Title: Captured by Feelings 10/?
Author: Sana
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"I want to go home," Duo repeated after a few moments, as Heero didn't seem to have heard him the first time. The Japanese boy was looking at him blankly, an almost pained statement gracing his features.

"Heero? Are you ok?" Duo asked uncertainly. "Is something wrong?"

Heero blinked, his mind returning and Duo's words finally sinking in. "You want to go home," he echoed Duo's words from moments ago. "Why?"

"Why? What do you mean 'why'? I miss my family. I-- I like being with you, but I still love my parents. Wouldn't you miss your family?"

Heero's face darkened. "I do miss them."

Duo winced at the cold tone, cursing inwardly at his mistake. "I-- I know. But... If they were alive and you knew they were worried about you, don't tell me you'd be able to forget about their pain and worry and enjoy your time with me. I believe you're a better person than that!"

Heero lowered his head, glaring at the floor. Why was he so angry? And why did this come as such a surprise to him, anyway? Of course Duo missed his family. What did he expect, that the beautiful boy would forget about his parents and stay with him forever? Of course that would never happen. Heero was being unreasonable.

He turned to look at Duo again, his eyes softening and a forced smile forming on his lips.

"You're right. I understand. But... That doesn't mean I have to like it," Heero paused for a few seconds before adding, "I will miss you, you know."

Their eyes locked as Heero spoke. As cobalt met amethyst, they both fell silent. Nothing needed to be said- the beautiful pools of blue expressed themselves.

It was just then that their close proximity became apparent to Duo and he bent down, covering the Japanese boy's lips with his own.

They kissed tenderly, both of them completely losing themselves in the kiss, yet their eyes remained open. The blue orbs connected without any intention of parting again. All one could see was the other, but they both knew there was really no 'other'. They were one in mind and soul. Their souls had merged the second their lips touched for the first time.

Duo panted slightly as he pulled away, his fingers tracing the slightly swollen lips of the boy beneath him.

"I could never leave you," he whispered softly against his lover's ear. "Well, not forever, anyway," he added, the recognizable grin returning to his face. "I will only go and see my parents, but then I'll come back."

"It's not as simple as that, Duo," the Japanese boy smiled sadly. "I will have to leave the city or they'd catch me."

"No!" Duo yelled suddenly, making Heero jump. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," the American smiled sheepishly. "But you can't leave the city... That way I really might not see you again."

"So you're suggesting I should stay and get arrested?"

"They wouldn't catch you."

"Don't you think it would be a little suspicious if you refused to tell the police what your kidnapper looked like?"

Duo paused at that, seeming deep in thought. "I could tell them you were wearing a mask the entire time," he suggested.

Heero frowned slightly, working out the possible options in his mind and trying to find flaws in Duo's plan. "Hmm... Not bad. I think it might work."

Duo grinned. "So you'll let me go?"

"I won't force you to stay," Heero said, his statement turning serious. "If you're to be with me, I want you to do so on your own free will, not because I forced you to. I've come to care for you a lot and your feelings mean a great deal to me now. So whatever you decide is ok with me."

Duo hugged him tightly, "You know I'll come back, right?"

Heero wrapped his arms loosely around Duo's waist, pulling him closer and placing his head on the boy's shoulder. "They won't let you come back."

"Huh?" Duo pulled away abruptly, leaving Heero's head in the air.

"Your parents. They won't let you come back," Heero repeated.


"What do you mean 'why'? What would you tell them? 'Hey, mom, I'm gonna go visit my kidnapper now, see ya later'?!"

"Of course not! How dumb do you think I am? I could tell them you're an exchange student from Japan or that you're new in school... That way I could go to your place without anyone suspecting anything. And we wouldn't have to come all the way here."

"You find it so easy to lie to your parents... You do that a lot, huh?"

Duo blushed, "No, not really. As a matter of fact, I've never lied to anyone before. I hate lying. But... I think this is worth it," he said, taking the other boy's hand in his. Heero couldn't help but smile.


Trowa asked question after question for hours, scribbling something on his pad occasionally. He seemed deep in thought, keeping his eyes on his writings, seldom nodding to Hellen to let her know he was listening.

They were sitting inside now; the sun had long bestowed its heavenly throne to the moon, the warmth of the day giving way to the night's chilling breeze. The three of them were seated at the table; Trowa and Hellen were facing each other, talking, while Quatre was across from them, following the conversation intently. Trowa was asking some questions the police had already asked before and Quatre felt sorry for Hellen for having to go over it again.

Finally, after hours had gone by - endless eons for Hellen's wounded heart - Trowa decided it was all he wanted to know and thanked her.

"We will leave you for today, ma'am. You've helped us a lot and now it's our turn to work," he said, still scribbling something. He raised his eyes from the paper he'd been writing on to look at Quatre. "Shall we go?"

Quatre nodded, rising from his chair. "We will contact you as soon as we find out something. Please try not to worry," he said looking at Hellen softly.

"How can I not?" she sighed. "Just find him... Please. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to Duo."

They both nodded before saying their goodbyes and leaving the estate.


"So, did this clear out anything for you? Any suspects?" Quatre asked as they both entered the car.

"Hmm... Yes and no. She didn't tell me anything you hadn't already told me, but I think I might have a suspect."

"Really? Who?"

"Heero Yuy, of course."

"Heero?!" Quatre raised his voice in surprise, paling slightly.

"Why are you so surprised? He had a perfect motive."

"I know."

"Why so surprised, then?"

"I went to question him... I think he didn't do it."

"Well, I'd like to question him myself."

"Why? You don't think I did a good job, is that it? Don't you trust me?"

"I-- Of course I do! What is this all about?" the tall man blinked, finally beginning to understand. "Do you--know him?" Trowa asked disbelievingly.

"Yes," the blond man nodded. "He's a friend of mine."

Trowa's eyes widened as he stared at his lover. "A friend?" he echoed. "But I don't know him!"

Quatre blinked a couple of times before giving him an exquisite smile.

"Well, baby, you don't know all of my friends."

Trowa nodded, closing his eyes. He was burning with jealousy. He didn't know why; nothing Quatre said or did indicated that he was anything more than a friend with the Japanese boy, but he couldn't help it.

"I know," he said, "But you should have told me about him. I don't think it's good you're friends with the prime suspect on the case you're working on. As he's your friend, you can't think clearly."

"He's not the prime suspect! We have no suspects! I refuse to believe Heero would do such a thing!"

"Why are you protecting him?!" Trowa almost yelled, the jealousy finally getting the better of him. "Will you let him keep that boy imprisoned, torture him and maybe even kill him just because you think he's your friend? Because you think he's a good person? Come on, Quatre! Think of the poor kid."

Quatre closed his eyes, thinking it over. It wouldn't hurt to go and talk to Heero again, would it? He didn't want the Japanese boy to think that he had stopped trusting him, but Heero would understand. And, hopefully, that way Trowa would stop doubting Heero as well. Yes, they should go, Quatre decided and that was exactly what he told Trowa. The tall man smiled and ran the back of his hand across Quatre's cheek briefly before starting the car and heading for Heero's apartment.


Trowa knocked for the third time, waiting for the answer that never came. He gave up at last, turning to face his partner.

"He's not home."

"I can see that, but where can he be?" the blond man wondered furrowing his brow slightly.


"Now wait a minute! If he's not home it doesn't automatically mean he's with that Maxwell kid!"

"No, but it's very suspicious. Did you tell him not to leave town?"

"Yes! No! I--" Quatre paused, trying hard to remember. "I- I didn't. I told you, I didn't consider him a suspect and, besides, where could he go? He has no living relatives in this country, nor any money."

"Well, he obviously went somewhere."

"Oh, come on, Trowa! How do you know he didn't simply go for a walk?"

"Hmm... Let's wait for him then."


"Let's go back to the car and wait for him. If he doesn't show up in an hour, we'll go to the station and ask Wufei to give you a warrant. I think he'd be glad to give it to you, as he needs a suspect badly. But... You'll have to go alone, as I don't think he'd be happy to see me helping with this case."

Quatre frowned, but nodded. Oh God, where was Heero? Quatre only hoped that the Japanese boy would return home soon, so that Trowa could stop suspecting him and they could go back to looking for the real kidnapper.


"When are you leaving? Heero asked, running his fingers through Duo's hair which cascaded freely over the boy's back, surrounding them.

"In the morning..." he trailed off. "But remember," he added quickly, "the sooner I leave, the sooner I'll come back."

"Yeah..." Heero murmured, rolling them over so that he was lying on top of Duo, "but I don't want you to leave." The words were whispered tenderly, Heero's lips trembling against the other boy's, making Duo's breathing difficult. The smaller body beneath Heero arched up, closing the distance between them. They kissed hard, completely taken by passion.

They both knew this was the last night they would spend together in a couple of days and that made their kiss even more intense, more desperate. Duo's fingertips traced the well-defined muscles on Heero's back, slowly going lower, following the boy's spine.

The Japanese boy's chest and back were completely exposed to Duo's assaults, as he liked to sleep only in his boxers. Duo on the other hand, was still fully dressed, giving his lover the pleasure of unwrapping the most beautiful present he could get - Duo.

They broke the kiss, panting slightly and looking at each other through dazed eyes. Heero started kissing Duo's jaw as his hand sneaked under Duo's shirt. The fingertips tickled their way up the boy's stomach, caressing the chest and purposely, brushing over a nipple. Duo moaned, parting his lips slightly and closing his eyes.

Heero's lips detached themselves from the delicious skin on Duo's neck they had been kissing and nibbling on, and Heero spoke. "Let's get this off, shall we?" he asked, tugging at Duo's shirt. Duo nodded and in less then a second it was over his head and off. The cloth was carelessly thrown onto the floor, long forgotten before it even touched the ground.

Heero's lips returned to tasting Duos' neck, sucking gently at the beautiful alabaster skin of the longhaired boy. Duo's head was thrown back, giving Heero perfect access to his skin.

"Be careful..." Duo tried to speak, but a long moan interrupted him, "Nnnn Heero... Not to leave any marks on me, cause my parents might notice. I don't think it would make them... nnn... very happy."

Heero barely registered what Duo had said, his mind completely overwhelmed by the taste, sight and feeling of the beautiful creature beneath him. Heero's lips closed around Duo's Adam's apple, sucking for a while before inching lower and running his tongue over the boy's collarbone.

Duo's fingers were digging into Heero's shoulder, small moans escaping his lips as his other hand buried itself deep into the masses of unruly hair, guiding the Japanese boy's head lower.

Heero kissed downwards, over the broad chest and the muscled stomach, until he reached the waistband of the pants Duo still had on. He traced the visible erection with his finger before squeezing it teasingly through the material. Duo couldn't help but thrust into Heero's hand, a gasp escaping his lips, and the hand in Heero's hair tightening its grip.

Heero unbuttoned Duo's pants, pushing them down the long legs slowly. After discarding the cloth, he ran his fingers over Duo's skin, caressing the smooth legs and inner thighs before fixing them firmly on the oval globes of Duo's ass.

"No underwear," he murmured. He didn't hear what Duo said in reply, but it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was that this beautiful boy beneath him was naked, ready, and willing. That thought made Heero's aching erection even harder and he leaned down, claiming the boy's lips.

Heero's hand returned to teasing Duo's nipple, making the boy moan into Heero's mouth. He squeezed and rubbed the nipple until it was as hard as a pebble, before giving the same treatment to the other.

After breaking the kiss, Heero's head moved lower and within seconds he found himself looking at the boy's erection. He blew at the tip, eliciting a sharp gasp from his lover before taking it into his mouth and tasting the little pre cum found there.

He swirled his tongue around Duo's hard cock, slowly lowering his head and taking more of the other boy into his mouth. His hands moved to Duo's hips, holding him firmly and preventing him from thrusting into his mouth.

The Japanese boy's head went up and down, his tongue gently teasing the head of Duo's cock and making the longhaired boy moan loudly.

Duo was really close. He knew he was about to come and then he felt Heero fondling his balls and that was it. He didn't scream or shout; with a sharp intake of breath, followed by a moan, he emptied his passion down Heero throat, letting the Japanese boy suck him soft.

Heero let Duo's now limp cock slide out of his mouth before kissing him again. Duo could taste himself in Heero's mouth and he found that fact very arousing. He could still feel Heero's hand on his balls, gently touching, caressing - teasing. It didn't take him long to start getting hard again.

Heero's hand wrapped itself around Duo's half-hard cock and started stroking it. The Japanese boy enjoyed the feel of the velvety skin beneath his fingers, but obviously not nearly as much as Duo enjoyed the feel of Heero's long fingers around his cock. Duo's head was trashing from side to side, incoherent words leaving his lips, which sounded a lot like 'harder' and 'more' but couldn't have been distinguished between loud pants that followed them.

Within seconds, Duo was rock hard again, quickly nearing his second climax, but he didn't want that. He wanted to come at the same time as Heero, feeling the other boy's cock deep inside him.

That's why he reached for Heero's hand, surprising the Japanese boy as he stopped his ministrations. Without saying a word, Duo rolled them over, pinning Heero under him and smiling at the stunned statement on the boy's face. He leaned closer, whispering mischievously into Heero's ear, "My turn."

With that, he started kissing Heero's chest, teasing the nipples with his tongue. It appeared that they both had sensitive nipples as Heero started making some of the most erotic sounds Duo had ever heard.

Still teasing the nipples, Duo guided Heero's hand to the boy's lips, making him take the fingers into his mouth. Heero gladly obeyed, sucking the digits thoroughly. Then Duo led the hand lower, positioning the fingers in front of his own entrance.

Heero teased the entrance for a few moments before pushing one of his fingers inside. For a moment, there was pain, but then it was gone. Duo relaxed, letting Heero prepare him. Soon another finger followed the first, making Duo moan and push down to meet the intruders.

The feeling of Heero's fingers stretching his channel was wonderful, but Duo wanted more. He wanted to feel the Japanese boy inside him and he wanted it now. Not being able to wait any longer, he hooked his fingers into Heero's boxers, pulling them off with one swift movement.

Duo traced the side of Heero's body with his hand, marveling at the view of his naked lover, before applying the spit on Heero's hard cock. As he did that, he propped himself up on his knees, straddling Heero.

He positioned his entrance over the Japanese boy's arousal, lowering himself slowly. He moaned deep in his throat as he felt the blunt tip nudge at his entrance and pushed lower still. He felt a stab of pain momentarily, as Heero's arousal came past the tight ring of muscle, but, before the second was up, the pain was gone.

Duo pushed down until Heero was completely buried inside of him and then paused, getting used to the feeling of Heero's erection stretching him. His eyes were closed and his breathing hard, slowly returning to normal.

Heero's hands fixed on Duo's sides, holding him firmly, and he started making small thrust, enjoying the incredible tightness around him.

As he was finally ready, Duo lifted his lower body, so that only the tip of Heero's erection was still inside him, before pushing down and taking Heero back in with that single thrust. He kept on moving, biting his lower lip to prevent himself from screaming.

Their speed increased with each thrust, filling Duo more completely every time and bringing him closer to climax. Heero was thrusting upwards to meet Duo, his fingers digging deep into the flesh on Duo's hips.

The Japanese boy shifted slightly before thrusting again and hitting that magical spot in Duo's body. This time, Duo could not fight back a scream as his vision blurred and thick mist clouded his mind.

Heero took Duo hand in his, guiding it to the boy's arousal. Duo knew what Heero wanted him to do and he started pumping his erection in time with the thrusts. They were both so close... A few rough strokes and Duo came, Heero's name escaping his lips.

Feeling the walls of Duo's passage clamp around him and hearing the beautiful boy moan his name in the peak of passion was all it took for Heero and he climaxed, emptying himself deep into his American lover.

It took them a few moments to recover before Duo let Heero's cock slip out of him and rolled over to lay next to the Japanese boy. Duo gave him a peck on the cheek before going to the bathroom to take a shower.


The next morning was quiet, even more quiet than usual. Neither of them said much while they had breakfast, too deep in their thoughts to acknowledge one another.

Duo was torn between happiness and sadness - he was going to see his parents, but he had to leave Heero. No matter how many times he repeated to himself that it would all work out and that the two of them would be happy, he just couldn't believe it.

Finally, it was time to go, so they collected all their things. Heero had decided to return to his apartment, too, since there was no reason for him to stay in that house anymore. As they opened the door to leave, Heero turned, glancing around the old house once more.

"We shouldn't have spent an entire day cleaning it. It was pointless."

"Ah, but it was fun!" Duo grinned broadly and, seeing how much it made Duo happy, Heero couldn't help but agree.

"If you say so."

"Of course! You know I'm always right!" the longhaired boy winked and draped his arm over Heero's shoulder. "Let's go!"

Their walk back to the city didn't take nearly as long as it took them to get there, since this time Duo was able to walk on his own and Heero wasn't tired like he'd been before.

After just a little over an hour, they were walking down one of the largest streets in the city, hundreds of people swarming everywhere around them. Duo noticed some of the people were looking at him and he turned into an alley abruptly, pulling Heero with him.

"What's wrong?" Heero asked, the dark of the alley hiding his face.

"People are looking at me," Duo stated uncomfortably.

"Of course they are. Who wouldn't want to look at you? You are beautiful," Heero said, tracing the outline of Duo's lips with his finger and making the boy blush.

"That's not what I meant. They recognized me! Or even if they didn't, I must have seemed familiar to them and they'll remember."

Heero paled.

"It's too dangerous, Heero, you might get caught. I should go the rest of the way alone."

"No! I can't just leave you here! What if something happens?"

"Nothing will happen. I know how to get home from here and, besides, these streets are crowded. No one could do anything without someone noticing even if they tried. The worst thing that could happen to me is watch you go to prison. Let's meet in front of my school in two days, ok?"

Heero nodded weakly. He didn't want to leave Duo, but the pleading look in the amethyst orbs stopped him from arguing. He pressed Duo against the wall, kissing him once more for goodbye.

They explored each other's mouths slowly, gently, enjoying the kiss and the feeling of their bodies pressed so close. Too soon, Heero pulled away.

"We should go," he said and Duo nodded.

As they exited the alley, each headed in a different direction, going home.


Heero walked down the road slowly, looking at his old neighborhood. A cold hand squeezed his heart with icy fingers; he was back to his old life, his misery. The happiness he felt during the last few days left his heart as if it hadn't been there in the first place. He sighed. /Duo will come back. He will come back./ Heero assured himself uselessly.

He was too deep in thought to notice the three police cars parked just across his building. It was something he normally never would have missed, since it was extremely rare seeing police in that part of the city, but this time it didn't strike him as unusual.

He climbed the stairs to the first floor where his apartment was located, reaching for the door to unlock it, only to find it already open. He pushed the door ajar and froze as he saw his apartment was filled with police. Then he noticed Quatre.

"Quatre! What is this all about? Why are you searching my house?"

All heads in the room turned to look at him, including Quatre and Trowa.

"Heero!" Quatre exclaimed, but before he could say anything else, Trowa spoke.

"Mr. Yuy, I'm Detective Barton," Trowa introduced himself politely, showing Heero his badge to prove his words. "We suspect you might be involved in the kidnapping of Duo Maxwell," Trowa explained, all the while looking into Heero's eyes in search of fear or guilt. Heero's face, however, remained expressionless, so Trowa continued.

"Would you mind going to the station and answering some questions? I advise you to come willingly or otherwise we'll be forced to arrest you."

Heero looked calm, although he felt anything but. He glanced at Quatre who was staring at his feet, avoiding the Japanese boy's eyes.

Seeing there was nothing else he could do, Heero held out his hands, allowing Trowa to handcuff him. He followed the two detectives to their car calmly, Duo's words echoing in his mind. /The worst thing that could happen to me is watch you go to prison./


End of Part 10