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CHAPTER 14: From misunderstandings to complications.



Heero couldn’t even find the words to answer Duo. It wasn’t because he didn’t have an answer, but rather that he had too many answers… too many reasons. Could he tell Duo that he couldn’t bear to have seen him sad and nearly crying, because of him? Could he tell Duo that he had tried to find every way possible to escape Relena just so that he could stay with his braided friend, even if it was for a short time? Could he tell Duo that when he saw him under the bright moon, Heero had found him so beautiful he couldn’t resist taking him in his arms and keeping him there against him?

Heero didn’t know. All that he knew was that when he saw the longhaired teen leave the ballroom, he felt something awaken in him. Something that he couldn’t believe could exist in him after all these years. And so he had followed his emotions.

<Follow you emotions.>

Then he had kissed him. Heero hadn’t thought something that simple could have been so wonderful… so intoxicating. If it had been in his power, they would have never stopped. They would have kissed and kissed and kissed. Heero had never touched something that soft. Duo’s lips felt like they were made of flower petals. So when he had seen those lips just here before him, trembling but still red from their first kiss, Heero had had this sudden urge to capture them again.

His cobalt eyes had met violets orbs. If it was something that had always made him remember Solo, it was without a doubt those gorgeous amethyst eyes. Each time Heero saw them, he felt like drowning in them. He could have looked at them forever. There was something in his eyes that could have imprisoned anyone’s soul. Maybe because they reflected their owner’s innocence. Despite all the harsh things that had happened in Duo’s life, the braided teen’s soul had still remained as pure as before.

And now, those violet eyes were gazing at him with confusion and uncertainty. There was something else in them too, but Heero couldn’t decipher what it meant. Nevertheless, it made the Japanese pilot’s heart warm.

“Duo, I…” Heero slowly said with hesitation.

The American teen looked at him and waited patiently for what Heero would say next, when Duo couldn’t bring himself to say anything. But at this exact moment, Relena ran toward them. Heero immediately dropped Duo’s hands and just after that, the blonde girl launched herself into his unwilling arms. He didn’t notice the hurt look that crossed Duo’s eyes when the braided teen saw them together.

“Yuuki? What were you doing? I was searching for you!” she said using Heero’s new name for his mission.

“Relena,” the short-haired boy coldly said while glaring at her, but she didn’t seem to notice it. He didn’t finish what he was going to say to her when he saw Duo walking away without another word. The furious and hurt look on the American teen’s face didn’t escape him. But Heero let him go. He didn’t know what to do in this kind of situation. So he did what he always used to do. He ignored all that happened and placed back his Perfect Soldier mask.


The next day, Heero didn’t have a chance to talk to Duo. Every time they would cross each other’s path, Duo would avoid him. It was now the first period of the afternoon. Heero knew he would have Duo in his class. When he arrived at his usual seat, he saw Duo talking with three others students. When the three boys noticed him, they nodded at him while Duo smiled. But Heero didn’t buy it. The American teen’s smile was too wide to be genuine. Then, the braided boy turned back to talk to his classmates.

During the entire lesson, Heero looked at him. He couldn’t take it anymore. He felt angry and furious. At Duo and himself. At Duo because he ignored him, but Heero couldn’t bear that, when he was used to always feeling the braided boy’s presence around him. He felt like something was missing in him, like a huge void had taken place. This feeling was even more truthful when Heero saw the long-haired teen talking and laughing with other people. And furious at himself for having been a baka. He should have said something that night even if he didn’t know what. Now, Duo had misunderstood him and had been hurt by his cowardice. They had to talk as soon as possible or the situation would become worse.

When Duo entered the dorm room, Heero sighed, relieved. He had been waiting for the braided teen for two hours since his last course at 4 p.m. He had begun to think that Duo would never come.

“I’m beat!” the American pilot said, falling loudly on his bed.

Even if they hadn’t seen each other or often talked since that night, when they had to stay with each other in their room, Duo would talk to him as if all was all right in the world. Well now, the braided teen was talking to him, but Heero could hear a restrained tone in Duo’s voice. It was as if Duo was careful of what he was saying… as if he didn’t trust Heero anymore. And for the Japanese teen, that hurt. A lot. He had to talk to him. He didn’t want to feel that feeling, it hurt too much. He wanted what they had shared during those days back at Winner’s safe house.

“Duo, we need to talk,” he said as he sat at his desk.

The sudden tenseness in Duo’s body hadn’t passed unnoticed for Heero.

“Talk about what?” Duo asked as he brought back his bag from under his bed and opened it.

“You know very well what. I’m talking about the other night. Since then, you have been ignoring me.”

Duo abruptly turned around and looked at him with glaring purple eyes. “How do you want me to act when my best friend just kisses me, and then throws himself in another girl’s arms? Don’t you think I deserve some reason to act the way I have been?”

Heero clenched his fists. “I told you there wasn’t anything between her and I.”

“I don’t fucking care!” Duo shouted as he furiously took out a communicator and a knife from his bag. “I’m done always being put second and especially after her! It’s gone on too long now! I can’t take it anymore!”

Heero stood up, nearly knocking his chair in the process, and quickly walked toward Duo. The latter turned around immediately.

“Don’t you dare come one step closer to me!” the furious boy warned him as he stepped away and backed toward the door.

Heero heard the shaking tone in Duo’s voice. He moved again forward until there were only few centimetres between them. “Duo, do you really think I would choose her over you? After all these years?”

Duo nervously chewed on his lips then looked up at him with tired, sad eyes. “I don’t know anymore. I…” His hands went through his long hair and he sighed. “Listen, I have to think about it. I have to see Hokasaki now. We will talk when I’ll be back, okay?”

That wasn’t what Heero wanted to hear, but he had to go with that. He didn’t have any other choice.


When Duo left, Heero fell on his bed.



It was already 10 p.m. and Duo wasn’t back.

<What is going on?>

Everybody was asleep. The school was closed. There was no one in the corridors. Duo should have been back around 8 p.m. His mission was to only win Hokasaki’s trust, then be a member of his new elite army. Nothing else. So why was the braided baka so damn late?!! There was only one explanation.

Duo had been captured.

A new feeling took place in him, another one since his reunion with Solo. Panic. He didn’t need that now. Heero went into Perfect Soldier mode again. If he wanted to be effective, he had to be calm. Grabbing his gun, Heero silently left the room. He had to find Hokasaki’s office. That was where he had to begin his research.

Ten minutes later, he found himself in front of the said office’s door. Closed of course. Perfect terrorist in all of its meaning, Heero was always equipped for everything. He pulled a lock pick out of his pocket, and began to pick the lock. Two seconds later, the door opened. Heero entered silently.

No one. No one was there.

The pilot spotted the teacher’s computer and immediately switched it on. There wasn’t a file of Duo anymore. Everything had been erased.


His heart was beating madly against his chest and a dreadful feeling settled in his gut. That panic feeling was back.

Where was Duo? It was as if he had never been in the school. The American teen’s name wasn’t registered in the school’s files anymore. It was as if Duo had never been there at all.

<It’s useless to stay here. He isn’t here.>

He left the room and turned back toward the way he had come in when he saw someone. He nearly jumped, and looked up to apologize.

It was Hokasaki.

“Mr Yuy. What are you doing here at this hour?”

Heero stepped back, and tightly grabbed his gun in his belt behind his back, ready to shoot if he had to. He saw Hokasaki smirk. Oh how Heero wanted to shoot him right now! The man seemed to be too sure of himself.

“You shouldn’t wander in the halls. You could meet the wrong kind of people, Yuy-kun.”

<That’s it! I’m going to kill him!> Heero thought while glaring daggers at the older man.

Hokasaki walked pass him, so close that Heero could have shot him without missing him, but then the man turned around one last time.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you something *very* important. You should go back to your room. There is a present waiting for you.”

And with these words, he left.

<A present?>

Heero forgot about running after the man.

<A present?>

He could feel sweat falling along his temple and knots in his gut. Without any more precautions, he ran to his room and opened the door violently. At first he didn’t see anything… but when the sky cleared and the moon shone through the window, he saw it.

On his bed lay Duo’s silver cross.

It was tainted with blood.

Near it was a paper.


Mind your own business

If you don’t want to end up like him.



To Be Continued…