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CHAPTER 7: Confessions


At first, when the sound reached him, it was very far away. But when Heero heard it again, he recognized the familiar sound.

A gunshot.

He immediately opened his eyes, but regretted it soon after. Now, he knew how Duo felt when he had a hangover. He vowed from that moment on to never again scold the braided baka for drinking. Another gunshot made him come back from his daydream and Heero opened his eyes.

Before him, a horde of wolves surrounded them. Half were already dead, shot in the head. He turned his eyes around and saw Duo, a gun in his hand – the only one unwounded - he aimed it at another wolf and fired. A growl of pain was then heard. Heero stared at the American teen and noticed his tired features, how his eyes fought to stay open and how his arms were shaking.

<He's exhausted. He won't be able to kill them all.>

Heero was still against Duo’s chest, the one thing protecting him from the animals while he was unconscious. He could hear Duo's heartbeat racing madly and his rough breath against his ear.


"Take that, assholes!" Duo shouted as he shot again. But nothing came out. The damn gun was empty! "Oh shiiiit!!!" the braided pilot screamed when he saw a wolf jumped toward him.

<It's the end.> He though and shut his eyes.


When he saw Duo short of ammunitions, Heero knew he had to react fast. In a second, he took his gun and shot. The animal fell loudly on the ground. The Japanese boy didn't stop there. He shot the last wolves without wasting one bullet and soon, the only sound was the rapid breath of Duo.

"Duo, daijoubu desu ka?" He asked calmly as he put his gun away.

"Oh my god! I really thought I was going to die." the longhaired teen sighed.

"Hn. Get up, we have to find a place. The night is coming soon." Heero said.

The two stood up slowly, and helping each other, they continued their way through the forest.


When they arrived at an abandoned house, Duo could hardly stand on his feet. During their long, hard hike back to safety, the American teen had tried to stay awake, to not pass out. Heero didn't hesitate to threaten him or shake him each time, Duo's eyes slid shut.

<Someone has really gotta teach this guy how to be gentle. I wouldn't be surprised if I was dead tomorrow.> Duo thought as he laid - or rather collapsed - on the only bed in the house.

The refuge they found wasn't really that old. Heero managed to find two lamps, clean towels and some conserves in the cupboards. There was even water, certainly coming from the town. The people that lived here before must have left, if not even just a few hours ago.

Taking the towels, a container full of hot water and a bottle of alcohol he found in the kitchen, the Japanese pilot sat on the bed. Duo lifted the arm he had laid over his eyes and sat up.

"Oh nonono Mister! You can forget it! You are not touching me, no way in bloody hell! Certainly not after what I saw when you set your leg! I prefer to die, thank you!"

"Shut up, baka!" Heero snapped as he pushed his partner back on the bed. "Move and I'll tie you down. Got it?" he said and sent him his death glare.

Duo groaned, but let Heero have his way. After all, there was still a bullet in Heero's gun.


After one last look, Heero stared at his work.

The American boy was wrapped with bandages on his legs, his stomach and his left arm. With the broken arm, Heero had tried to put it in a splint to immobilize the arm, but knowing Duo, it wouldn't last very long. When he attempted to take out the bullet out from Duo's thigh, it was another matter. Without anesthetic, the brown-haired boy used the only thing within his reach. The bottle of alcohol in other words. Two minutes later, Duo lost consciousness. At least, the braided pilot helped him in doing something… it was easy then to set Duo's ribs back in place.

<Hn. He's as noisy asleep as when he's awake.> the Japanese teen thought while he observed, still sitting on the bed. His partner was sleeping and muttering something softly that Heero couldn't understand. His eyes landed on the milky skin of the braided boy. Heero remembered the look Duo sent him when he ordered him to undress.

<Baka> Heero thought but couldn't help letting a smirk appear on his lips.

Duo had stared at him as if he had grown another head. But when Heero threw his patented death glare, Duo agreed, but only on the condition that Heero not watch. So Heero turned away. The short-haired teen had shrugged and groaned something like "baka" at him.

But now that Heero thought about it, Duo's attitude did seem to be strange. It was like the American boy wanted to hide something from him. Heero shrugged once more, categorizing it as just another one of Duo’s oddities.

Now, he allowed himself to gaze at the young teen without Duo knowing. Heero had to admit the longhaired boy intrigued him more and more. At select times with Duo, he had a ten-year old child before him who kept on pushing him so much, his 'omae o korosu' threat was going to be fulfilled for good. And then suddenly, Heero was with a serious and formidable soldier like in the present day. He didn't understand Duo. It was like he was with someone different each time. And each time, the Japanese pilot wondered which mask was real.

But above all, Heero couldn't prevent himself from thinking about the coincidence between Solo and Duo.

<You're hopeless, Yuy. Stop hoping for the impossible.> Heero lectured himself.

Without noting it, he had laid his hand in Duo's hair, which loosened during their escape.

<So soft… like silk…>


The same stifling heat…

The smoke in which darkened his sight…

And the smell…

Always that smell of dead wood, of ashes… and of burnt flesh.


Someone was calling him.

"Duo, help me!"

Someone was in danger!

He ran as fast as he could. He had to hurry otherwise it would be too late. His eyes got used to the smoke and he could make out something. He slowly put a step forward.


"I'm here. Don't be scared, help is coming soon."

Another step.


His amethyst eyes landed on long brown hair…


Long brown hair and a delicate white hand with long fingers.


He choked back a sob. His words were stuck in his throat.

Green eyes stared at him.

"Help me, Solo."



Duo sat up abruptly, but strong arms put him back firmly on the bed. Breathing heavily, eyes full of sorrow and fear, he stared at Heero while his hands clang on the sheet.

"Duo?" the Japanese teen asked.

"He… Heero," Duo said shakily.

The short-haired teen looked at him attentively. He had never seen Duo with an expression like that. It was like he had seen a ghost.

It was like seeing himself in a mirror.

"A nightmare?" he asked.

Duo stared at him, surprised and suspicious while he breathed more slowly.<What does that mean? Why is he suddenly so concerned? It's like he… cares. Where is the heartless Perfect Soldier who only cares about his missions?> Duo shrugged then stared at the ceiling.

Heero stood up and was about to leave the room when Duo held him back by his arm. The Japanese teen turned around surprised, but only a raise of his eyebrows betrayed it.

"Hum… you know… the bed is enough large for two people and I think the armchair is uncomfortable so…"

Heero didn't say anything, but stayed impassive while the braided boy stammered and turned red crimson.

<Great Duo! He must think you're a baby now. Be a man! You're a gundam pilot for God sake! A nightmare isn't going to scare you, right?>

"Sorry Heero… forget it… huh?"

Duo dropped his conversation there when he saw the short-haired teen pull out his T-shirt, then settled comfortably down near him in the bed.

"Sleep," Heero ordered merely.

"Hum… ok," his confused partner said. He then turned shyly toward the pilot 01. He was looking at the ceiling, an arm on his forehead and the other on his stomach. Duo allowed himself some time to glance at him. After all, it wasn't everyday he could've the gloomy and taciturn Heero Yuy before him.

His chocolate brown hair fell on his forehead everywhere - Duo wondered if he knew what a brush was - but the wounded pilot was surprised himself to have the urge to run his fingers over them and ruffled them even more. The Japanese's tan face contrasted with his cobalt eyes, eyes blue like the sea.

<It's the second time in my life I see eyes like that.> Duo thought sadly.

"I have nightmares too."

Duo blinked again, he couldn't believe his ears. Heero had just shared a confidence with him. < Do I have a concussion in the head too?>

"Sometimes, I relive my childhood," Heero continued with the same detached voice. "When I was a child, there was this boy. I never had friends before. I don't know how or why, but we became friends."

"Where is he now?" Duo whispered softly. He was completely captivated by the Japanese teen's story. He had never seen this side in him. Quiet and almost friendly. Entirely unlike the suicidal and scary Perfect Soldier. On second thought, he preferred this new face much more.

"He's dead," Heero replied and put back his hand over his eyes.

Duo stayed quiet. He understood what Heero felt and clenched his necklace he had put under his pillow when he was changing. Duo then felt a soft sensation on his hair, and when he raised his eyes, he saw Heero playing absent-mindedly with his hair. The braided boy thought that his heart was going to burst, but he kept on looking at the brown-haired pilot.

"You look a lot like him," Heero said, while he continued to caress his gold and brown strands.

"Huh?" Duo said dreamily.

"You have the same long hair, both of you." He then put his arms around Duo's shoulders and shut his eyes. "Now sleep. Tomorrow, we leave early."

Soon after, Duo heard Heero's slow breathing against his ear.

He snuggled more against Heero's chest. He felt secure, protected. Like when he was at home, sheltered. He shut his eyes himself too and smiled.

That night, no nightmare crossed his dreams.