AUTHOR: sara-chan sara_chanfr@yahoo.fr

PAIRINGS: 1x2, hints of 3x4

WARNINGS: Yaoi, angst, lemony later, AU

DISCLAIMERS: Gundam Wing is the only property of Sunrise and Bandai.

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CHAPTER 3: Promise


Today was the ideal day to fish. Much like yesterday, it was nice out. This time though, it wasn't so hot that you couldn't go outside and enjoy it. Taking his fishing rod and his basket, Solo bounced happily toward Odin's house.

He wondered if his friend was working again. Since they'd met three months ago, they became good friends. In the beginning, Solo was always stalking and talking to him and he got the impression he wasn't being heard. Then, much to both of their surprise, they ended up in the same school and that suited Solo perfectly.

He gave himself a mission: to become Odin's friend. He didn't know why but he was attracted to the silent boy. His coldness, his way of always being alone intrigued him. When Solo looked into his eyes, he saw a boy, who felt lonely and who only wanted to be loved and understood. That's when he realized that it wasn't so intriguing anymore. Little by little, thanks to Solo's persuasion, stubbornness and perseverant attitude, the braided kid noticed that the Japanese boy actually did listen and even took part in the conversation. Without saying or showing it, Odin made him understand that he was accepted as his friend. Solo didn't have to say anything either, the ease between them was recognized without words. Since then, they became inseparable.

Ringing the doorbell, Solo waited patiently for someone to open the door. When the door opened, the little boy bounced happily.

"Odin? Are you ready? Come on, hurry!"

Odin, or rather the shadow you could see behind the door, said: "I can't go out today. Sorry Solo."

The violet eyed boy blinked.

"Why? It's a great day! See? The sun is shining! It's the perfect day to fish!"

Solo heard the Japanese boy sigh.

"I'm not feeling good today, that's all," Odin replied with the same calm voice. "We'll see tomorrow, ok?" He wanted to shut the door but Solo put his foot to wedge the door open.

"Eh! What's up Odin? You weren't sick yesterday! Something isn't right! Talk to me Odin!"

Solo could see Odin was hiding something. The blue eyed boy wasn't looking at him and his voice was more low than usual. Solo began to panic. Something wasn't right with Odin and the longhaired kid intended to find out what it was. He abruptly pushed open the door and then had a clear vision. What he saw made him speechless.

Odin was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. But what the clothes couldn't hide were the bruises, red marks and cuts still not closed that covered the tanned and tender boy's face. They were everywhere. On his face, on his arms and certainly on his back with the way he was leaned over. His lips were a bit cut and swollen like his cheeks.

"O…Odin," Solo whispered in disbelief.

The brown-haired boy looked away. It was what Odin didn't want him to see. He had finally found someone who understood him, who showed him what it was to be a child. He, who had fallen into the adults' world so soon, and now he had to lose him. He felt ashamed of his appearance, of himself. He didn't want to lose his friend. Refusing to prolong this visit anymore, Odin tried to shut the door once more when Solo caught his hand.

"Odin!" Solo shouted, his voice afraid. "What happened? Did you get in a fight or what?"

<No idiot! It's not like Odin to make trouble! It couldn't have happened at school because it's the holidays and he hasn't been with anyone but me. >

Who could have done that to his friend? If he found out who, they would be very sorry. So he was small and he didn't fight as well as Odin. So what? No one touched his Odin!

"Who did that?" Solo asked eerily calm, as his eyes shone with rage.

Odin looked at him, surprised to see such an emotion in his happy and kind friend. <Why is he furious?>

It was then that he noticed the shining sparkle he mistook for a reflection of the sun was in fact a tear…

Solo's eyes were full of tears!

<Solo! He's crying! I don't understand…>

Laying his hand against the longhaired boy's cheek, Odin caught a tear between his fingers and stared at it as if he was hypnotized.

"You…you are crying. Why?"

"Baka! How do you want me to react when I see my best friend beaten to death!" Solo shouted while his tears dropped again and again along his cheeks.

He suddenly took Odin in his arms and buried his face against his friend's chest. The Japanese boy, surprised, didn't stop him. He could feel Solo's shoulders shake and Solo's arms tightened around him, as if the braided boy didn't ever want to let him go. Without comprehending why he did it, Odin returned his embrace and tightened more the small boy against him.

He didn't feel his own tears dropping along his cheeks. The only thing he felt was Solo's arms wrapped around him… it was all that mattered anyway.


"Tell me who did that to you." Solo asked later.

They were on a hill, a place they decided three months ago to be their secret place. Solo insisted on taking care of his wounds, and so the two laid on the grass near an oak tree, Odin on his back and Solo on his stomach with his chin on his palms. The braided boy's look was implacable, Solo wanted an answer and he wanted now.

"My tutor." Odin sighed.

Solo knew Odin was adopted by a man named Odin Lowe. He had seen him two or three times when he was waiting for Odin to go to school. The man was tall, with brown hair and always wearing nice clothes. He seemed to never be at home. Solo didn't know what his job was, but he was pretty sure Odin helped his tutor sometimes because he had seen them once leaving together in their car bringing long bags with them.

Solo didn't like Odin Lowe. The cold man's glare made him shudder, but now, he hated him. How could he beat his friend? Wasn't he like his father?

"But why?" Solo asked furious.

The Japanese boy looked away. "He wasn't pleased with my work so he punished me. And he's right. I wasn't paying attention. In this job, you mustn't make any mistakes."

"But it's crazy!" Solo shouted indignantly. "You're only seven! You aren't an adult! If he wants someone to help him, why doesn't he ask someone else?!"

He didn't want to know what they'd now. The blue-eyed boy would only ignore him and just look at him sadly. And seeing his friend like that, his eyes full of sorrow and loss, was unbearable for him.

"And he reproached me for becoming weak. He things you are a liability for me. He wanted me to stop seeing you." Odin said, fists balled so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. "But this time, I refused and you can easily guess what happened after."

Odin could remember how furious he had been when his tutor said that. This time, he would not let the man win. He didn't want to sacrifice Solo for his tutor. Solo was the only pure and perfect thing that he had left. Suddenly, Odin felt Solo's small hands on him. The braided boy was on top of him, blocking the ray of sunshine from reaching him.

"Odin," Solo said softly and smiled, the smile that made the short-haired boy forget all his worries and make him happy. Yeah, if he had to fight for this angel, Odin would do it.

"I will never hurt you, never. I will always be your friend," Solo said.

Odin nodded. No words were needed between them. They understood each other.


Solo stared at his friend, who was laying on the grass. He seemed to be better and Solo wanted to reassure Odin, but he didn't know how. His eyes fell on the bruises that covered Odin's thin face and then he knew.

Slowly, he bent his own face and softly, touched his lips against Odin's.


Odin's eyes snapped open and they seemed to pop out of his head. They then met Solo's long eyelashes.

<Hey! I didn't notice he had such long eyelashes. They are pretty.>

Solo's warm and soft lips against his were like a caress. It was only chaste and innocent kiss but the two boys' heart beat madly. Odin wanted to keep the braided boy against him, but Solo sat back. He looked at the Japanese boy, a bit uncertain but always with that same kind smile. Odin stared back, puzzled, then smiled again. And that smile… Solo would do anything if only to see it again.

"Mommy has always told me to kiss where it hurt and that it would hurt less." the violet-eyed boy said pointing at Odin's cut lips.

"Oh," the brown-haired said, blushing suddenly without any reason.

Solo grinned, feeling a bit awkward himself. Then he laid again next to Odin and naturally cuddled against the Japanese boy.

"Odin?" Solo's soft voice said from the other boy's neck.

"Hum?" Odin replied dreamily. He felt perfectly well and didn't want this moment to stop.

"When we grow up, I'm gonna marry you!" Solo said.

Odin blinked. He stared at the braided kid then burst out laughing. "I don't think it's possible," he said amused. "We are two boys, you know."

"I don't care!" Solo replied stubbornly and pouted. "Then we'll never be separated."

Odin smiled and tightened his embrace.

"Ok, when we grow up, I'll come to find you on my white horse and we'll get married." Odin said more seriously than his amused voice could pretend.

"You promise?" Solo asked.

"Yeah, I promise."


The breeze rose covering the two boys in its warm embrace. Soon, the two children fell asleep in each other's arms.

This day will remain in their hearts as the happiest moment of their young lives.