Title: Captured by Feelings 11/?

Author: Sana

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Duo stood in front of the house, smiling. He was really glad to be home. And although he’d only been away for a few days, it seemed like it’d been years since the last time he laid eyes on the beautiful mansion before him.

He’d always claimed that he hated it, but he knew now that it wasn’t so. He was happy just being there, watching the familiar porch, wooden windows and the beautiful ornate door, knowing that soon he would see his mother’s smiling face again. His lips quirked up a bit more. He really missed her.

After quickly re-braiding his hair and smoothing down his half-torn shirt, he opened the gate, entering the small yard. Pacing hurriedly down the path, he was at the door in no time, opening it.

There was no one in the anteroom, Duo noticed upon entering. He closed the door with a soft click, his hands automatically moving to lock it. He called out to Sara, but no one replied. He called Hellen - not there, either. He frowned slightly. /They’re still asleep/ he mused, letting his feet carry him to the kitchen.

As he approached the kitchen, Duo heard the sound of flowing water and grinned. He knew Sara must have been awake! He opened the door and, sure enough, Sara was there, her back turned to him, washing the dishes. She didn’t hear him; she was going about her work, oblivious to the boy’s presence.

“Hey, Sara!” Duo called out, smiling. He was really glad to see the woman and he was certain that, this time, she would be happy to see him, too, as he didn’t do anything bad. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Sara screamed as she heard the voice, dropping the plate she’d been holding and sending it to scatter across the floor broken into millions of tiny pieces. She turned, staring at him as if she were looking upon a ghost.

Her eyes were as wide as saucers, her hand clutching her chest, willing her heart to slow down; trying to breathe.

“Duo?” she managed uncertainly, after a few moments had passed.

“Duo!” she repeated louder, running across the room and wrapping her arms tightly around the boy.

“Hi Sara,” he murmured against the woman’s chest, folding his arms loosely around her back. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Why are you sorry?” she wondered, pulling away to look at the boy’s face.

“I really didn’t mean to...” He pointed vaguely to the other side of the room, to the tiny pieces of porcelain glinting on the floor. “I’m sorry Sara, I didn’t mean to scare you again! I gave you such a fright! And I made you drop the plate, too--“

He knew he was rambling, but he didn’t care. He had to do something, and he figured rambling was as good as anything else he might have done. He really wanted her to be happy to see him, but, once again, he’d blown it. As soon as he came back, he had to do something bad. Way to go, Duo!

“Forget about that, Duo!” the old woman chided, stopping him mid-sentence. “The plate is not important! I am not important! You are! How are you feeling? And what happened? No, wait! Let me get your mother first, she needs to know you’re all right. You have no idea how worried she’s been...”

Duo nodded, looking at the ground. He took a deep breath and held it in, letting it out in a loud sigh after Sara exited the room. Here goes, he thought. He was about to lie for the first time in his life, and it was to his mother, of all people! He bit his lip, realizing he didn’t want to do it, yet knowing he had to. It was something that had to be done, for Heero’s sake. He was being silly, he assured himself. Everyone lies these days, right? So, why was it so hard for him to do it?

Loud footsteps echoing through the corridor interrupted his thoughts. Someone was running. He turned to the door just in time to see Hellen bursting through it. “Duo...” The name left her lips in a barely audible sigh.

Duo ran up to his mother, falling into her embrace and trying to calm her down as she cried.

“Duo, my little Duo. My boy, my baby,” she repeated through sobs, squeezing him tightly to make sure he was solid, that he was there and not merely an illusion. “I love you so much...”

“I love you too, mom,” the boy said smiling, feeling tears moistening his cheeks.

“I thought I’d lost you.”

“I’m right here, mom. I’m okay. Calm down. Please stop crying.”

Hellen pulled away, wiping off the tears with the sleeve of her bathrobe. It was only moments before new ones formed in her eyes, but she pretended not to notice, smiling kindly at her only son. She was hiccupping - it always happened in stressful situations. She reached for a chair and sat just as Sara handed her a glass of water. “Thank you,” she whispered gratefully, emptying the glass at once. She held her breath for a moment, making sure the hiccups had stopped before speaking again.

“What happened, Duo? Did they hurt you?” Hellen’s eyes searched him worriedly as she went on, “Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital? Are you bleeding?” She spoke so fast Duo couldn’t follow her anymore.

“Mom.” She didn’t hear him.

“Mom,” he tried louder.

“Mom!!” he shouted, finally making her stop. “I’m alright! Really. They didn’t hurt me. There’s no need to go to the hospital,” he assured her.

“How....? How come you’re here, anyway? Did you escape?”

Duo bit his lip, digging his teeth deep into the tender flesh. He remained silent for a few moments, unsure of what to say. “Yes,” he said finally, unable to meet Hellen’s eyes.


“I-- I worked out the knots on the ropes while they weren’t there and ran.” He sounded unconvincing even to his own ears. His story was highly unlikely and he knew it. Luckily, Hellen didn’t question it. She trusted him and, besides, all the really mattered was that her boy was finally safe.

Hellen smiled. “My brave little Duo.” She hugged him.

Duo swallowed. He felt guilty for lying, but now she was making it even worse; she called him brave for something he didn’t even do and it made him feel awful. He frowned, unable to bear the feeling in the pit of his stomach.

As she pulled away, Hellen noticed the frown on the boys face and asked him what was wrong.

“I--,” he tried, not knowing what to say. “I--,” he tried again. “I just lied to you, mom,” he finally managed and Hellen’s eyes widened.


“I lied to you.” He was staring at her chest, unable to meet the burning blue eyes.

“What do you mean?”

He took a deep breath. “I didn’t run away. He -- my kidnapper -- let me go!”

“What!? Impossible! Why would he do such a thing? If he was a kind person, he wouldn’t have kidnapped you in the first place!”

“We became -- friends. He is nice, really. Please understand, he --”

“No! I will hear no more of this! Go to your room and get some rest. It’s obvious they tempered with your mind. You’re not yourself. Or perhaps you’re just tired and do not realize what you’re saying. Yes, that must be it... So, go to bed and rest,” he finished, her tone becoming kind once again.

“But, mom --”

Hellen’s glare stopped him from uttering another word. He retreated to his room, unease slowly creeping into his heart. What had he done? He just hoped his stupidity hadn’t endangered Heero in any way.

Hellen watched him climb the stairs, her eyes not leaving him until he disappeared into his room moments later. As soon as Duo was gone, she picked up the phone and called Solo. She told him Duo was all right; that he was home and safe. She asked him to inform the police about it, but not to let them stop searching for the maniac Duo had escaped. Solo agreed and told her he’d be home as soon as possible.


Heero sat inside the small interrogation room facing the one-sided mirror. He was alone, but he had the feeling they were watching him. He was becoming really nervous and he worried it was starting to show. He propped his elbows on the table before him, rubbing his sweaty palms. Looking at his reflection, he noticed he was a little pale, but other than that, he seemed perfectly calm.

The door opened abruptly, allowing two detectives inside. Heero started a little, his head snapping around. He wasn’t surprised to see Trowa and Quatre enter the room; after all, they were the ones who’d caught him, so it was logical they’d question him as well.

Heero avoided Quatre’s eyes as the blond man sat across him, choosing to look at Trowa instead. The tall man circled his chair, all the while looking at the floor, and moved to stand in the far corner of the room, his back to Heero. He was the first to speak.

“You know why you’re here, Mr. Yuy,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Please cooperate, so we can finish this quickly. Answer all of our questions and we might let you go.”

Heero remained quiet, shifting his gaze to look at his hands. He ignored the man as if he wasn’t even there.

“Mr. Yuy?”

With the corner of his eyes, Heero saw him turn from the wall; he could almost feel the tall man’s angry gaze on the back of his head. He almost smiled.

“Mr. Yuy, are you even listening to me? Will you cooperate or not?”

Heero remained silent, examining his fingers slowly, angering the man even more. He enjoyed the fact that, even though his position was unenviable, he could still have such an impact on the man. Finally, he deigned to answer them; he shook his head ‘no’. “I won’t talk without a lawyer,” he said, determined. “You have no right to question me without a presence of a lawyer!” Cobalt eyes stared directly into the green ones, glaring.

“There’s no need for a lawyer since you’re not officially arrested,” Trowa explained.

“In that case, you have no right to keep me here.” Heero rose from the chair, ready to leave.

“I suggest you to sit down, Mr. Yuy. I told you before, there are two ways we can do this: the easy way, and the hard way. Now, I think you’ve chosen the right way by deciding to come here willingly, so don’t screw up now. If you still insist to do so, however, we will arrest you, I guarantee you.”

“At least that way I would get a lawyer!” Heero snapped at him, slumping back into the chair.

“Heero, clam down,” Quatre said, finally deciding to speak before a fight broke out. He knew what his lover’s temper was like and knew it was best not to anger him further. “No one’s saying you’re guilty, Heero. Trowa just wants to ask you some questions, that’s all.”

“Don’t you talk to me! I thought you were my friend and look where that got me!”

“I--” Pain was visible on Quatre’s face as he struggled for words. How could Heero say that? He did everything he could to prevent the boy’s arrest, yet Heero only seemed to hinder him. If only he’d been home, none of this would have happened in the first place. And then, on top of it all, he had to be so arrogant towards Trowa...

“So, you thought you could get away with it because you had a friend in the police? Too bad I’m not your friend,” Trowa said before Quatre could answer, a twisted smile stretching his lips.

Heero glared at the man with all his might. Oh, how he hated him right now! He hated them all! What did they know, anyway? They didn’t know what it was like to be him; they didn’t go through what he did, so they’d never be able to understand him, or his actions. So why should he bother justifying himself to them? They didn’t know what it was like to be alone... all alone. And then, on top of it all, being forced to see the man responsible for it walk away as if nothing had happened. They had no right to judge him.

“There is no way for you to know what I’ve been thinking, unless you can read minds. Can you? I don’t think so. If you could, you’d know what I’m thinking right now,” Heero said, his eyes narrowing even more. “Oh and what happened to ‘One’s innocent until proven guilty’?” He raised his eyebrow slightly.

Trowa was slightly taken aback. For a moment, an utterly lost expression graced his face, before it was replaced by anger. His mind, however, continued to wonder. He was never the one to act like that to a suspect; it was not his style. But there was something about this boy - something that screamed ‘guilty’ whenever he looked at him - that made him act like that. He knew it was wrong, yet he couldn’t help it. “I never said you were guilty.”

“But you believe I am.”

“Yes.” There was no point in denying it; he truly believed that. And, with a little luck, he’d be able to prove it, as well.

They fell silent. Unease filled the air as the impact of that single word settled on them.

Quatre was looking at Trowa, studying the tall man’s face. He was calm, determined; there was no doubt in his eyes and at that moment, Quatre knew there was no point in trying to convince him the boy was innocent. He turned to Heero, then, studying the boy instead.

Heero seemed calm, almost uninterested, yet Quatre knew it wasn’t so. The lack of emotion could mean only one thing - genuine fear. And the boy was indeed scared. When he kidnapped Duo, he knew it would probably come to this, that he would most likely end up in prison, but it was different now; he wasn’t alone anymore. He wanted to see Duo again; he couldn’t let them lock him away. But what could he do? They knew he was guilty, just like he did, but... They didn’t have evidence, right? Maybe there was hope after all.


Solo Maxwell was seated in front of his desk, dialing the direct number to Wufei Chang’s department. The room - his office - was enormous. The walls were adorned with paintings, family pictures and numerous diplomas. He was proud of his life - of his family as well as of his own accomplishments - and he wanted people to see that.

To his right was the window, which, as Solo liked to say, had one of the most magnificent views in the city. His office was on the top floor of the highest building in the city and through that window, he could see the whole town in all of its glory. Whenever he was worried or nervous, he’d stare through it and find his peace.

The phone rang only once before a pleasant female voice answered it.

“Solo Maxwell here. I need to speak to chief Wufei Chang.”

“Right away, sir. Please hold a moment while I connect you.”

Solo nodded, although he knew she couldn’t see him. He waited a couple of seconds before the phone rang again and the Chinese man picked it up.

“Chang here.”

“Good day, chief.”

“Mr. Maxwell,” Wufei said instead of a greeting.

“I have news for you. Duo came home this morning.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes, I was just on the phone with my wife. He’s at home, asleep.”

“That’s very good to hear.”

“It’s not like you did anything to get him there.”

“We did every--”

“Yes, yes, I know. You did everything you could. I just wanted to inform you that he was fine, but I want you to continue the search. Those people must be punished.”

“Understood. As a matter of fact, I have news for you too, Mr. Maxwell. Our main suspect has been caught. He is being interrogated as we speak.”

“What? And you didn’t inform me of it?”

“Well, we don’t know anything for certain, yet. I didn’t want you to get your hopes up for nothing...”

“You should have told me. But, no matter. Keep me updated, Chang.”

“I will, sir. But, he’s denying everything. The fact that Duo is back changes everything, though. Perhaps you could bring the boy to the station to identify him?”

“I’ll talk to Duo and see if he wants to. You try to get it out of him, first. I don’t want Duo to see that man ever again, unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

“I understand. We’ll do our best.”

“You’d better.” Solo hung up. So, the kidnapper was caught. A small part of his brain reminded him that the suspect was not necessarily the kidnapper - they could have caught the wrong man - but he desperately needed someone to blame, someone to punish, so he didn’t really care.

He searched his desk for the car keys and, after he found them, left the office.


Hellen ran to open the door after the doorbell rang for the second time. She smiled widely at Solo as she saw him and opened the door even wider to welcome him inside.

“He’s been caught,” the blond man said, still standing in the doorway. He just couldn’t wait to tell her the good news.

“What?” Hellen’s eyes widened. Could it be...?

“Duo’s kidnapper was caught earlier today. They’re interrogating him at the station.”

Hellen smiled broadly, finally feeling relieved. Now it was really over. He couldn’t harm her little boy anymore. “Thank God!” She hugged Solo tightly, her husband’s embrace calming her even more.

“They don’t have any real proof he did it, though, so Duo will probably need to identify him. But after that, this nightmare will finally be over.”

Hellen nodded without lifting her head from her husband’s chest.

“Is Duo still asleep?” he asked.

“Yes. He’s been asleep since I called you.”

“Oh. Let’s go inside, we should talk.”

She nodded again, parting from Solo rather reluctantly. She still held his hand, however, as she led him inside.

They went straight to the living room. Solo sat on the couch, while Hellen moved to sit across him in an armchair. They talked about Duo - what traumas he could have gone through, planned going to the station tomorrow, so Duo could identify the man and discussed what they should do to make sure this never happened again. Occasionally they would look at the stairs, waiting for Duo come down. For all they knew, the boy was still asleep. Solo really wanted to see him, but he understood that the boy needed rest and decided to let him sleep.

Finally, after more then two hours had passed, a lithe figure surrounded by hair descended the stairs. Solo rose at once, his conversation with Hellen already forgotten, and walked to the boy.

“Hello, Duo. How are you feeling? Did you sleep well?”

“I didn’t sleep at all, actually,” the boy answered truthfully.

“Why?” Hellen wondered, joining the conversation.

“I was too nervous to fall asleep.”

“The memories of what that maniac did to you still haunt you? Don’t worry, he can’t hurt you anymore. He won’t hurt you ever again.” Solo smiled and reached to hug his son.

“What-- What do you mean?” Duo asked, his voice shaking slightly, completely ignoring his father’s open arms.

“Hm? Oh, he won’t hurt you as he’s going to jail for a very long time. He’s been caught, Duo,” Solo smiled happily, expecting a similar reaction from the boy. Whatever he might have expected, the look of utmost terror that showed on Duo’s face was not it! “Are you all right, Duo?” He placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders, searching his face.

“No...” Duo’s voice was only a soft whisper and Solo had to strain to hear it.

“It’s fine, Duo. You’re safe now, he’s in pri--“

“No!!” Duo was yelling now, looking straight into his father’s eyes. “No... You have to let him go. He did nothing wrong.”

Solo looked at him incredulously. “He kidnapped you.”

“He let me go.”

Solo glanced at Hellen; she rolled her eyes. “Duo, you must be mistaken. Why would he do such a thing?”

Duo sighed. “I already explained it to mom. We became friends. He’s really a good person. Trust me, dad. He did nothing to me. Let him go.”

Solo was unconvinced. He noticed, however, that Duo truly believed what he was saying. Lord knows what that man did to him to make him think like that... He would pay for what he had done. But, how could he make Duo realize the truth? Duo had to identify him and if he considered him a friend, he would never do it. Solo frowned. What could he do? And then it came to him.

“Duo, I believe you’ve misjudged him. He can’t be your friend.”

“Why did he let me go, then?”

“Did he?”

“What are you talking about? I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but you think he did it for no good reason, right?”

“Well, I asked him to.”

“Oh. And I thought it was because I paid the ransom.”

Both Hellen and Duo stared at him. “What,” Duo screeched, unable to say anything else.

“He got what the wanted. He received the money yesterday, so he let you go. I’m sorry, but I think you should know that. He’s not your friend.”

Duo’s mouth opened and closed a few times. He was at a loss of words. How could this be happening? Heero seemed so honest... But, even so, it was stupid to believe the person who kidnapped him. Duo was hurt and angry at the same time. He felt betrayed. He was angry with Heero for lying to him, for using him... But he was angry with himself as well, because, regardless of what the other boy had done, he couldn’t stop himself from worrying about what would happen to him.

His head was spinning; this roller coaster of feelings was too much for him. He needed to calm down - needed to think. He excused himself and went back to his room.


End of Part 11