Title: Captured by Feelings 12/?
Author: Sana
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Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: angst, AU, OOC, lemon
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Quatre was pacing down the corridor hurriedly. It had been over a day since Heero's interrogation and he was going to see the boy. He wasn't sure what he would do once he got there, however, much less what he would say. His uncertainty was a fair reflection of his inner turmoil, having mixed feelings about the boy as well as the whole situation. He was worried, he could not deny that, but he was also angry and quite annoyed. Yesterday, he was too surprised to even react to the things Heero had said and he was planning to do so now. How dare the boy insult him like that?

The blond man sighed exasperatedly, running his fingers through his hair and moving it out of his eyes. It was hard to persuade Trowa into letting him talk to Heero alone, because apparently the man thought Quatre was too soft on his friend, placing friendship before duty. That had infuriated Quatre beyond words and, after a long argument, they finally agreed that he should talk to the Japanese boy alone as Heero might see him as a friend and, therefore, decide to tell him something he otherwise would not. While he was glad he won in the said argument, he wasn't sure if he was really up to doing this alone. He still refused to believe that a person like Heero was capable of kidnapping someone, and if the boy was aware of his hesitancy, there was no doubt he'd use it. Quatre couldn't let that happen, so he tried to steel himself and get ready to face the boy he'd once considered one of his closest friends.

The corridors moved past him in a blur as he sped towards his destination. When he reached a large metal door, he took out the keys and unlocked it. Once he was on the other side, he relocked it, nodding to the guard who stood by it as a 'hello' and continued to stride towards the cell at the end of the hall, the man he'd greeted moments before following close behind. The prisoners glared at them as they walked, scathing comments on the tips of their tongues, yet none of them dared to voice them.

Quatre stopped in front of the last cell on his right, turning to the guard and explaining what he wanted him to do. The man nodded in understanding, taking out a pair of handcuffs and the keys at the same time. He kicked the bars roughly, evenly, one blow followed closely by another, in an effort to get the occupant's attention. It worked, of course, and they could see the rumple of sheets move, revealing the tired face of the Japanese boy. At first his eyes were unfocused, he didn't seem to know where he was, and then his expression hardened; he remembered. Almost immediately, his eyes moved to the door where the two men were standing, and glared at them.

"Get up!" the large man bellowed, making Heero flinch involuntarily. Reluctantly, he obeyed, dragging himself to his feet and moving to the door. "Push your hands through the bars," the man ordered further and Heero had no choice but to listen. As soon as he'd done what he was told, the man cuffed his hands together, pulling on the metal to make sure it was secure. That done, he pushed Heero's hands back to him and unlocked the cell.

During all this time, Quatre was doing his best to stop the sympathy he felt for the boy from showing in his eyes. It was a great effort, but somehow, he managed to do it. He seemed unaffected by the whole situation and his voice was calm when he uttered a soft, "Follow me," before turning on his heel and heading back the way he came. Knowing his signal, the guard grabbed Heero's shoulder roughly, pulling him after the young officer.

Heero was looking at the floor the entire time, not caring in the least where they were taking him. The only thing he was aware of was that he betrayed Duo, that he allowed himself to get caught and he was worried for the other boy as well. How would he react once he found out? Would he try to help him? He was so preoccupied with his thoughts, he didn't notice that they were already in an interrogation room again and he would have probably remained standing if the guard hadn't pushed him into the chair, handcuffing him to the table. Quatre made a slight grimace at that; it wasn't really necessary. He didn't voice his thoughts however, keeping in mind that he had a spare case of keys and that he could always use them if he wanted.

After he'd made sure the Japanese boy couldn't move unless he decided to carry the table with him, the large man turned to Quatre, and inclining his head slightly, left the room. The blond man barely acknowledged him however, allowing a sigh to escape him after the man had left. He made a few steps across the room, his hands crossed behind his back, once again unsure of what to say. Knowing he had to face the boy sooner or later, and deciding he'd rather do it sooner, he turned, his eyes locking with the boy's. The intensity of the boy's glare made him shiver, regardless of how hard he tried to suppress it. He'd never seen anyone looking at him with so much hate, and the fact that it was Heero, of all people, stunned him more than anything. Yet there was something else shining in the cobalt orbs and Quatre knew well what it was. Hurt. The boy felt betrayed and Quatre knew it was his fault. He felt horrible for hurting him, but if there was any other way to solve this, he would have done it. Unfortunately, there wasn't any other option at the time.

"Heero?" the older man asked tentatively, still keeping eye contact with the boy. Heero raised an eyebrow in a silent question, not even bothering to talk to him. The action, as small as it was, angered Quatre and he decided to try a different approach, the one he'd planned all along. "Sit up straight, Mr. Yuy!" he said coldly. "You are in an interrogation room, not a bar and you're talking to a police officer - me - about a very serious matter."

Heero pulled himself up a bit, but he still didn't seem ready to talk. "You do realize this is very serious, don't you? Kidnapping is always a serious matter, but this is the Maxwell kid we're talking about. You could get twenty years for this!" Quatre's voice raised a notch as he said the last sentence. He couldn't believe this boy could be stupid enough to ruin his life like that. The boy seemed completely indifferent, however, looking at Quatre as if the man was merely telling him the day's weather. "Heero..." he whispered softly, becoming genuinely worried about him, "What's wrong?"

"How can you even ask that?" the young man wondered incredulously. "I'm in prison and you're asking me what's wrong? Well, that is wrong! You're keeping me here and I still didn't even get to see a lawyer! This is no less kidnapping than what you're accusing me of!" he stated angrily, his eyes boring into the other man's.

"You're not quite right, I'm afraid," Quatre muttered apologetically. "You see, we can keep you in pre-trial confinement for up to a month. Granted, you have to see a lawyer in the meantime, but it's only been two days, so this is all legal, I assure you." Heero's eyes widened; he was utterly speechless. "A month..." he repeated hoarsely, disbelieving.

"Yes, Heero, a month. But it would all be over a lot sooner if you'd only talk to me. Tell me what happened; give me some sort of an alibi. With what we know so far, it doesn't look too good for you. I'd like to help you, but in order to do so, I need you to help me. Talk to me, Heero."

"I can't." His voice was strangled and eyes pleading. At that moment, Quatre knew he was guilty. His eyes widened and he moved instantly, turning off the speakers that transmitted the sound for whoever might be looking at them through the one-sided mirror. He couldn't stop them from watching, but that way it would be a lot harder to figure out what was actually happening inside. That done, Quatre simply stood, leaning onto the table, unsure of what his next move should be. "Oh Heero..." It was the only thing he managed to say, shaking his head.

"I didn't hurt him." The voice reached his ears and he couldn't believe what he'd heard.

"What?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I said I didn't--"

"I know what you said!" he snapped. "Do you really think that matters? I mean, of course, you'd be as good as dead if you'd actually hurt the kid in any way, but the parents - Solo - won't rest until you're in prison for a very long time!"

"Of course it matters! Duo's all right and that's all that matters!" The confused look he received upon saying that made him continue. "We made friends, Quatre, I--" A snort coming from the other side of the room interrupted him and he glared at the person he once considered a friend. "What in the world could be so funny?"

"You," Quatre replied seriously. "Do you honestly think anyone could make friends with their kidnapper? He was pretending, so you'd let him go."

"No, Quatre, you're wrong about this. I'm absolutely sure he was being honest."

"Oh, is that so? Than, pray tell, how come he's coming here this afternoon to identify you?"

"What?" Heero managed to choke out after a few seconds had passed. He could feel the illusion of happiness he was naive enough to allow to form in his mind, shatter violently; it was all a lie.


"Come on, Duo, hurry up!" Hellen called out to him, yet he continued moving to the car slowly as if she hadn't said a thing. When he was finally there, he entered his father's Mercedes silently, almost moodily. He was nothing like his usual cheerful self, and it was only natural that Hellen noticed the sudden change.

"What is wrong?" she asked gently, turning around to look at the boy who was sitting in the back seat as Solo started the car.

"Nuthin'" he mumbled, staring out the window. She frowned at that, determined to make him tell her. "Duo, I'm your mother. I know when something's wrong with you."

"Oh, leave him be, Hellen. He's just a bit nervous. After all, it's not like he's been to a police station before. Am I right, boy?" Solo decided to join the conversation, all but beaming at his son. A half-nod was all he received in reply, but it seemed to be good enough for him. Solo was in a good mood and it seemed like nothing could spoil it; it unnerved Duo beyond words, especially when all he wanted to do was cry. To say that his father was happy was an understatement and Duo could see no apparent reason for it. He decided not to ponder it, however, having enough worries of his own to waste time doing that. Hellen also seemed to agree with Solo, that it must have been going to the station or seeing his kidnapper again that upset Duo so much, and they left him to his thoughts.

If someone had asked Duo how he felt at that very moment, knowing that he was going to the police station and was about to point at Heero, sealing the destiny of the one he'd claimed to care for only a couple of days ago, he'd probably have said: furious. And indeed, he was angry. What he didn't want to acknowledge, however, were the feelings he willed to disappear: sadness, betrayal, worry, hurt, as well as guilt for what he was about to do, albeit at that moment, he would never have admitted any of it.

If he'd been quite honest with himself, he'd have said that he was afraid as well. He wasn't afraid of Heero, of course, but of himself, or rather his reaction to the Japanese boy. What if he felt that, regardless of what Heero had done, he couldn't accuse him of anything? What if he still felt... affection towards him? He sighed deeply as he thought about it. Regardless of how much he thought about it all, the problems were still there and he didn't seem to be any closer to solving them than he'd been before. He just wanted to wake up from this nightmare; he wanted his carefree life back. He wanted the impossible.

Solo was driving like crazy, bringing them to the station in no time at all. He didn't seem to pay heed to Hellen's worried pleas to slow down, nor Duo's silent wish to give him some more time to mentally prepare himself. Although he knew he'd never be truly ready for this, all he wanted was some more time. His wish was not granted as they were already there, entering the parking and stopping when Solo found a free space to park the car.

"We're here!" Solo stated the obvious and it took a tremendous effort for Duo to keep himself from rolling his eyes. "Now, let's get this over with! I can't wait to see the bastards face when he realizes he's going to prison," Solo said grinning before turning to wink at the boy. "He'll get what's coming to him for daring to touch my son." He patted Duo's arm reassuringly and exited the car. Duo took a deep breath, even though he knew nothing could calm him down now, and followed.


When they entered the station, they saw people moving busily, going after their work, not even acknowledging their presence; Solo didn't like it one bit. He looked around, growing angrier with each passing second. How dare they ignore him?! He cleared his throat once, twice - nothing. He saw red. He grabbed the first passing officer, stopping him. "We need to see chief Chang," he said clearly, in the calmest voice he could manage.

The man looked taken aback. "Sir, you cannot just come in here and demand to see the chief. I'm sure I can--"

"Do you know who I am?" he asked quietly, venomously.

"Uh, no sir, I'm afraid I don't. If you could just calm down--"

"No, I can't calm down, you stupid man! No wonder police couldn't find my son with people like you working in it!" he roared. "I am Solo Maxwell, for heaven's sake! Have you been living under a rock for the past ten years?!"

The man recognized the name and instantly paled. He knew how influential Solo was as well as that this little incident might very well cost him his job. "Sir," he tried, "I'm sorry if my ignorance has offended you. I know who you are, of course, I just... didn't know what you looked like."

That seemed to calm Solo and his expression softened, if only a little. He inclined his head in understanding and looked at the man expectantly. Knowing well what was expected of him to do, he suggested, "I'll take you to the chief now, shall I?" Solo merely nodded.

Wufei's office was at the end of the hall, Solo knew that already as he'd been there before. Once they reached the door, they stopped; the man asked them to wait before disappearing through it. Seconds later, the Chinese man they wanted to see greeted them, beckoning for them to follow him.

As they walked, Wufei filled them in on what happened with the suspects since they last spoke. Basically, there was nothing new he could tell them because, as he explained, the prime suspect refused to say a word. Then he moved on to reassuring Duo that there was no way the suspect could see him, so that he shouldn't be afraid to identify him. Duo found this rather ridiculous, as his kidnapper had to know very well who he was and what he looked like to be able to kidnap him in the first place, so it was only natural that he'd know who Duo was even without seeing him. He opted not to voice his thoughts, however, nodding in understanding.

"Once we enter the room," Wufei explained, looking at Duo, "you will see the suspects through the glass, but they won't be able to see you. It's a one-sided mirror, so they'll just be seeing their own reflections. Also, the room is soundproof, so they won't be able to hear you either. That's why you shouldn't be afraid to accuse the person who kidnapped you, as he won't have a way of knowing it was really you. Before you accuse anyone, though, be sure that he is the right person, because this is serious - someone's life is at stake." Duo nodded yet again; he understood perfectly. Besides, how could he ever confuse Heero with anyone else? Especially after being so... intimate with him. He felt anger course through him. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Wufei thought it was an act of fear and uncertainty, so he squeezed the boy's arm reassuringly. "It will be alright, he can't hurt you anymore." He couldn't have been more wrong; it was the last thing Duo thought before following him into the room.


Duo slumped into the chair he'd been offered, instantly burying his face in his hands. He inhaled deeply, holding his breath for a long moment, before letting it out in a sigh. He could feel his hands shaking slightly. Solo came up behind him, placing his hands on the boy's shoulders in a reassuring manner. He could feel the tension it Duo's body and he wanted nothing more than to hurt the person who caused it all. Once again, he swore that the man would pay. The amount of stress and fear Duo must have gone through had to have been great for him to fear this man even now... now that Duo knew he couldn't harm him. He wanted to reassure Duo; he wanted to tell him everything would be all right, yet couldn't find the words to do it with.

The three of them were sitting in the room alone, as a few moments earlier Wufei had left, saying there was one more thing he had to do before Duo could identify his kidnapper. Uncomfortable silence spilled between them the instant the door had closed, suffocating them. Hellen was sitting in the corner, staring at the huge transparent glass before her uncertainly, perhaps even fearfully. Every so often, she would glance at Duo, noticing that he looked as bad as she felt. Solo's smile was still tugging at his lips, but his brows were curled in a frown. Her husband was probably the only one who could manage to smile and be angry at the same time, Hellen thought and couldn't help but smile at the notion. Her smile disappeared within moments, as soon as she remembered where they were and why exactly they were there. She wanted this to be as easy on Duo as possible, yet all the same, she knew that one could never get through such an experience unscratched or unchanged. She dreaded that Duo might stay like this, uncaring, cold and detached from the world and desperately wanted to help him. The thing that bothered her most, however, was that Duo wasn't like that when he'd returned. No, he seemed quite happy, actually. It was only after what Solo had told him that his demeanor had changed. She'd tried to talk to Solo about it, but he'd refused, saying that Duo was merely too shocked to even react at first. Once he was finally able to think, once he realized what really happened, he was able to react in an anticipated manner, or so Solo had said. Hellen didn't believe that, however; she could sense there was more to it, albeit she couldn't figure out what that 'more' was.

The door opened abruptly, startling Hellen so much that she nearly jumped out of her chair. Duo's and Solo's reaction was far calmer and they merely turned, looking at Wufei who was practically staring at Hellen. "I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't mean to," he explained, his eyes still a great deal wider than normal. She nodded in understanding, but her hand still clutched at her chest, her breathing ragged. The moment of attention she'd received was soon over as Wufei turned to Duo, his eyes asking the question for him; Duo nodded.

"Get them in," he told someone through the door before closing it and sitting in a chair next to the boy. "You have nothing to worry about," he assured him yet again. "Once they are all out there, you take a good look at them and say the number of the one you think kidnapped you. He will then step forward, so you'd be able to get a better look. Is that clear?" Duo nodded, he understood everything. That he had no idea how in the world he would force himself to point at Heero and sentence him to prison was another matter entirely, but yes, he did understand. The door in the room they were overlooking opened and Duo braced himself.

Men were walking in and Duo couldn't recognize any of them. For a brief moment, he wondered if perhaps it wasn't Heero they'd caught. They didn't know who kidnapped him, after all. And maybe, just maybe, it wasn't Heero who'd taken the money, but someone who claimed to have kidnapped him. The chance was slim and Duo knew it, yet he held onto it desperately. As the last person walked in, he paled, his heart jumping into his throat and his hopes shattering yet again. He wanted to scream. As loud as he could, for as long as he could, until his throat was sore and he had no voice to scream with anymore. The anger that had gone moments before was back full force and now, for the first time since he'd met Heero, he really wanted to hurt him.

"It's him," he rasped, pointing at the boy standing at the end of the line, head bowed.

"Who?" Hellen asked, unable to see whom Duo was pointing at.

"Number seven," he clarified, looking at the figure, unblinking.

"Number seven," Wufei repeated, only this time it was said into a microphone, "please step forward."

Heero's head snapped up as he heard his number being called and he looked at the mirror disbelievingly. Why was Duo doing this? He moved forward slowly, knowing better than to wait to be asked again, but he was still trying to process what had happened. Or, more importantly, why it had happened. Had he hurt Duo? If so, why didn't the boy tell him so?

On the other side of the glass, Duo forced himself to look at him. Heero seemed confused, almost hurt, yet Duo didn't care. Deep inside, he knew he didn't want to do this, didn't want to hurt Heero like this, but his own pain and anger were the only things he was aware of at the moment. His eyes filled with tears. He wasn't sad in the least, however; he was angry and betrayed and it was the intensity of those emotions that brought him on the verge of tears, not regret of what he was about to do.

"It's him." The words were smooth, pronounced clearly in a detached, almost mechanical voice.

"Are you sure? You've barely seen him. You need to be absolutely certain," Wufei reminded him. "It's someone's life--"

"I am bloody certain!" Duo yelled at last. He couldn't stand to look at Heero for a moment longer; how dare this man ask it of him? "You think I don't know what he looks like? I know perfectly well! You tend to remember people who raped you!"

"What?!" All three people present spoke in unison.

It was only then that Duo became aware of what he'd said. He blushed, burying his face in his hands. Oh God. Silence stretched into a long, awkward moment before Solo rose from his chair so suddenly that it toppled over; Hellen gasped. Solo was so angry that he was visibly shaking. He was staring through the glass - at the boy - an expression of utmost hate upon his face.

"Solo..." Hellen finally found her voice, but was still too shocked to say anything to calm him down, as he initially wanted. Through layers of anger he could barely hear Wufei speak into the microphone again, informing the officers in the other room that their job was done and that they could return everyone to their cells. He could see people moving, the small room slowly emptying, until there were only two more people left - an officer and that, that thing. It was then that he moved.

It all happened too quickly for anyone to react. All they could do was stare, completely unprepared for what happened next.

As he saw Heero exit the room, Solo ran to the door. Wufei spun around immediately, running after him. Duo and Hellen run as well; they reached the door just in time to see Solo punch Heero in the face. Duo gasped in shock, barely managing to refrain himself from running to help Heero.

"You fucking faggot!" Solo screamed, trying to kick Heero who was now lying on the floor. He couldn't, however, as two police officers dragged him away from the fallen boy, who was still trying to get back on his feet. "You raped my son, you faggot! I will kill you for this!" He continued throwing insults, but Heero couldn't hear him anymore. The mental blow was much harder than the physical one and he didn't even bother to try and get up anymore. The world around him faded; all he could hear were Solo's words, repeating over and over inside his head. He hadn't raped Duo... Had he? He directed a questioning, confused look at Duo, but the boy merely glared before turning away. Oh God, so it was true then.


An hour later, he was in the interrogation room again, waiting. He didn't really know why he was there, though. They believed he was guilty, and now Duo had proved them right. So, why would they possibly want to talk to him now that their suspicions had been confirmed? He expected to be transferred to a real prison without as much as a chance to see a lawyer, especially after all that Solo had said. Come to think about it, he didn't want a lawyer. He was guilty, after all. He'd raped Duo. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

At that moment, the door was shoved open violently, and Quatre entered, fuming. "You didn't hurt him?!" he bellowed.

"What?" Heero muttered, surprised that anything could get Quatre as angry as he was now.

"You said you didn't hurt him! You said that less then three hours ago!" He pinched the bridge of his nose; he needed to calm down. "You lied to me, Heero," he said more calmly, yet still deadly serious. "How many times by now, huh? First you said you didn't kidnap him at all, later you tell me you did. Then you said you didn't hurt him, yet I found out that you did. What's next, I learn that you tortured him as well?!"

Heero was silent. At some point of Quatre's monologue, he'd turned his eyes away, fixing them on his cuffed hands. And then he heard Quatre's terrified voice. "Heero?? You didn't... torture him, right?" The Japanese boy's head snapped up at that, his eyes once again locking with Quatre's. "No," he said earnestly.

"I wish I could believe you, Heero, I really do," the blond man said under his breath, sighing, "but you've lied to me so many times now that I don't think I can. Just today, you said you didn't hurt him..."

"I-- I didn't know. I didn't think I did." Heero was still looking at Quatre, allowing him to see in his eyes that he was, indeed, telling the truth.

"How could you possibly think you didn't hurt him if you raped him?!" The man sounded incredulous and Heero turned away before he could see the expression on his face.

"I-- He-- He was willing at the time." Heero sighed loudly, trying to bury his face in his hands, only to be reminded that he was handcuffed to the table. He groaned, irritated, and rested his forehead against the table instead.

Meanwhile, Quatre was openly gaping at him. "Wha-- Heero, you can't possibly be serious! He would never--"

"He did!" Heero roared, lifting his head to glare at Quatre. His eyes were filled with unshed tears.

Quatre stared at him in silence for a few moments, comprehension finally dawning on him. "You-- You really care for him, don't you?"

The boy eyed him carefully and snorted. "Does it really matter?"

"Oh Heero..."


"Please wait here, Mr. Winner, Duo will be right with you." Sara's voice was soft and obliging, as always. She was smiling politely at Quatre, offering him a chair. "Would you like some tea, sir?" she offered.

"No, thank you. I have a lot to do at the station, so I won't stay long. I have something important to discuss with young Mr. Maxwell and seeing that it's relevant to the case, I had to find time to come here," the man explained. "Oh, I nearly forgot! How is he, anyway?"

"Oh, he's feeling better. He was feeling terrible yesterday... He wouldn't talk to any of us. We tried, but he always remained quiet, brooding silently. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell spent the afternoon talking to him, trying to comfort him and it seemed to have worked, as by the time for dinner, he was back to his old self. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to see him come back to normal." She pressed a hand to her chest, shaking her head slightly. "He may be back to normal, but, sir, please try not to ask the questions that might cause him pain. The poor child has been through so much... Being raped at such a young age... Please try not to remind him of it and perhaps, if possible, try not to mention that man either. Could you at least try, as I don't think I could stand watching him close out the world like that again," she finished finally, looking at Quatre with pleading eyes.

"I understand how hard this must be for him, as well as you - all of you - but I'm just doing my job. I will do my best not to hurt him in any way, but you need to realize that there are still questions that need answering." Quatre empathized with her, yet he couldn't promise, for he knew that it would be a lie.

"What more is there to ask, anyway? What more do you need to know other than that he raped Duo? Isn't that enough to put him in prison?" she asked angrily, forgetting for a moment that she was merely a maid and that she was addressing a guest. In a moment, her eyes widened and her cheeks reddened slightly; she obviously realized what she'd done, yet she made no move to apologize.

"It is enough... He will be in prison, you needn't worry about that." Quatre sighed, glancing at his watch discreetly and wondering what in the world could be keeping the boy so long.

"If so, why do you need to put him through this again? Hadn't he been through enough?" Her blazing eyes bored into Quatre's, unflinching; it was he who turned away first.

"You are right and I understand your anger. However, there are still things that need clarifying and I must talk to him," Quatre tried to reason with her.

"Then ask away, detective." The voice came from the doorway, surprising them both.

"Duo!" Sara called out sternly. "It's not polite to listen in on other people's conversations!" she scolded him, yet there was a slight tone in her voice that showed that she wasn't really angry and that she'd forgive him in a matter of seconds.

"Sorry, but I overheard you talking about me and I thought it concerned me, so I decided to stay and listen. It's not like what you said is a secret, anyway. And, Sara, you needn't worry about me so much. I'm fine, really." He smiled one of his most beautiful smiles, the one he usually used when he'd gotten someone angry, and it worked like a charm - as always. Sara smiled back at him, shaking her head as to show that she still didn't think it was all right, albeit she did forgive him.

"Now, detective Winner, I don't think we had a chance to properly meet." Duo turned to Quatre, extending his hand.

"No, I don't believe so." He shook his hand.

"Duo Maxwell."

"Detective Quatre Winner."

"So, now that we know each other, we can talk. Would you please come up to my rooms?" Duo asked, already moving towards the door without even waiting for an answer.

"Certainly," the blond man said and followed.