AUTHOR: sara-chan

PAIRINGS: 1x2, hints of 3x4

WARNINGS: Yaoi, angst, lemon later, AU

DISCLAIMERS: Gundam Wing is the only property of Sunrise and Bandai.

Notes: One thing before we start. I'm French, so you couldn't have read this fic without the help of Page Karasu. She's done a lot. I think you could not have understood a word if I'd sent you my first version. So my big thanks to PK, you're the boss!!! If some of you can read in French, go on! I've others fics there.

And now, on to the fic!


CHAPTER 1: New neighbors


"Mommyyyyyyyyy! I'm going!"

Helen Maxwell shuddered. With a cry like that, he could have woken up the whole world.

"Have you taken your scarf?" she asked him, as she walked from the kitchen. Her son stopped before rushing out and looked back, his habitual smile on his lips.

"Yeaaaah mommy!" he said, bouncing back and forth.

Helen chuckled as she eyed this vibrant boy who was her son. At seven, he was already a smart and responsible kid but that wouldn’t keep him from getting into mischief.

"Wait a minute, Solo" she added, as she frowned and approached him.

She kneeled down before her son and took a brush out of a nearby drawer so she could brush the boy's silken hair. Solo's hair was always a magnificent sight. His chestnut hair ran long down his back and it looked as though the sun had streaked it with gold. Her hair only ran mid-length and was a common shade of brown. Solo's hair was waist length and braided most of the time to prevent others from teasing him. His hairstyle often got him mistaken for a pretty girl with big bright eyes, a heart-shaped face and pouty pinkish lips. So everyone who saw him couldn't walk by without pinching his cheeks and kissing him, as he was so cute and full of life.

"Moooom! I'm gonna be late! Jimmy and Ken are waiting for me!" he said, pouting and trying to escape from his mother.

"Alright, I'm done," she said, getting up. " and you come back before noon, ok?"

"Yeah yeah," he said while rushing out again.

Helen laughed, then went back to the kitchen to prepare lunch.


"Oh craaaaaap! They must be soooo mad!" Solo thought as he ran as fast as his small feet could take him.

He crossed the street looking both ways when suddenly, he stopped. In front of him stood the house next to his which had been uninhabited for two years. At one of the windows on the first floor, he could have sworn the curtain moved. Curious and fearless like all children, the braided boy came near the gate and stared at the window. After ten minutes of observation, he was rewarded for his efforts when he saw a shadow behind the drapes.

"Hellooooooooo!" Solo screamed as loud as he could and waved enthusiastically.

The curtain went back immediately much to the boy's disappointment. He pouted, but smiled again rapidly.

< He or she must be shy ! Hu huh … > He thought and walked off toward his original destination.

Behind him, the curtain parted once more.


The next day, Solo was in the garden tossing the baseball against the high wire fence. He gripped his baseball glove in one hand and the ball in the other. The cheery boy shouted to no one in particular each time he succeeded in chucking the ball further from himself. But the result of that wasn't very satisfying. Most of the time, the ball landed in the rosebushes or the cherry tree…

Today, his arm proved to be much better than previous days… the ball fell in the neighbor's garden.

"Oh great, great!" the longhaired boy moaned. "If this fence was shorter," he continued, speaking to himself and crossing the wire fence. It separated the two gardens by a small opening wide enough for a child, "…all of this would have never happened!" He said while he frowned and glared at the said wire fence.

"Now, where did that ball fall?" he said crawling on his hands and knees and parting plants and grass on his way. Some grunts and mumbles followed…

"Ah ah!" Solo shouted with delight as he brought out the ball.

"What are you doing here ?"

Solo eeped and jumped two meters from the floor. He turned around and met two cobalt eyes.