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CHAPTER 9: The violet box


"What are you doing in my room?"

Duo froze. When he raised his eyes and saw whose voice it was, his heart stopped. Two cobalt eyes glared at him furiously.

<Oh shit!>

In two strides, Heero was in front of him and he snatched the box from the scared boy's hands. He then continued to glare murderously at him making Duo flinch. For the first time he could read some emotion in the cold pilot, and what he read was anger.

"Err… Hee… Heero, I'm sorry. I was here to clean your room and…"


They looked at each other. One furious, the other shocked. Then without any more words, Duo fled.

He ran as fast as he could without watching where he was going. He didn't care. All he wanted to do was to hide somewhere where nobody - especially Heero - could find him. He managed to reach his bedroom and shakily open his door. Once inside, he slid down against it.

He had never seen Heero like that. And all because of that box. Was it so damn important to him? Duo hadn't seen what it was in the box, but now he didn't care anymore. He couldn't forget how Heero's eyes were glaring at him. Duo thought the Japanese pilot was going to beat him for touching his precious box. At this thought, Duo felt a strange pain in his chest… like something was broken.

He laid his head on his knees while he tightly wrapped his fingers around his necklace. A noise, oddly sounding like a sob echoed in the room.



When the door slammed behind him and the sound of Duo's steps faded away, Heero unclenched his fists and relaxed his tense muscles. He sat on his bed and stared at the purple box.

<You didn't have to yell at him.> His mind reproached him.

<He was going to open it!> Heero replied furiously.

<Alright, but did you see the way he looked at you? He was scared to death.> His conscience said.

<He is a liability. I must only think about the missions. Nothing else.> Heero thought determinedly.

<Then, why do you still think about him? About Solo? Why did you keep that box if your only purpose was the missions?>

Heero didn't answer. He didn't have an answer for these questions. He carefully opened the box and pulled out a long purple ribbon. When it was unfolded, spots of dried blood could be seen on it. Heero laid his fingers along it, stroking it pensively, slowly dragging him back to the past when he had received the ribbon.



{{ flashback }}

The sun was shinning brightly that day, so Solo and Odin decided to do some gardening in the Maxwell's garden.

In the midst of three hours, Odin was trying to explain to his braided little friend that he had to put the flowers where there was sun and not in the shade, but Solo replied back to him that with his way, the flowers would be protected from the rain. After another unsuccessful tentative, Odin gave in – that or he was sure he was going to tear his hair out - and let the braided boy bounce and jump happily everywhere.

Suddenly, a painful cry from Odin adverted Solo, and he ran after his friend.

"What? Are you ok?" Solo asked the Japanese boy while he kneeled down before him.

Odin was sitting on the grass, a finger in his mouth. "I cut my finger with that rose," he answered and showed Solo his bleeding finger. Blood swelled along the cut again. Odin was about to put it back in his mouth when Solo stopped him.

"Wait!" the braided kid said determinedly.

Odin saw him taking his braid in his hands and removing his ribbon from his hair. It was a violet color, like his American friend's eyes.

"What're you doing?" he asked and raised a brow.

Solo grinned. "You'll see." He took Odin's finger and wrapped the ribbon around it as if it was a bandage. When he finished, Solo stepped back and folded his arms across his chest.

"TADA! Now, it won't bleed anymore!" He said proudly and grinned.

Odin stared at his 'mummified' finger and blinked. "But it's your ribbon." He protested and looked confused at Solo.

"It's yours. I've got plenty of them at home, don't worry." Solo said, smiling at him.

"You're sure?" Odin asked still hesitating, but continued to stare at the soft ribbon. Though, he raised his head when he heard Solo chuckle.

"Alright! You know what?" Solo's eyes sparked with mischief. "You'll give it back to me later, one day. When I'm not around anymore, you'll have my ribbon to think about me, ok? When you don't need it anymore, just give it back to me. Best friends always do stuff like that, I've seen it on TV."

Odin knew what Solo’s favorite thing to do in his spare time was. Watching TV all day long when he wasn't there with the braided boy. Solo could talk about anime or series for hours and hours, Odin didn't need to watch TV anymore. Solo was there to tell him everything that was on it.

The Japanese boy looked at his friend and raised a brow.

"What? You don't believe me?" Solo pouted.

Odin saw the puppy eyes and the familiar pout. The braided kid was absolutely kawaii. And when Solo folded his arms over his chest, making his face priceless, Odin couldn't help it. He laughed.

Solo's brows furrowed even more. "Odiiiiiin. You're so meannn." He whined.

"Baka! I'm not making fun of you." Odin smiled, the smile that made Solo want to hug him. "It's a deal. One day, I'll give it back to you. Best friends forever?"

Solo entwined his smaller finger with Odin's and shook them. "Forever!" He shouted back happily. Then, the boys returned to play in the garden.


That same night, when he was in his bedroom, Odin removed his "bandage" and replaced it with a real band-aid. He washed the ribbon carefully, but no matter what he did, the blood didn't wash away. Then, he searched in his drawer and took out a purple box. Gently, he placed the ribbon in it and laid it before him on his desk.

With his elbows on his desk and his jaw on his hands, Odin stared at it with a big smile on his lips.

This night, the moon shared a secret with the little boy.

He had found a treasure.

{{ end of flashback }}



Heero lifted the ribbon in front of his eyes. He could almost smell the lavender and honey perfume of Solo's hair. He softly kissed it and sighed. His face relaxed and a smile like the one that night ten years ago took shape on his lips.


It was around 8 pm. Quatre, Trowa and Heero were already sitting down at the table, when Duo arrived in the kitchen bouncing and smiling on his way. The Japanese pilot glanced at him, then went back eating.

"Wufei isn't coming?" Quatre asked.

"He is," the American teen answered while he sat at Wufei's place at the table. He was then, two chairs from Heero. The French and Arabian pilots shared a questioning and surprised look, but didn't say anything.

"So, Trowa. How was your mission?" Quatre asked a bit too cheerfully. The room was becoming too tense for his taste.

"No problem. The infiltration wasn't difficult." The taller teen answered and kept eating calmly.

"Why are you even asking, Quat'?" Duo said between two mouthfuls. "You know damn well Trowa and Heero wouldn't come back without a successful mission. It'd be an injustice!"

"Don't hurt your head with such big word, Maxwell." Wufei said as he entered the kitchen.

"Ah ah ah, very funny Wu."

"You won't laugh for long. We're leaving in two hours. Mission." Wufei scolded him.

"Wait! You and me for a mission?" Duo grinned. "Oh man! It's going to be soooo fun!"

"Maxwell! If you don't behave, I'm going to take my katana with me!" The Chinese boy warned him with a threatening look.

"And I love you too, Wu-chan!" Duo shouted back.

A course followed between the two pilots without one of the other three making a move. With a bit of luck, this mission will give them some quiet…


Three hours later, Heero finished typing his report. Laying back against his chair, he shut his eyes. The house was quiet. Not a sound of running steps, nor laughs.

The silence.

"Hn, when the baka isn't there, it's very obvious."

<Why? Do you miss him?> His mind teasingly asked.

Heero could've heard a snicker after this question. Furious, he got up and left his room. But no matter what, his thoughts brought him back to the evening. He had noticed the braided teen hadn't even looked at him once, and when it was time for Wufei and Duo to leave for the mission, the American boy didn't come as usual to tell him he was going to leave. Heero felt a strange feeling. Deception? Regret? Reproach?

<Iie! I don't have to reproach myself! He should've minded his own business!> He thought, clenching his hands tightly into fists.

<Alright, but what if he dies? You will hate yourself forever.> His mind replied.

Heero didn't answer, but returned to his bedroom and went back to sitting in front of his computer. He quickly hacked into Duo's laptop and found Duo and Wufei's mission.

From the beginning, Heero had felt a bad presentiment. He couldn't say what, but it was the same he felt when he self-destructed with his Gundam. Not a very good presentiment…

He quickly read what he saw on his laptop, when something caught his eyes. His hands began to shake, but he ignored it. He typed another word, and a new window opened on the screen. A name appeared on it.

"KUSO!" Heero shouted, knocking his chair behind him. "It's a trap!"


"Are you really sure it 's an easy mission?" Duo yelled while crushing a Leo.

"Stop complaining, Maxwell! I don't have the time for that!" Wufei said on his visual screen.

"Excuse me, Wu-man, but there's a big difference between ten Leos and one hundred! How could you make a mistake like that?" Duo shouted back, smashing another MS. <Shit!> He thought as he was struck by a Leo. His Gundam was in bad shape. Well, it was a euphemism… there wasn't a place where Deathscythe wasn't injured. And there were still fifty Leo to take care of!

"I don't understand though. The information was clear. Perhaps the professors made a mistake." Wufei said, frowning. He didn't understand either. It started all well. Ten Leos, there weren’t any others in sight. Nothing to worry about. But suddenly, a hundred MS appeared from nowhere, and Wufei and Duo were quickly outnumbered and surrounded.

"It's a trap," Wufei said, grinding his teeth furiously.

"No shit? I won't leave without killing all these fuckers! Nobody fucks with Shinigami." Duo shouted. He was mad! Mad, very mad. If he was going to die, he would fight until his last breath.

Suddenly, three Leos grabbed him and shot him all together. He felt an immense pain on his head, and the last thing he saw, was Shenlong falling after him.


Two hours later the sound of keys clinking woke Duo. His head hurt like hell and he was injured everywhere. <Dammit! Where is the truck who knocked me out? Ouch! My head!> He then heard approaching steps. He raised his tired eyes and saw two black shoes.

"02, what a pleasure to see you again."

Duo felt his heart stop, and his stomach flipped when he heard that voice.

He looked up and saw Commander Henzer smirking at him.