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CHAPTER 13: Moonlight


Duo blinked… and blinked. No, it wasn’t a dream – rather a nightmare – Relena was standing right there before him. He thought about shutting the door in her face, but when you had the Queen of the World before you, an action like that proved to be fitting, but entirely too rude. Heero came down the stairs at that moment and resolved the problem, though without actually doing anything. Meaning that when she saw the Japanese pilot, Relena opened the door – right in Duo’s face – and jumped in Heero’s unwaiting arms.

“Heeroooooooo! I missed you so much!”

Heero didn’t answer but stayed silent in Perfect Soldier mode, and scuffed into the kitchen.

“You woke up much later than usual,” Duo said, sending a challenging look at Relena.

<You can do whatever you want, Princess, but he stayed with * me * ! Nah!>

“Hn, mission,” the short-haired teen answered. He filled himself a cup of coffee and took a seat at the table.

Relena immediately sat on the nearest chair.

“God noooo! Why couldn’t they let us have a break for once?” Duo groaned. He could forget about having some time * alone * with Heero now. Damn those old crazy doctors.

“We’ll have to spy on a teacher working at St Gabriel’s Academy. We leave in two hours.”

Duo lifted an irritated eyebrow. He hated it when Heero talked like a robot. Couldn’t he talk like everyone else? Well, that was the fault of Miss Stalker. Damn her!

“Heero, that was exactly what I wanted to tell you,” Relena briskly said. “I learned you were going to enter my school, that’s why I hurried to tell you that we’d be together again! Isn’t it great?” The girl approached Heero, but he completely ignored her and silently drank his coffee. It was all Duo could do not to scream out loud. He wanted to grab her and throw her out of the house. Or even better, to the moon. There, he’d be sure he wouldn’t have to worry about her anymore. And Heero! Couldn’t he say anything? Didn’t he see the way Relena was looking at him and how she stuck to him like his own shadow. If he was in Heero’s shoes, he wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole.

Heero stood up. “We leave now. Go pack your bags Duo,” he said then turned toward the girl. “And you Relena, go back to your school. You could drawn OZ’s attention to us.”

Then, he left the kitchen. Duo couldn’t stop it. He smirked behind Relena’s back.

<Take that, Princess.>


Three days had passed since they arrived at the school, but Duo already wanted to leave. Was it possible to hate someone that much? Each time he saw Relena – more like every time she was around Heero – he wanted to push her away from the brown-haired teen. If Duo had been a cat, his fur would have bristled and he would have hissed at her.

Alright, he was jealous. So what? It was him who saw Heero first. Well… technically he didn’t, but from his point of view, he had.

Duo forced himself to stay calm and all traces of anger left his face. With a grin and a cheerful smile, he opened the door and entered. A woman, the secretary of the Academy, was sitting at her desk in front of her computer. Some chairs were standing along the room for the students waiting to enter the dean’s office. He loudly coughed, catching her attention.

“Yes? Can I do something for you?” the secretary asked while removing her glasses.

Duo’s first thought was that she wasn’t very attractive at all. Dark hair tied in a pony tail à la Wufei, square glasses and grey clothes, she was a typical secretary. Duo fought back a sigh, then stepped forward with a charming smile.

“Yes, I would like to see the headmaster please. Is it possible?”

The young woman beamed. It was impossible not to do it when he had this engaging smile. Duo knew it.

“Certainly. Let me see.” She quickly typed something on her computer when she suddenly felt the young teen’s hand on her face. The poor woman who was ten years older than him blushed immediately.

“Oops, sorry but you have your make-up smeared on your cheek,” he explained with a contrite face. “It’s a shame, you have beautiful features.”

“What? Oh hum… please wait a minute, I’ll be back.” She stood up and quickly left the room.

“Take your time,” Duo waved.

When the door shut behind her, he immediately sat at her place and typed on the keyboard. The screen changed and a new window appeared. The names of all the teachers with their photo were displayed before him.

“Okay. Lets see which one is the lucky guy.”

The two pilots’ mission was to find the teacher who worked for OZ. For some time now, it seemed like someone in the Academy was recruiting students in order to work for OZ. They had to stop him and kill him. The name of one of the teachers caught his eye. He was a History teacher. Mr Hokasaki. The man arrived a month ago, the same time when the first traces of recruiting had begun.

Duo’s pupils shone with fire. <Got you!>

Shinigami had found his prey.


Duo had finished his math class and went with his new classmates to the cafeteria. At the back, he saw Heero with Relena and her fanclub.

<Don’t look at them, idiot. That’d only make you more furious. And that idiot Heero! Why does he let her follow him?>

That was above all what made Duo the angriest. Why did Heero let her hang around him? Duo thought Heero didn’t like her either and that he tolerated her because she was a Peacecraft. And what about these last couple days together, Heero and him? They were supposed to be best friends, right?

//Be honest with yourself. You prefer to be more with him, don’t you?// his mind said.

<*snort* Heero wouldn’t even notice me if I told him to his face. I’ve flirted with him since we first met. That idiot hadn’t certainly seen it. Baka!> Duo stood up suddenly.

“Daniel, are you alright?” a girl, one if his ‘classmates’ asked to him.

“Yeah, I’m leaving. My class is starting soon,” Duo answered then waved to his friends. Without hesitation, he walked straight to THEIR table and stopped in front of them. He didn’t go unnoticed, as he was the new star of the Academy. Girls fell all over Daniel Maxwell’s charms while boys had immediately accepted him in their sports team.

"Yes? What do you want?” Relena asked while raising her head with an annoyed voice.

Duo smiled with his friendliest smile, his mask back on his face, then sat in front of Heero. The braided teen stole a chip from the Japanese pilot’s plate and ate it. “Hummm. Salty like I love it,” he said and licked his fingers while looking straight in the pilot’s eyes.

The latter glared. “What do you want, Daniel?” His voice was as cold and harsh as always.

Duo smirked and leaned over the table toward him. Everyone would think that he was flirting with Heero, but he didn’t care. He had already announced that he was gay and no one said anything about it. In fact, some guys even began to hit on him.

“I found our target. Hokasaki, an history teacher. I’m going to see him now.”

Heero nodded, telling him he had understood him. Duo frowned. How could Heero still be calm and imperturbable? Duo felt like his heart would burst out of his chest just at the closeness of the Japanese boy. Suddenly, an idea entered his mind and he grinned with mischief.

Still leaned over Heero’s ear, Duo ran his tongue along Heero’s ear, quickly licking it. Duo was out of his chair a second later and ran with a big smile on his lips. The braided teen had felt Heero shiver at his little gesture.

<Payback, Yuy!>

Duo didn’t notice that Heero was following his leaving intensely, completely deaf to Relena’s words.


At the end of his History class, Duo went straight to the teachers’ room. Hokasaki was writing and didn’t notice the braided boy enter. The man was the only teacher present. He looked around forty years old. He had black hair and dark eyes. Tall and muscled, the man looked more like a soldier than a teacher.

<He could’ve had ‘OZ’ stamped on his forehead and it would have been as evident. These guys are sooo stupid.>

Duo knew that coming at this time, Hokasaki would know why he came. If his report was correct, the ‘teacher’ received his recruits at 6 p.m. which is when all the other teachers were gone. An interview followed after which the student was accepted or wasn’t. All was set so that no one knew about it. It was perfectly organized. Duo had to admit that.

Hokasaki raised his head and saw him. “Maxwell-kun! How nice to see you! I feel honored.”

Duo sat on the chair behind the man’s desk with watchful eyes. He didn’t know if Hokasaki was mocking him, but Duo chose to ignore it. “Sensei, you know what I came for.”

The man raised a brow. ‘No, I don’t. Please enlighten me.”

Duo’s fists clenched, but he kept smiling. What the hell was the man doing? What the fuck did that mean?

“Well, I heard you were searching for loyal students,” he answered, a bit colder.

“Are *you* a loyal student?” Hokasaki asked while bending over the desk to look into Duo’s eyes.

Duo stepped back instinctively and laughed as naturally as he could. “Of course! Why would I be here if I wasn’t?” he asked returning his calm eyes to the OZ soldier.

Something very odd was happening. Had he been discovered? Well, he could kill the man if that was the case. The problem was that Heero had not yet hacked on Hokasaki’s computer. And that was precisely what the two gundam pilots needed to do: the information about the next OZ’s base hiding was in Hokasaki’s files.

<Yeah, but if I have to choose between his life or mine, I choose mine!>

At that moment, the man stood up and offered his hand to shake. “Very well, Maxwell-kun. Be here tomorrow at the same hour.”

Duo stood up as well and shook his hand firmly. When he was out of the room, the braided teen wiped his sweaty forehead.

<That was close.>


Back to the dorm that he and Heero shared, Duo slid along the door. The Japanese pilot who was sitting in front of his computer turned at the braided teen’s entry and lifted a brow at the latter’s pose.

“Not. A. Word! I’ve just lived the scariest moment of my life. I really thought that Hokasaki man knew who I was.”

Heero silently stood up, and went searching for a glass full of water. He offered it to the bemused American teen. Duo blinked but accepted it. After all, he was thirsty.

“Thanks Hee-man!” Duo said, while giving it back to the brown-haired teen. He then looked around as if he was searching for something.

“What?” Heero asked.

“Where is your stalker? I’m surprised you’ve managed to escape her. I could have sworn you two were joined at the hip.”

Duo couldn’t help it. He had to say it. Each time he saw Heero, the longhaired teen was reminded of the other. How many times had he had the Japanese teen for himself? Only before bedtime, and when they did talk, it was about their mission. How could he compete with her in that way? Getting up off the floor, the tired braided boy collapsed on his bed and buried his face in his pillow.


“What?” the longhaired boy’s voice was muffled by the pillow.

“There is nothing between her and I, you know that.”

“Right. Tell her that. I’m sure she will understand you.” Duo answered sarcastically. <She’s so stubborn she won’t hear a word.>

Duo heard Heero sitting back on his chair. Curious, he lifted his head from his pillow to watch what he was doing. He couldn’t believe it! The bastard! He was smirking at him! “I really hope for your sake you’re not laughing at me, Heero.”

The Japanese teen continued to look upon him, smirking. “There is no reason to be jealous of her,” he said to the braided teen.

Duo froze, then immediately straightened up. “What are you talking about, Heero! Me, jealous? Have you lost your mind? I just can’t stand her. That’s all! You better stop saying bullshit like that!” He was flushing. He was sure! Damnit! Furious for he didn’t know what, so he grabbed his towel. “I’m going to take a shower.” The door slammed loudly behind him.

And Heero was still smirking.


An hour later, the two pilots were in the ballroom. The student body had organized a party. Drinks and music flowed everywhere. Like always, Relena was on Heero’s heels. So Duo found himself alone, drinking his punch. He had stopped counting how many he had after the fifth. He knew that someone had put a whole lot of alcohol in the punch and he was more than fine with that, and despite the alcohol, he felt still angry and alone.

<I don’t care what J or G say, for the next mission, we’ll take the one for Siberia. The farther, the better.>

He had refused all the dances he was offered, giving the excuse that his foot was hurting, but that didn’t stop him from following the ‘star couple’ of the party, like everybody called them.

Heero was *yet again* dancing with Relena. The girl was wearing a white dress, bringing out her light skin and blonde long hair. Duo had to admit it. She wasn’t bad to look at. Okay! She was pretty. And that was the worst! Heero had surely noticed. That’d explain why the Japanese pilot was still with her. Amethyst eyes landed on the black suit, wrapped perfectly around the broad and muscled Wing pilot’s body. His brown hair and blue eyes blended with his suit handsomely. In a word, Heero was gorgeous!

<And it’s Miss Stalker who wins the first prize.> Duo bitterly thought.

It must have been the alcohol, but he was too tired to still be furious. What could he do if Heero liked her? Nothing. Duo left the ballroom and went to stand on the balcony. There was no one around. He leaned his elbows on the banister and gazed at the moon.

Well, he still had Heero’s friendship, right? It was enough. The two days they had spent together before this mission would forever remain in his mind. In fact, there wasn’t anything he could blame Heero for. The Japanese teen hadn’t changed since their two days. He had stayed friendly with him since the day they discovered each others identity on the stairs. Even with Relena around, Heero had still found some time to be with him.

<So, it’s not so bad, is it? Look at it this way. With your luck, you will even be his best man at his wedding.>

Duo bitterly laughed at himself. He tightly gripped his necklace. His eyes were oddly misted.

<Shit! Now I’m crying. What are you doing to me, Heero?>

He buried his face on his arms, maybe to hide himself, and let his tears fall silently. It hurt. Was this what they call heartbreak? Like when you felt your heart bleed because you knew you would never have the one you want.

<But I don’t want to lose him. Not now when I have finally found him.>

“Heero,” he sobbed.

Suddenly, a hand touched his shoulder. Duo turned back immediately… and saw Heero before him.

<Oh shit!>

Duo turned back again and quickly wiped his eyes.

<Shit shit shit! He is going to think I’m weak now!>

“What… what do you want,” he asked as calmly as his voice could, while not looking at Heero. He couldn’t do it after what Heero had just seen.

The Japanese pilot leaned over the balcony too. “I’ve had enough on these dances. I wanted to breathe some fresh air.”

Duo wanted to shake him, anything to read something on his too calm face. Where had gone the boy who had cried with him in his arms on the stairs? It was this Odin he knew. Full of emotions, of sentiments hidden in his heart and who only wanted to show them.

“I’m not surprised after I saw you dance with Relena four times,” he muttered. <Fuck! Why did I say that!> He felt Heero turn and look at him for a long time. The silence made Duo even more nervous. He had to leave before he said something he would regret.

“Good night, Heero,” he said while taking his leave but Heero grabbed his wrist. Shocked, Duo turned his head toward him and met the Japanese teen’s eyes. His cobalt eyes were burning. Duo couldn’t have found another word to describe them. Their color seemed darker while the Asian pilot’s body was tightly tensed.


Before he could say more, Heero flung Duo against his chest and without an ounce of hesitation, he took his chin in his other hand and kissed him.

Duo thought his eyes would pop out of his head. His heart stopped beating for a second then and came back quicker than ever. His body wouldn’t move. Only one thought crossed his mind.

<Oh my god! He’s kissing me! He’s kissing me!>

Taken by surprise, he let Heero do whatever he wanted. He felt his mouth being attacked under the warm and bursting lips of the Japanese pilot. Heero softly nibbled them, then harder. And when Duo felt his mouth being invaded by Heero’s tongue, he opened his mouth for him willingly. This time, he answered to the Wing pilot’s kiss. His first kiss. And he was pretty sure it was the same for Heero too.

Duo had decided to accept what he thought was unbelievable, and enjoy it as much as he could. Their tongues met and fought against each other, but Duo was too happy to let Heero take charge. The longhaired pilot’s hand was buried in his friend’s dark hair, at which Heero answered by tightening the grip around his waist.

Their bodies were pressed against each other. Nothing could have separated them. And Duo didn’t care, in fact he was delighted. Their kiss became more and more hungry. Lips pulling and nibbling against one another, it became hotter and hotter. It was as if they wanted to melt into one another. Duo moaned when Heero’s mouth sucked on his lips. The Japanese teen seemed to like the erotic sound coming from the braided teen because the Wing pilot’s arms clenched Duo even closer to him. Each boy felt the hardness of the other, which made them even more exited. When they couldn’t breathe, they moved apart without letting go of each other’s hand.

Duo didn’t leave Heero’s burning gaze. When his breathing calmed, the only word Duo said was:




To Be Continued…