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CHAPTER 12: Step by step


The rest of the day passed too quickly for both boys. After the emotional moment on the stairs, they made there way to Heero's room and began to talk.

Duo started with what had happened after Heero left him. After his mother had died, nothing left him attached to L2. Staying here would only remind him of what he had lost. He clandestinely went on the first shuttle he could find and arrived on L-0B45OWT. That was how he escaped from the explosion of his town. He was then found by Father Maxwell, though they weren't relatives. Duo stayed at the Maxwell Church for three months before OZ arrived on the colony and burnt it into ashes. He managed to survive on the streets for some time until a man named Professor G found him and trained him to become the pilot 02 of the Gundam DeathScythe.

At the end of Duo's story, Heero couldn't find anything to say. He wanted to take Solo in his arms and comfort him. He wanted to spare him from all his painful losses. The sadness that he read in the braided boy's purple eyes was intolerable, but then Duo asked him to start his story.

When he thought his friend was dead, Heero made a promise to fight and eliminate OZ. He became an assassin and a perfect terrorist. When Odin Lowe died during a mission, he met doctor J who trained him to become the Perfect Soldier. He then hid his emotions deep inside of him and became a boy devoted only for his missions.

Duo wanted to find Doctor J and let Shinigami take care of the crazy man. With Lowe, it was difficult for Duo to show that Odin was a boy like all the others, but after hearing his friend's story, the braided teen wanted to cry. Heero wasn't inhuman. A heart was beating in the boy sitting in front of him, and Duo would do anything to convince him of that.

The two boys decided then to forget their past. There wasn't anymore Solo, nor Odin. What was the most important was the present and that they had found each other.


The next day, Heero woke up at 7:30 a.m. like every other day. Even if there wasn't any mission or school to attend to, Heero was an early riser. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He looked at the mirror, and found himself different. His eyes were no longer cold or dark. They were warmer, a bluish warm color. His face seemed calmer. There wasn't the same stress he had each day, on a mission or just a regular day. He looked… like any adolescent of his age. And he had to thank a boy with a long braid and large amethyst eyes. Heero couldn't still believe what had happened yesterday. How could so much happiness happen to him? A sudden idea crossed his mind, and he grinned with unusual mischief at his reflection.

A few minutes later, dressed and brushed, Heero left his room and went to the room right next to his. Duo's room. At this hour, the baka must still be sleeping.


He silently opened the door so that it wouldn't creak, and entered the room.

And blinked several times.

The curtains were already drawn, letting the light enter the room. The bed was made, indicating without any doubt that his occupant had left it for a long time now.

When he left the room, Heero met Trowa and Wufei and asked them if they had seen the braided boy.

"What has the baka done now?" scowled Wufei.

Heero glared at him. Nobody said Duo was a baka. Well, except him.

"Where is Quatre?" asked the Japanese teen as he looked around and didn't see him.

"In bed. Exhausted," said Trowa without more precision.

Wufei snickered behind him, while Heero raised an eyebrow. <I don't even want to know.>

"Do you smell something?" the French pilot said, raising his nose.

"You're right!" Wufei answered, surprised.

All the three looked at each other with the same though in mind, then rushed toward the kitchen as if they had OZ after them. What they saw made them speechless.

The table was served. Each plate was filled with eggs and toasts, each glass was filled with orange juice. Something smelling very good was fried. Maybe bacon. There was even a vase with fresh flowers posed on the table. And in front of the stove was none other than Duo Maxwell in an apron, whistling happily and soundly.

"I'm dreaming. Tell me I'm dreaming," Wufei said completely astounded. "ITAIIIII!" screamed the Chinese pilot while glared with all his might at Trowa.

"You're not dreaming," shrugged the taller teen imperturbable.

Duo turned around to offer some bacon in the plates when he saw them standing before the table. "Hey guys! Good morning!" he said smiling at them brightly. He walked toward Heero and took his arm. "Come on, take a seat. You too guys. It's going to get cold if you wait too long."

Heero kept silent, and let Duo drag him by the arm. The Japanese teen was too surprised to even say a word.

"Maxwell, are you sure you are alright?" Wufei asked while taking a chair and looking at him with attention.

The braided boy filled the Japanese pilot's glass with orange juice, then answered with a smile. "Yeah! Why do you ask? Oh that!" Duo laughed, and two red spots appeared on his round cheeks. Heero stared at him and thought this color suited the braided pilot nicely. He’d never seen Duo so happy before.

"I wanted to make breakfast for Hee-chan, and I thought, why not for everybody? Voilà!"

"Hee-chan?" repeated Trowa with a smirk.

Heero threw him his scariest death glare, but it didn't work with the blush appearing on his cheeks.

"You haven't said anything. You don't like your breakfast?" asked Duo near him.

<Oh no! Not those eyes!> groaned mentally Heero.

It was the same look Solo would send him when the braided boy would want something. Like in the past, Heero couldn't deny him anything. Without answering, Heero took his fork and his knife, and proceeded to cut his eggs. He took a first bite, taking his time to chew, then swallowed everything slowly. He put down his fork and his knife silently, then raised his eyes to the braided boy before him. His purple eyes were shining at him with hope and worry.

"It's very good," Heero said finally.

Trowa and Wufei looked at each other, then took a bit of their meal. Much to their surprise, the toast and the eggs were indeed wonderfully good.

"It's the end of the world," muttered Wufei who became more and more dumbfounded.

"Hey! Pay attention to what you say or you won't have anything," threatened Duo.

"Duo," said Heero.


The Japanese teen leaned toward the longhaired boy, making Duo's heart beat quicker, then Heero posed his finger on his nose. "You had some flour on your nose."

Duo flushed red while he stared at the Japanese pilot's finger that Heero was licking innocently.

"Err… yeah, well… what are we doing today, guys?" coughed Duo. "Do you want to see a movie?"

"I'm sorry Duo," answered Quatre as he arrived in the kitchen too. "But we have a mission, Trowa, Wufei and I, and I think Heero has a report to finish."

"What? You're all going to leave me alone when I've finally recovered!" pouted Duo.

"Duo…" sighed Quatre, though he felt himself hesitated when he saw the chibi-look Duo threw to all of them.

"I will stay with him."

All the four boys gaped at Heero. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. Heero was going to leave his report that Doctor J was waiting for to stay with Duo all day long. Five seconds later, the braided teen jumped in his friend's arms, throwing them on the floor in the process.

"Yeaaaaah! Thank you Hee-chan," Duo cried happily.

"Baka! I can't breath!" Heero shouted under the braided boy.

Trowa raised an eyebrow while Quatre chuckled. Wufei let his head bump against the table.

"I'm surrounded by crazy people."


The day passed as quickly as the previous one. They decided to rent some videos and eat a pizza at noon. For the evening, Heero surprised Duo by preparing dinner, saying that he didn’t want to eat American food again. Duo had never seen Heero cook. It was the first time the braided teen saw him with an apron!

"Duo, don't you have other things to do?" asked the short-haired boy exasperated while he cut some tomatoes. He could feel the American teen's eyes on his back and that made him so nervous he could have cut his fingers.

"No, why? Does it bother you when I look at you?" Duo smirked with mischief.

Heero answered by sending one of his glares. The grinning boy ignored him completely. He was too occupied to putting his own fingers in his bowl.


The said boy jumped in his skin, caught in his action. "What?" he asked with innocent eyes and a grin.

Heero sighed, then returned to his work.

"Hum, Heero," Duo said as he passed his hand around his necklace. "Should I give you back your cross now?"

Heero poured some salt in his pan, then added the tomatoes. "I have something from you too. Let's say we made an exchange."

"What? You have something from me? What is it?" exclaimed Duo with surprised.

Heero turned around, amused. "Go to my room. It's in that purple box," he said without much more precision.

Duo didn't have to be told twice, and ran to Heero's room, taking the stairs two at a time. Once he arrived in the room, he went under the bed and grabbed the box. He remembered the day when he had been in this room. Now, Heero gave him the permission to open this mysterious box. He could finally know what it contains! He raised the cap, and passed his finger within it. He met then something soft.

<Wait a minute! It's…>

In his hand was a purple ribbon, one of his ribbons he had in his childhood, but it was tainted with blood. Duo could remember the day when he had given it to Odin.

<Oh my God… He had kept it all this time!>

Duo felt a soft warm glow going through him, like someone was cradling him in their arms. His eyes suddenly tinged while a tear dropped along his cheek. With a smile on his lips, he put back the ribbon in its box where it belonged.


Heero lowered the T.V.‘s sound, then looked down at his friend. Duo was sitting near him on the couch with his head lying against the Japanese teen's shoulder. It's been only an hour since the movie has started, but Duo was already asleep. That wasn't unexpected with all the braided teen had eaten. Softly so that he didn't awake Duo, Heero laid his fingers on his long hair and brushed his fingers through the tendrils. Some strands fell on the American pilot's face and he frowned cutely. Heero grinned. Duo was too kawaii for his own good.

Since they had found each other, Heero felt like he had been reborn. As if he was Odin again. How many times had he laughed or smiled today? Certainly more than during those ten past years. If Doctor J saw him, the old man would surely order him to train again. Everybody who knew him thought he was like a machine, without emotion, following only orders for his missions. But he * was * human * . He could feel emotions like anyone else. It was just that he hid them deep inside him, as J had taught him to do. But he didn't want that anymore, when he had finally found Solo. No… Duo. Heero tightened his hold around the braided teen who curled then nearer against him. How he'd love to stay like that here forever. He couldn't find anything else which could give him as much happiness as now. Heero looked at the clock on the wall and read 10 p.m.

<Hn. Let's go to bed.>

"Duo, wake up," he said while shaking the braided boy softly.

"What? What's going on?" Duo jumped and looked around as if he was about to attack someone.

Heero stood up and smirked at the confused boy. "Baka. You were sleeping on the couch."

"Oh!" blushed Duo. "Well, it's time to go to bed, ne?"

Duo was sitting on Heero's bed with his brush in his hands when Heero returned from the bathroom, with only a towel around him. Duo tried to look somewhere else but it was like his eyes were acting against his will. Duo was transfixed by the muscled and lean torso, the strong arms, the tan skin and god… those wet hair falling on Heero's face made him look even more mysterious and dark. Duo felt suddenly warm and hot everywhere.

<Huh huh… calm down Duo. It's not the right time.>

He decided reasonably to turn around when Heero started to dress, or else he'd have some difficulties to explain why he had to take another bath.

"Duo? Why are you here?" asked Heero when he finished.

The longhaired boy turned back and showed him his brush. "Could you brush my hair?"

Heero gasped. He couldn't believe what he had heard and what he was seeing. Duo had let his hair loose freely behind him. They were falling around him like some golden cape, shining brightly with a glowing light. The braided boy's pale skin was illuminated by the moon glowing from the window and his amethyst eyes seemed to sparkled with a magic light. Heero felt his heart beat quicker as he stared at the entrancing beauty before him. Shaking his head to bring himself back to reality, he went behind Duo and sat on the bed.

He softly passed the brush from the top to the tip of Duo's hair, and repeated the process several times, untangling each knot carefully. Duo felt relaxed. He loved having someone brushing his hair. Well not everyone, but the ones he trusted. Which only resumed with his mother and Heero. No one else had ever had the privilege to touch his hair. With Heero, it was different… special.

Duo's hair was now all untangled and was shining beautifully on his back. At some time, Heero could have sworn he had heard the braided teen purred with pleasure and contentment. The Japanese pilot remembered how in the past Solo had done the same thing each time he had brushed his hair. This memory brought back a smile on his lips. He caught some strands between his fingers and lifted them near his nose. They smelled like nothing else. Something between lavender and lemon. Duo's scent.

It was then Heero heard soft snores. Surprised, he looked down and saw Duo sleeping comfortably against him.

<He hadn't changed one bit.> Heero thought with a smirk.

Lifting his precious charge in his arms, Heero left his room and entered Duo's. He laid carefully his friend on his bed and removed the sheet to cover him. Duo's face was peaceful and calm. His hair was spreading all around his pillow. One of the longhaired boy's hands was lying against his cheek, and his mouth was slightly opened, letting a soft breath escape. Duo was the image of pure innocence. Heero didn't think twice. He followed his emotions. He leaned on the boy and posed a gentle kiss on his forehead. The feeling of the soft skin under his lips sent a starting shudder all around Heero. He stepped back quickly, but felt such a pang somewhere in him when he left the warm of the American teen's body. It was with a strong will that he succeeded in leaving the room when he didn't want to.

"Oyasumi Duo-chan."

When he went back to his room, in his bed, Heero felt a sudden cold going through him. When Duo had been near him, he hadn't felt so cold. Odd…


It must have been around 8 a.m. when Duo woke up the next morning. He hadn't slept that well for a long time. Except that night in the cabin with Heero. After taking a shower, he went downstairs and saw that Heero was not yet awake. A grin appeared on his lips. He could make another "special Heero's breakfast"!

Yesterday had been a perfect day. It didn't surprise him that he had slept so well then. He didn't even remember going to bed. Heero must have carried him. Suddenly, something crossed his mind. He could have sworn he had felt Heero kiss him on his forehead last night. Why would he have done that?

The bell at the door interrupted him from finding an answer and he opened the door with a sunny smile.

"Good morniiiiiig! What can I do for…"

Duo blinked, too surprised to speak anymore.

<Oh no! I knew it was too perfect to last longer.>

"Could I see Heero?" asked the last person Duo wanted to see.

Relena Peacecraft.




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