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CHAPTER 6: A hellish day


"Hey guys! Have you seen Heero?"

The five pilots were at one of Quatre's safe houses. The last mission was a success, so they decided to rest a bit.

Well, that's what they intended to do but with Duo Maxwell at home, they wondered if it would've been better to be on a mission. For two days, the American teen went out everywhere and forced them to follow him: to the mall, the beach, which was near the house, the multiple amusement parks… they had done everything. EVERYTHING. Each time, the four pilots came back as worn out as if they had taken on a mission. When they saw Duo come downstairs and join them in the kitchen, they fought back a moan and prepared for the worst.

But when Duo asked for after Heero, their shoulders fell, relieved. If there was someone who could calm down the braided young man, it was the pilot 01. You had to be blind to not notice the way Duo's eyes shone when someone mentioned the Japanese boy's name or when the said boy entered a room where Duo was. But the two boys were so oblivious they didn't see their attraction. Well, that was, if you talked to Duo. But for Heero, it was quite a different matter… Who knew what went on the dangerous teen's head? And none of the other three were suicidal enough to try and find out.

"I think he's in the hangar checking on Wing," Quatre answered.

"Ok! See ya later guys!" Duo shouted happily from the front door.

The three boys let out a sigh, alleviated that they escaped their hyperactive friend this time, then went back to eating their breakfast.


Duo ran, whistling happily on his way toward the hangar. He opened the door and bounced into. His amethyst eyes looked around for the pilot 01 and saw him, sitting on one of his Gundam's arm working hard on some reparation. Duo was sure Heero heard him arrive, but ignored him as if the American boy wasn't there. It wasn't something new. Sometimes, Duo could see how the brown-haired pilot badly wanted to kill him for good. This was when Heero was very irritated and pissed off at him. Not a good memory… rather scary. But it was so funny to tease the blue eyed boy… to see when the silent boy would crack. Although it was painful too… the longhaired teen had lost the number of times and his braid had paid for it.

"Hey, Heero!"

The called boy disregarded him and continued working on his Gundam. Duo shrugged and stood before Wing. The longhaired teen then raised his eyes. "Heeroo! Want some help?"

"Leave me alone, baka. Go annoy someone else." Heero answered without looking down at the braided boy’s face.

"And that's how he thanks me for trying to be helpful," Duo muttered. He sighed, feigning hurt, and jumped on Wing as agile as a cat. Heero straightened up immediately and glared murderously at his partner.

"Get off of my Gundam now and I won't kill you." Heero said very very slowly.

Duo answered him by smirking tauntingly. He sat on the other Gundam's arm as if he didn't have a deadly threat over his head.

"Wow! You've a great view there!" Duo shouted while he ignored the other.

"DUO!" Heero snapped.

The braided boy pouted, then clinged to Wing with his thin legs and he hung upside down. His braid began to swing back and forth like a pendulum.

During this acrobatic show, Heero felt his heart race more than once, as he saw the dangerous movement of the American boy. Since he knew the excited and unpredictable pilot 02, he was ready for anything. But sometimes, the braided baka succeeded to even make him lose his calm. Like now for example.

<Stop being an idiot, Yuy! He's just a baka!>

So Heero kept on glaring daggers at Duo. "Fine! What do you want, Duo?" He spat out angrily.

The American boy smirked again, knowing he had won. "Just to let you know we have a mission and that we have to go in an hour."

This time, Heero really wanted to kill the braided baka! All this wasting time to tell him that they had a mission! He saw Duo doing an impossible loop then land on his feet gracefully. The American boy looked back at him.

"Well, that's all! Wow, I'm shocked! I got out of it without dying by your hand! Amazing. I must be lucky today!" And then, he left running and bouncing on his way.

When he didn't hear Duo's step anymore, Heero went back to work without noticing the smile on his own lips.


[OZ base]

Perhaps it wasn't his lucky day after all…

Yet it all started so well. Heero managed to load all the necessary files while Duo set the explosives everywhere in the base. When the boys decided to leave, they waved a mocking goodbye as the camera that they forgot to shut down triggered the alarm. It yelled its alert as they attempted to book it out of there.

So they were now here, handcuffed and tied up, with soldiers surrounding them - ten at least. Of course, OZ welcomed the boys - though their "welcome" was a bit different from what Duo used to show with his friends - by some very painful kicks and punches. But even then, the two pilots were still standing on their feet. They weren't the most wanted terrorists in space for nothing!

"I'll say it one last time. Tell me where the other pilots are and who gives you orders… then I’ll spare you." A tall, brown-haired man, who was probably the commander of their interrogation, said.

Duo thought the man was ugly, particularly with his way of holding his nose. It was like seeing a wolf sniffing his prey. Heero didn't even beat an eyelash. He just sent his most murderous death glare.

Exasperated and exhausted after three hours without answers, the commander Henzer grabbed Heero by his hair and ground his teeth: "Don't push me too far, kid."

"Omae o Korosu," Heero smirked.

The next moment, the Japanese teen was bent under the pain. The two soldiers who held him, with a nod of their chief, had punched him, but even then, the pilot didn't even let out a cry of pain.


"STOP!" Duo screamed furious. "Leave him alone, you bastards!"

Duo wanted to beat these assholes senseless until they begged for mercy, then, he wanted to tear each of their limbs off until there wasn't a part recognizable. But a glare from Heero ordered him to not move and stay quiet.

Henzer turned toward Duo. The braided boy didn't look so stupid in fact. When his men captured them, the kid kept talking and joking until no one could stand him any longer. But even with the threat of death, the irritating pilot kept annoying everyone. It was only when his comrade ordered him to stop, he did.

<Well well. It seemed there's more between them then friendship. How cute!…>

The commander walked near the American boy, stopping only few centimeters from his face. Duo held back a disgust shiver.

"Listen to me, you two. If you don't answer immediately, it's you pretty boy who will have a bad time of it," he told to Duo.

He saw then out of the corner of his eyes the back of the Japanese pilot stiffen. <I knew it.>

A skin-crawling chuckle was heard suddenly. Surprised, Henzer turned back toward the longhaired boy. The kid kept on laughing, his back bent with tears in his eyes, as if it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. The man couldn't prevent to shiver at this odd comportment. But when he met the boy's eyes, Henzer nearly stepped back. Those eyes! They were emotionless, cold like ice.

"Oh man! That was priceless! I'm going to die laughing," Duo said while he took his breath. "Listen man, we have to put things straight. Shinigami doesn't fear anything, not even death, got it? A stupid moron like you certainly won’t change that."

"Duo!" Heero shouted angrily.

But the two men ignored him and kept on staring at each other.

"Shinigami, hum? The God of Death, isn't it?" Henzer smiled darkly. The boy had a lot of guts. He was starting to like him. "Let's check and see if what you say is true."


During the next two following hours, Duo could've sworn he was placed in a milk-shaker. The punches fell everywhere.

<Boys don't cry.>

He hardly felt the blood flowing from his lips as a kick hit his chest.

<Boys don't cry.>

The only thing that kept him standing and a smile on his lips was the knowledge Heero was watching him. He could feel his cobalt eyes on him. The short-haired teen couldn't do a thing to help him, but it was enough for Duo. His only presence made him forget the pain.

<Boys don't cry.>

Ten more minutes… ten more minutes and they'd leave him alone. He could then lay down his left arm, which seemed to be at an odd angle.

<Boys don't cry.>

He strangely felt his eyes burn. Must be some dust…


The door cell shut again ten minutes later. He could've sworn ten hours had passed. Strange how time could be longer than it really is sometimes, ne? Leaning back against the wall, he let his eyes shut. He forced himself to breathe slowly and tried to move his left arm. Impossible.

<Great! Fucking great! It must be broken. How am I going to use my gun, now?>

At this thought, he burst out laughing.

<Yeah, very funny Duo. If they kill us, you could still use it in hell. Hahaha.>

He kept on laughing, more and more hysterical.

"Shut up, Duo."

The braided boy recognized the voice of Heero at his right. He opened his eyes. His brown-haired partner was still handcuffed but he could stand unlike him. He examined quickly Duo's bruises then his arm.

"Itaiiii!" Duo yelled when he felt like his arm was tearing in two.

"It's broken," Heero stated without lifting a brow.

"No, really? I didn't notice. I knew that before you grabbed it, genius. They did a good job, those bastards!"

"Why didn't you stay quiet?" Heero scolded. He was watching him as if he was trying to understand his motive.

Duo shrugged, too tired for a long explanation. "I couldn't watch and let them beat you."

"But it's you who took all the beatings. It was stupid." Heero replied logically.

"Yeah. I must be stupid. Duo no baka." He then leant back against the wall once more and shut his eyes. "Baka," he heard faintly. The American boy smiled. Suddenly, he was shaken senseless. He snapped open his eyes abruptly. "Hey! Are you crazy? I'm hurt, you know!" Duo protested furiously.

"If you slept, you'd black out," Heero replied coldly.

"I don't fucking care! And anyway, we're already dead meat, so…" Duo shrugged, he didn't have to explain the situation.

"We are not staying here," Heero said firmly.

"Yeah, find a way out there. For me, I'm not going anywhere. I can't even move my arm." The bruised pilot commented tiredly. In fact, if Heero could escape, he would feel better. He didn't like the idea of them dying together. Him, he didn't care but Heero… no! And above all, he was injured. The Japanese young man wouldn't embarrass himself with a burden. So, Duo was sure Heero would be able to escape successfully.

"Baka!" Heero repeated again.

Duo perceived anger in his voice. He opened his eyes, surprised. It was Heero after all. Mr. cold heartless bastard Yuy. Duo stared at him, shocked.

"Baka baka baka!" Heero repeated again and again as he took Duo's face between his hands. It wasn't a gentle gesture, rather rough in fact, but Duo didn't pay attention. What he saw in the Japanese boy 's eyes was strange to him. Duo had never seen this look in Heero's eyes. They seemed to be… haunted.

"We will get out of here together, you hear me? But if you sleep now, it's me who's going to kill you!"

Duo didn't answer, much too surprised to find a word. His heart was beating madly, but he didn't know why. He bent his head to hide the emotion which could've been read in his eyes, then without a word, laid his head against Heero's shoulder. The pilot of Wing let him, and they then stayed still, watching the darkness surround them.


<Faster! Faster!> His mind urged him.

Duo turned back and saw the soldiers ten meters behind them. He straightened his hold around Heero's waist and arms and kept running faster.

This morning, after their second interrogation, the two pilots had found a way to escape the base. They had knocked out their guards and had run as fast as they could.

But their luck began to abandon them. First, he had to rely only on himself. Heero had fainted five minutes sooner, thanks to OZ's soldiers - Duo was pretty sure the brown-haired pilot had a concussion - and so the braided teen had to drag him along. Secondly, he didn't know where this forest leaded them. He thought that in entering it, they could lose their pursuers, but the shouts and gunfire behind them told him the opposite. And thirdly, he was in pain everywhere.

So to sum up it all, they were screwed.

Travelling his purple eyes around him, Duo chose his right. Breath short, eyes burning and forehead sweating, he forced himself to keep on going.

<Duo, come on! Think about what is waiting for you. Trowa will cook for you, Quatre will prepare a hot bath and you will be able to listen with all of your heart at Wuwu and Heero yelling at each other. Isn't that great?>

A shot echoed and then, he felt an unbearable pain at his thigh.


Suddenly, his feet skipped over something and he fell with Heero in his arms. Another pain at his sides made him screamed before he reached the ground.

<Oh great! G-R-E-A-T! I now have broken ribs!>

He stopped his breathing when he heard the soldiers pass above them, then the silence came once more. Letting a relieved sigh escape his lips, Duo leaned against the tree behind them and looked around. It seemed that their weary selves fell on a hill. But still, a lot of grass and trees stood everywhere. At least, they were out of danger.

Duo pulled Heero back against his chest, promising himself to get up after some rest, when he heard some growls at his left.

"Oh fucking shit…"

Before him, a family of wolves stood staring at them hungrily.