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CHAPTER 11: Tears



Duo slowly opened his eyes, but quickly shut them soon after.

<Ow ow ow! What the hell? I felt like I got hit by a mallet!>

"Duo! You are awake!" cried out the voice Duo recognized as Quatre's.

<Oi Quat'… Not so loud…>

He opened his eyes once more and tried to distinguish his surroundings from his foggy vision. He was in a hospital room without a doubt. All the other pilots were here. Quatre was sitting in a chair, near his bed. Trowa was behind the blonde teen. Wufei was at the table, reading a book. And Heero was standing with his back to him before the window.

"What happened?" Duo groaned when he started to massage his aching head in circles around his temples.

"Heero saved us just after you fainted. It's been a week since you arrived in this hospital." Wufei answered him while shutting his book.

"Hn." Duo said with a 'Heero-like' answer. He'd have laughed if he could have done it. He was sure his ribs wouldn't have appreciated it though.

"Rest, ok? We'll be back tomorrow." Quatre said as he tapped the American teen's pillow and tucked his blanket around him. Duo was sure his Arabian friend liked to play the mother hen. His forty or so sisters must have rubbed off on him.

The three pilots left soon after, leaving Duo with his Japanese partner. The American boy wondered why indeed he hadn't left as well. It wasn't like there was something more to say. Adding that to the fact that Heero and him weren't on very good terms since the last time they saw each other…

Seeing Heero, Duo decided not to add more than his presence. Instead, he chose to stare discretely at him. The short-haired boy's eyes were as cold and emotionless as ever, but there was something different in the Japanese teen today. A tiny crease was formed between his brows and his lips were a tin straight line. He seemed to be thinking about something unpleasant, though nobody would have guessed except Duo. The braided boy had long since succeeded in recognizing the different emotions - as rare as they appeared - in the pilot 01. He was still wearing these damn black spandex and green t-shirt.

<I don't know what he finds in wearing them.> Duo thought disgusted. <Hum… but what a nice ass!>

When he realized what he just thought, the braided pilot blushed. <Are you nuts idiot? We are talking about HEERO YUY here. If he knew you were ogling him, you'd be dead already.>


The American boy jumped, and raised his eyes. "What?"

"I was talking to you," Heero glared exasperated.

"Oops, what did ya say?" Duo grinned sheepishly.

"You have to stay still here for two days until your wounds and your arms are healed. Quatre will be here to pick you." He answered coldly and left his post from the window.

"Oh ok." Duo said perplexed.

Heero put his hand in his pocket as if he was searching for something, then pulled out something shiny that he tossed to the longhaired boy. Duo caught it and curious to what it was, he opened his hands to look at it.

It was his necklace!

Surprised and confused, his other hand went under his shirt, and indeed, his necklace wasn't there. An uneasy feeling he couldn't explain went through him. He had never showed it to anyone. It was something precious, something sacred for him. It was his secret.

He quickly hurried to put it back around his neck and hide it under his shirt. All the while, Heero was watching him behind intense and shining blue eyes.

"Thanks." Duo mumbled a bit embarrassed. For why, he couldn't even tell, but it surely had to do with one Japanese pilot staring strangely at him.

"You're welcome, Solo."

Duo's head jerked up, but only saw the door closing behind Heero.


Two days later, Duo left the hospital. Quatre couldn't hide his joy. They really thought they were going to lose him this time. But now, it was in the past. The blonde teen noticed though that his longhaired friend wasn't like he used to be. Anytime Quatre would say something, he either replied with one-liners or didn't speak at all. Everyone who knew the braided boy knew that he'd go on for days, he was never silent! And then, Quatre noticed how distracted and preoccupied Duo was, but obviously, his friend didn't want to talk about it. The Arabian teen decided to let it pass, but he promised himself to ask later when Duo recovered fully.

Both boys arrived at the new safehouse two hours later.

"Do you want to go to your room now?" asked Quatre.

Duo sat on the couch, and looked at the nearby garden. "No thanks Quat'." He hesitated a bit, then continued. "Hum… do you know where Heero is?"

"In the hangar, repairing Wing I think." Quatre replied.


Quatre saw Duo biting his lips, looking very thoughtful and confused. Very…odd.

"Duo, are you alright?"

"What? Oh yeah, don't worry Quat'." The braided boy answered. His friend wasn't very convinced, but he let it drop for now.


Two hours passed. Duo hadn't left the living room. He was still planted on the couch. It was late in the afternoon. The sky was now a red-orange color, but Duo didn't notice it. He listened carefully for every sound. Every sound made him jump, but when he recognized his friends' voices, he released his breath. When the door opened once more and familiar steps could be heard, Duo stood up.

Heero was walking in the hall when he felt eyes on him. He turned around and found Duo in the middle of the living room, looking straight at him.

"What are you doing here?" The Japanese man said. "You should be in your room and be resting."

Duo saw him leave. He breathed, trying to gather as much courage as he could, then ran after him.

"How did you know my name was… 'Solo'?"

Heero froze in the middle of the stairs, and slowly turned around. He saw the braided boy tugging nervously at his braid while looking straight at him. Heero took the few steps separating them until there were only few centimeters between them.

Duo saw the Japanese teen approaching him. His heart started to beat suddenly faster. All he could do was stay there, immobile like a statue and staring into Heero's cobalt eyes. Then Duo saw Heero raising his hand toward him, slowly, and going under his collar. A sudden shiver rose all over the braided boy's skin, his cheeks were burning like hot fire while he stopped breathing under the other teen's touch. But Duo didn't even say a thing, he simply stared and waited for what Heero was going to do next.

It was then Duo saw what the Wing's pilot was doing. He had pulled out Duo's cross and was now stroking it gently… tenderly.

"I had left this cross only for Solo."

Some time passed until the meaning of his words made sense to Duo. But when the truth hit him like a wall of bricks, his purple eyes stared at Heero in shock.

"O… oh-my-god! Tell me I'm not dreaming please." Duo whispered with emotion. He must have not heard him correctly. It couldn't be possible, right?

Heero looked once more at him, and it was then Duo recognized the eyes that had haunted him for ten years. The same cobalt eyes, which a minute before were cold and emotionless, were now looking at him tenderly and warmly. Those eyes which could capture his soul each time he was drowning into them.


For the first time in ten years, Heero smiled. A genuine smile. Duo's eyes were full of tears, his shoulders were shaking as if he was trying to not crying, but a sob escaped from the braided boy's throat. Here was the Solo Heero remembered. The kind little boy with a pure heart he had kept as an eternal memory in the deepest of his own heart. He was the true nature of Duo. Not this terrorist with a joker mask who looked at life as a game.

"I thought boys didn't cry?" Heero said with the same tender smile.

Those five words were like a detonator. A second later, Duo ran to him. He threw his arms around the short-haired teen's neck and held on Heero as hard as he could. Like in the past, Heero's arms went around the braided boy's slim waist, encircling Duo perfectly against him as if it had always been like that.

Heero's cheek lay against Duo's soft hair. He could smell its lavender and honey perfume. He sighed. How many times did he dream about doing this? Having Solo in his arms again, against him? He felt Duo's shoulders shake and heard him cry against his chest. Heero passed his hand along Duo's back while the other hand wrapped possessively around Duo's braid.

He felt like a weight had been lifted from him… from his heart, the moment he took Duo in his arms. Then something new was born in him. Something which felt so… right. Something he had always felt when he had been with Solo before.

That must have explained why he felt warm tears dropping along his cheeks…