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CHAPTER 5: Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell


[AC 195 - Earth]

This night was beautifully star-filled. No clouds darkened the sky and any given person could see the constellations of Zodiac shining proudly. But this breathtaking sight went unseen for the pilot 01, Heero Yuy. He had a mission, any orders he was given, he was to finish them no matter what happened.

He was standing on a platform and planned to destroy his Gundam. He would not let OZ lay their hands on Wing and if it lead him to destroy his Gundam, he would do it. There were still ten minutes left before OZ suspected something. He had to hurry.

Suddenly, a blond-haired girl in blue dress appeared before him.

"Heero, what are you doing? Why did you leave the party so abruptly?"

The Japanese teen ignored her and kept typing on his laptop. What was she doing here? Didn't she see he didn't have time to waste with her petty questions? This girl - Relena? - always seemed to follow him wherever he went. He didn't know why, but she was starting to annoy him. The first time, she surprised him on the beach and saw his face. He should have killed her, she had seen the face of a Gundam pilot after all, but at that same time, people arrived. All chances to shoot her dead were inevitably halted. He'd not miss the next chance.

"You shouldn't be here, Relena." He said as he raised his gun and clicked off the safety. "Omae o Korosu."


* BANG *


<Shit!> Heero took his bleeding hand in the other. That fucking hurt! One moment, he was holding his gun, and the next he was dropping it.

"Hey, are you okay, lady?" A young voice said.

Heero raised his eyes, furious even if he didn't show it. Before him stood a slender figure in a fighting stance aiming a gun toward him. Heero could only see blackness, but from what he could make out, they seemed to be the same height - well, perhaps the Japanese teen was a bit taller.

<You think you've already won, you're an idiot!> Heero thought and with a move as fast as a cat, he jumped for his gun…

…but was shot again on his leg.

<Kuso! Who the hell is this guy?!!>

Heero couldn't believe it! Someone managed to shoot him twice! Him, the Perfect Soldier!


"Stop it! That's enough!" Relena screamed, as she stood before him with her hands wide open.

"What?! I save the girl and I'm the bad guy? I cant' believe it!" the boy that Heero recognized by his husky voice said, stunned.

Heero was as surprised as him. This girl was crazy. Twice, he tried to kill her but what did she do instead of fleeing as far away from him as possible, she protected him against an armed stranger!

Now, he could see a black shirt with a white collar. <A priest?> He thought dumbfounded. But he had just a few seconds to be surprised when he saw two Gundams come out of the sea, one entirely black and Wing. The brown-haired teen immediately remembered his mission. He jumped toward the controls and pressed a red button. Missiles were sent.

An explosion threw him out of the boat in the sea. He heard a scream - from the boy apparently. He'd have loved to see his face. <Take that for shooting me, baka!> He thought satisfied before he blacked out.


[Hospital somewhere on Earth. Reanimation.]

<I'm in deep shit.>

Heero couldn't have found a better way to sum up the situation. He was in the hands of his enemy, attached and monitored. For now, he feigned to be unconscious. He had slowed down his heartbeat and his pulse seemed normal. Doctor J could be proud of his pilot. Now, he had to find a way to escape. But how?

Suddenly, an explosion was heard right across the building. On his right, a screen switched on. He saw a boy, that same boy. His face was hidden by his cap and a slight hint of white showed on his collar.

Only a beat of his eyelashes betrayed the surprise he tried to repress. Otherwise, he stayed calm and inscrutable. He noticed then the boy moving his lips.

* I'm sure a guy who can slow down his pulse can read on my lips. Surprised to see me, huh? Don't move, I'll take care of everything! *

<Couldn't he do something instead of speaking for nothing> Heero thought annoyed. A thought then crossed his mind at that. A picture came in front of his eyes.


Chestnut brown hair,

Amethyst eyes who stared at him tenderly.


Heero dismissed that memory quickly. The time wasn't fitted to think about it. He felt his bonds loosened and he immediately stood up. The boy handed him a parachute and the two jumped out of the building.

It was then his memory came back again. Here was his chance to forget all about the war and reunite with the one he had never forgotten. If he wanted, all of this would end. No more Perfect Soldier, no more blood to add to his hands, no more haunted memories that he'd had every night for the past eight years.

He could be with Solo again.



Relena's scream made his eyes snap open and he released his parachute. His fall was inevitable, but he managed to make it without damage. He stood up immediately and let his eyes land on the sea.

At the last moment, he chose to live. Relena's scream reminded him that he had a mission to accomplish. Bring back peace on Earth and the colonies. But above all, realize his promise.


{{ flashback }}

On colony L1, Odin watched the news with a look of disbelief. Before his eyes, pictures of L2 followed one after another and all described the same: the city in the East of the colony had just been erased. No survivors was found.

Solo's city.

<Nononono! It isn't true! It's only been two days since I left him. It's not true! They are lying!>

But the pictures could only show the truth. There wasn't anything left. OZ did a good job. There was nothing but ashes and dust.

Odin felt his eyes burn and soon, tears fell from them. He let them drop. He couldn't have stopped them anyway. He squeezed his violet box against him and burst into tears. If Odin Lowe would've arrived, he would have been surprised that he was in this state and would've reproached him for being weak. Well, he could go to hell!

His eyes, this time harsh and determined, landed on the screen.

<Solo, I promise you that from this day forward, I'll win this war for you. You who showed so much love for the colonies. I will fight for you.>

{{ end flashback }}


Heero came out of his daydream when he heard the boy call him.

"Hey, man! What were you trying to do, get yourself killed? Not using your parachute, you're crazy, I swear."

Heero turned around and for the first time, he could see beyond the shadows, the mysterious boy.

In his black clothes again with the white collar - Heero ended up thinking he was a priest. The boy was a bit smaller than himself, he observed. His skin was white like ivory. He seemed to be not quite as strong and less muscular than his self, rather slim, but definitely not weak. The Japanese teen rested his cobalt eyes on the heart-shaped face with the plump cheeks, the pinkish lips and the bright amethyst eyes.


Heero blinked. That was when he saw a long-brown braid with strands of gold.

<A braid?>

When the boy supported him before he collapsed with exhaustion, Heero let the boy help him. He was too exhausted to refuse - or to think about this new problem.


Later, Heero went on his laptop to find who that boy named as Duo Maxwell was.

What he found, diminished the last glimmer of hope that had been reborn in his heart.


NAME: Duo Maxwell


AGE: 15


INFORMATION: a war orphan took in by a church, the Maxwell Church. Disciple of professor G in AC-188. Pilot of DeathScythe


The colony L-0B45OWT was at the most depths of the colonies, and the Maxwell Church really existed. Duo seemed to have taken that name for his self after he left the church and followed the professor G… And Maxwell was a common name. After reading the rapport of G, the boy was as dangerous as he was in fight. No, nothing similar to the kind and innocent small kid he had known. <It's not him, Yuy. Solo is dead. D-E-A-D.> Switching off his laptop, Heero closed his eyes. His hand landed on a purple box. He opened it. Inside was a silky ribbon that was the same color as Solo's eyes.

Soon, Heero fell asleep, clenching the ribbon tightly in his hands.