AUTHOR: sara-chan sara_chanfr@yahoo.fr

PAIRINGS: 1x2, hints of 3x4

WARNINGS: Yaoi, angst, lemon later, AU

DISCLAIMERS: Gundam Wing is the only property of Sunrise and Bandai.

And now, on to the fic!


CHAPTER 2: Presentation


Solo took some time to watch the boy before him while trying to regain his breath. A bit taller than him, dark-brown hair and tanned skin. He seemed to be a foreigner… an Asian? < maybe … > Solo smiled again and offered his hand.

"Hi! It's you, I saw you yesterday, didn't it? I'm Solo and you? What's your name?" he said in a breath.

The boy glared at him coldly without managing to answer him.

"Huh?" The braided boy blinked, confused. "Do you understand?" <Maybe not .>

Thinking back about some movies he saw on TV, Solo motioned his hand at the space between them, "Me, Solo… and you?"

"Shut up, you idiot! I'm not stupid!" the boy answered harshly. "Go back to your house and don't ever come back here."

With that, the blue-eyed boy left. Solo stood there for two minutes, stunned and speechless. He had just met him for the first time in his young life and he couldn't believe someone was showing him hostility, coldness and indifference. His joyous nature and easy going personna made people always nice toward him, but this boy was acting differently.

His curiosity awoke again and, before leaving, he turned toward the house with the blue shutters one last time.



The sun was shining brightly in the sky and breeze looked perfect, not quite enough to make you cold, but just enough to make its presence known. No clouds were showing their troublesome faces today. It was a perfect day to take a walk outside.

Two cobalt eyes stared at the sky by the living-room window, considering between the pros and the cons. After one minute of reflection, he picked up his jacket and left.

The blue eyed boy breathed in the cool breeze which blew on his face and sighed contently. The wind played with his dark hair, making it more tousled and stormy then before. He walked down to the porch and opened the gate. As he closed it behind himself, he planned to walk along the street peacefully when something caught his eye.

Or rather someone.

Ten meters before him stood the kid with the funny braid. <Solo> he thought, remembering the boy's name. When he saw him for the first time by his bedroom window, he thought Solo was a girl. However, when he heard his voice, he corrected his mistake. Never in his life had he ever met someone as energetic and excitable as this boy. This attitude astounded him.

Looking back at the braided boy, he saw bubbles flying to the sky around Solo. <Bubbles?> he thought.

The kid seemed to blow into some tube, place it back in its bottle and then blow again until another bubble successfully popped out.

<Strange…> Puzzled, he approached until he was two feet from the kid.


Two hours passed since Solo sat there on the sidewalk blowing bubbles, but he was already bored. <It's not fun when you play alone!> he thought, pouting. He blew once more on the tube, but with less conviction and then his amethyst eyes met two sneakers. <Huh?>

"What are you doing?" a deep, cold voice asked.

"KYAAAAAAA!!!" Solo yelled while jumping.

Before him stood the boy from the previous day. Solo sat back, breathing more slowly.

"Hey! Hasn't anyone ever told you it's impolite to surprise people like that?" Solo asked, using one of his mother's sentences, which the most of the time was addressed to him.

The brown-haired boy didn't reply. He just smirked.

"Eh! It's not funny, you know! " Solo pouted, but he'd never had a bad mood more than five seconds, so he smiled again and moved a bit. " Sit, I'll show you!"

The short-haired boy shrugged and sat near him.

"You've never blown bubbles?" Solo asked dumbfounded.

"No," the boy answered simply.

"Jeez! And I thought I was bored! You have to try it, it's great!" the braided kid said, excited again. "Wait a minute, I've got another one."

He brought out another bottle from his bag and offered it to his neighbor.

"Here! Take the tube and stick it in the bottle. Then you blow. The trick, it's to make the biggest bubble you can, but I can't do it. For a first timer, you wouldn't be able to…" The pretty faced boy said, trailing off in a matter-of-fact tone.

Solo stopped dead when he saw a bubble as big as his hand going out of the boy's tube. His face was plastered with astonishment and his eyes were as wide as saucers.

"How… how did you? I've been spending an hour here trying and you…"

The brown-haired boy smirked, this time amused.

"Hn," he answered.

Solo pouted. "Very funny." Then his eyes sparked with playful revenge. He went back plunging his tube in his bottle but this time, he blew it on his neighbor's face. The other boy blinked surprised.

<Why did he do that? Is he trying to get me mad?">

But when he saw the mischief in Solo's eyes, he calmed down.

<No baka! He's just teasing you.> His mind answered.

<Huh?> Odin blinked. <Oh ok! So he's teasing me, ne?>

So to get back at Solo, he sent a bubble in which exploded in the braided boy's face. By then, a bubble war followed between the two children. Their laughs went on all the day.


Later, the time to go home arrived.

"I have to go. Mom is going to set the table." Solo said as he stood up. His hair was a wet mess, but his eyes kept the same mischievous light.

"Hn," the short-haired boy answered while looking his neighbor sorting out his bag.

He had never spent a day like today. He hadn't played and enjoyed himself ever. In fact, he had never played. Today, with Solo, he learned to laugh and play like all the other seven-year old children. It was a new experience, but immensely amusing… he had to admit. And all of this, thanks to Solo.

<Oh crap! Mom is going to be soooo mad! I didn't see the time go by!> Solo thought.

<Yeah but see how amusing it was! It was worth it, wasn't it?> His mind replied.

<Yeah that's right! I've never had a better day! It was better than playing with Ken!> the braided boy smiled at that thought.

Suddenly, he heard his neighbor talking to him.


"What?" Solo said looking at him.

"Odin, my name is Odin," the brown-haired boy said before leaving.

Solo froze, stunned that he even attempted to share his name. He blinked a few times to let the realization hit.

"Odin…" he said softly.