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CHAPTER 10: Tick tock tick tock


Henzer's smile didn't reassure Duo one bit. He was on his guard immediately. He looked around the cell out of the corner of his eye and saw Wufei slowly waking up at the back of the room.

< You better play it smart Duo, I don’t think the bastard will play nice.>

"Wow! Your 'rooms' are getting worse and worse. Don't you have someone to clean them? I could talk to your chef about that, you know." Duo said calmly and detached. He heard then Henzer laughing darkly. Duo turned toward him, tense and suspicious.

"What a pity 01 isn't here! I'd have liked to have you both, but I'd have to do with what I'm given." The man said and shrugged.

"What can I say? We, Gundam pilots, are very busy, you see. I'd be surprised if he'd came for such a meaningless threat." Duo added while clearly saying he was talking about the commander.

At these words, Henzer angrily ground his teeth. Before the American could even move, the man harshly grabbed Duo by his hair.

"Maxwell!" Wufei shouted. The Chinese boy was handcuffed and had been listening to them fighting from the moment he woke up.

"Listen to me, 02." Henzer spat out furiously. "Thanks to you and your partner, I'm scarred for life. I managed to escape your explosion, but as you can see, not without damage."

Duo looked at Henzer's face for the first time since the man arrived, and fought back throwing up right there. Half of his face was burnt, the skin was completely torn. The eyebrows were gone, and his hair was now a dark gray color. Duo could see a long scar under the collar of the military uniform as well. It was… horrible.

"Nice work, isn't it 02? You don't know how long I've been waiting for this damn time… To find you both and make you pay!" Henzer's eyes were burning with a mad light.

The man was crazy. That was the only thought that crossed Duo's mind. Henzer seemed to be only focused on his revenge, so much that he didn't seem to know what was around him. Duo groaned when he felt his hair being pulled a bit too hard from his head. Damn, but the man was strong!

"But now that 01 isn't there," Henzer continued with a cruel smirk. "I'm afraid you'll have to take his place too, boy. When I'm finished with you, your friend there will have his turn too."

Duo shut his eyes, a silent scream echoing in his head. What could he do after all? There wasn't a damn way to escape there alive! Henzer was crazier than before, and it looked like the man wanted him for dinner. For a brief instant, the thought of the other pilots crossed his mind, but if Heero, Quatre and Trowa did succeed in finding them with a lot of luck, would they save them in time? At the sight of the psychotic twinge in Henzer's eyes, Duo doubted the man would spare him more time. The following hours looked to be very painful.


Trowa waited for the doors to open up, then entered the hangar followed by Heero and Quatre. Since the Japanese teen briefed them on how Duo and Wufei's mission was a trap and ordered to prepare for rescuing them, the Heavyarms pilot noticed the tension from the brown-haired boy. Heero hadn't talked since then, only giving some more details about the mission.

Heero was in Perfect Soldier mode.

Trowa looked once more at Quatre who helplessly shrugged, then went toward Sandrock for his last preparations. The blonde teen had told him about his discussion with Duo before his mission. Trowa hadn't been really surprised when he had learnt about Duo's feelings for Heero. They both had somewhat of a clue about Duo, but they hadn't been sure about Heero.

Now, there wasn't anymore doubt.

Trowa chuckled, then walked toward his gundam. "Don't worry, Heero. We'll be on time to save them." He said to the Japanese pilot.

Heero glared. "I'm not worried," he growled.

The French pilot smirked, then entered Heavyarms. <Yeah sure.>

In Wing, Heero gave the last instructions, and started his gundam. His eyes were focused on his screen, his lips were a thin line, his hands clutching tightly into fist.

<I'm coming, Duo.>


"Cowards! Three men against one boy! You don't have any honor!" Wufei shouted while the three soldiers kept on beating Duo.

The Chinese pilot tried to tear his chains, but only succeed in hurting more himself. He couldn't do a damn thing! He could only watch his friend being tortured by these bastards! Wufei looked at the commander again, commander Henzer. He knew it was the one Heero and Duo had met during their last mission. This man had managed to escape from the base his friends had bombed. He shouldn't have been underestimated.

A cry of pain snapped him back from his thoughts. When he looked at the American boy, Wufei's anger raised double.

During these two hours, Wufei remembered he hadn't heard Duo speak, cry or yell once, even when these bastards broke his arms. The braided teen must have shut all his senses, and hidden within himself to forget his pain. But by that way, his life was more in danger than ever. Wufei didn't know how long his friend would last.

Henzer's voice rose in the cell room once more.

"Stop!" He ordered to his soldiers.

The silence of the long-haired pilot wasn't unnoticed to him either. He knew now what Duo was doing. The man kneeled down before his prisoner and stared at him quizzically. "It wasn't what I had planned. Don't think you can escape my revenge, boy. I haven't even started yet."

A metallic light caught his eyes then. He saw the necklace Duo was wearing around his neck. Henzer was going to grab it and look at it more closely, when the boy's hand suddenly stopped him from doing so. Henzer jumped back. He stared at the braided pilot. He was still unconscious. His purple eyes opened, but were blank, without a trace of intelligence in them. But as extraordinary as it seemed, he felt Henzer's intention and stopped the man from taking his cross.

Henzer had just the time to be surprised, that soon after, a giant explosion was heard, followed quickly by the ringing alarm.

"Gundams! Gundams are attacking!"

Henzer stood up at the same time the door flew open. He turned over and saw a gun pointed at him. The last thing Henzer saw before he died was the murderous look pilot 01 sent at him while he pushed the trigger.


As soon as he saw the base, Heero immediately attacked. All his thoughts were focused on one thing: entering the base. Heero felt his pulse quicken and sweat dangle along his forehead.

<Duo… hold on…>

"01? 04 and I will be dealing with the last soldiers. Go find 02 and 05." Trowa's voice said from his communicator.

"Ryoukai, 01 out." Heero answered.

He landed his gundam and ran toward the entrance. The first soldier who saw him won a bullet in the head. Nothing was going to stop him. He followed a corridor, then went right.


He opened the cell door, though he rather broke through it in haste. He saw Henzer standing up before him, three soldiers around him. Four gunshots whistled followed soon after by the sound of four dead bodies falling.

"Yuy!" Wufei shouted from his right.

The Japanese pilot quickly unfastened his chains, then the two boys walked toward the curling and immobile body in the center of the room.

When he saw Duo's blood and wounds, Heero felt his own blood boil. He had the sudden urge to shoot another bullet in Henzer's head. Or even burn the entire base. He hadn't ever been that furious at someone in all his life - except this last mission. Apart from his anger, a feeling of protectiveness toward the American pilot raised in him. A need to protect him and to keep the braided teen near him. But Heero knew it was against all J taught him.

"Hurry Yuy! We have to get out of here and bring him to a hospital!" Wufei said, his voice full of concern and worry.

Heero collected himself, pushed back the foreign feelings and kneeled down before Duo. He was going to take the boy in his arms when something caught his eyes. Something familiar.

Slowly, he pushed back some of Duo's hair and saw a silver necklace.

A cross.

The cross he had left to Solo ten years ago…