly took out his gun and shot. The two soldiers fell immediately, but growing steps told him he should hurry up before the new cavalry arrived. Heero went to the left, gun still in his hand, and searched for an exit. He had the plan of the base in his head. He already knew where the nearest exit was, but he was pretty sure he would be waited upon. He had to find another one. Following the long corridor, he finally saw a shaft which lead to the outside of the base.



A gunshot rang out through the air. Heero lunged to his right, feeling the bullet passed near his face. Sweating and heart hammering in his chest, Heero knew that if he hadn’t been so quick, he would be dead now. It had been close. He turned around and he raised his gun and was aiming to fire, when a burning pain went through his right hand. His gun fell on the ground, while new steps approached.

“That’s enough, 01,” a cold emotionless voice said.

But this voice sent a shiver along the Japanese teen’s back. Heero could have recognized it anywhere. Heart beating so fast he thought it was bound to stop, Heero turned around and met amethyst eyes.


It was him! He had finally found Duo! Heero had the sudden urge to take the braided teen in his arms and cry from relief. Duo was here! His friend’s name echoed in his head while his eyes drank at the sight of Duo. It was then when Heero looked again into Duo’s eyes. His joy died immediately. Instead of the mischievous and laughing eyes, Heero was looking into cold and blank eyes. And Duo was wearing OZ’s uniform, aiming a gun at him.

<What is going on?>

At that moment, Quatre called Heero through the communicator link. “01, what are you doing? You are two minutes late.”

“I have a problem. I can’t do anything right now,” Heero said, trying to keep his communications brief and as secret as possible.

“Stay here. 03 and 05 are coming.”


“01, raise your hands and follow me without a word,” Duo said icily.

Heero stared at his friend in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that the boy standing before him was Duo. He was so… different. Duo had never spoken like that before. With such an emotionless voice. Heero felt like he was facing a stranger.

“Duo?” the Japanese pilot softly asked.

“Don’t move,” Duo threatened him as he raised his gun. “How do you know my name?”

Heero felt the fine hair on his neck stand up. He looked at the braided teen again. There wasn’t even a sign showing that he knew Heero in them. Duo didn’t recognize him. He didn’t know who Heero was.

<What the hell have they done to him, those bastards?!!>

Suddenly, gunfire broke out everywhere. The soldier who had attacked Heero fell before him, dead and Duo’s gun fell as well.

“01, are you alright?” Wufei shouted.

Heero turned around and saw Trowa and Wufei running toward him.


“Hurry! We need to leave now!” Trowa shouted.

Heero nodded, but turned toward Duo… and found that the braided teen had already left.


He didn’t have other choice but to follow his friends. Before leaving, he threw back a last look behind him.

<I will be back Duo. I promise.>



To Be Continued…