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CHAPTER 4: Sayonara


What happened then went so entirely quick, that no one could comprehend or remember the outcome of that day. There was only one sure thing. It all began with OZ armies' first deployment. The colony L2 was in the hands of the Alliance. Rebels and attacks broke out more and more. The population, scared, helpless and insecure, didn't know what to do anymore.

During this chaos, children like Solo kept living their lives as if nothing had happened. They were too young to understand and so they stuck to their faith even when the world was coming down around them.


Solo was happy. He had just bought a jam pot and some flour, and when he came back home, Helen promised him she would make a cake.

<I'll call Odin. I'm sure he'll like it!>

Laughing and swinging his bag back and forth, he kept walking, his heart full of joy, as the braided boy thought about seeing his friend.

Suddenly, a rumble began, making the ground tremble. Gusts of wind swooped from behind Solo, making his braid swing in his face. Dirt flew up all around him as he was brusquely projected to the pavement.

"What the…"

He got up, grabbed his bag then ran to the origin of the tremor. His heart was beating more and more strongly in his chest as his steps leaded him nearer and nearer.

<It's mom who will yell at me when she'll see I'm dirty everywhere again.> Solo thought while he ran faster.

Smoke and fire flew in the sky. There were ashes and dust all around the small boy.

<It's funny. There's so much smoke I can't see my house.>

His mind knew the truth, but the braided child refused to listen to himself and kept walking closer. His eyes landed on a painting representing his mother, him and his father who died two years ago. Solo then let a silent cry escape his mouth. Around him, people screamed, cars sounded their horns' but he couldn't hear them. He was like deaf. All he could hear was the beating of his heart. Everything else was a mere pulse.

He moved forward, as if he knew where he had to go. And there, while rocks fell from the sky and dust skated against the floor, a body lay unmoving. Under the debris, Solo saw the person who had the greatest impact on his life, Helen Maxwell.

This time, he didn't hold back his cry as he kneeled down in front of his mother.

"Mommy! Mommy! Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

<Idiot! Don't you see she's bleeding everywhere and burnt?> His mind said.

<No no, look! She isn't bleeding anymore! And help's coming soon! It's gonna be ok! It's gonna be ok!> He repeated to himself.

When she heard her son's cries, Helen opened her eyes slowly.

"Solo…" she said softly.

The boy, relieved to see her eyes opened, let a sigh escaped his shaky lips. <For a second, I thought mommy was…>

Helen stared lovingly at her son. He was so beautiful… His longs chestnut hair was now up to his waist. When he ran, his braid had loosened and some strands were surrounding him like a gold cape.

Now, her little son would have to learn to braid it himself.

Laying a hand on his cheek, she smiled with that smile only mothers gave for their children. "Solo, mommy is going to leave. Mommy is going to see daddy."

"NO! You promised me we'll always stay together! You promised, mommy!" Solo said as he fought back a sob angrily. His tears blurred his eyes and he wiped them away quickly.

"Shhh… what are these? You know boys don't cry, don't you? Remember what your daddy told you." Helen smiled as she stroked his hair. Solo nodded and sniffled more calmly. "Promise me something, Solo. Promise you will always be my good and innocent little boy I have always known."

"I… I promise mommy," the small child choked.

Helen smiled one last time then closed her eyes… forever.

"Mommy…? Mommy?"

He shook her again and again, but his mommy didn't answered. She just kept smiling as if she was sleeping peacefully.

<Nononononono! Don't leave me mommy!>



"We must leave now, Odin. We don't have any more time. Soldiers are going to be there in few minutes."

"But I can't leave him like that!" Odin shouted desperately as he stared at the small form who was kneeled in front of Helen Maxwell.

"You can't do anything. OZ attacked this city. There are victims. Unfortunately, it happened. If you don't want to end up like them, then we must leave."

"But…" the blue eyed boy protested. His heart hurt as he saw his Solo so deep in sorrow. The braided boy's eyes had lost their light in which used to shine so brightly. He seemed so lost, so lonely in the middle of flames and ashes. Oh! How Odin wanted to run to him and take him in his hands! Just like how Solo did the other time with him.

"Odin, you are a soldier. You know our mission isn't finished. A soldier must finish his mission no matter what happens."

Odin nodded. He couldn't do anything. Lowe would not let him. The Japanese boy clenched his fists, then put his bag on his shoulder. The older man nodded satisfied, grabbed his keys and ordered the child to follow him.

Odin Junior glanced once more time at his best friend. Suddenly, his hand went around his neck and undid his necklace. At its end, sparkling in the tiny sunlight that could be seen through the vast destruction, a long, argent cross dangled. He put it down on a close by letterbox where he was sure Solo would find it, then taking his bag in one hand and a purple box in the other, he left without turning back.


Two days later, the city was erased from the colony by a giant explosion.