Title: Captured by Feelings 9/?
Author: Sana
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Pairing: 1x2
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The late morning sun illuminated the longhaired figure sitting on the mattress, who seemed deep in thought. He had been sitting there ever since Heero had gone to the bathroom, not seeming to have moved. He only shifted so that his back was against the wall and looked around the room longingly.

What was about to happen now? Duo knew very well that his parents would not stop searching for him until they found him; he knew very well how much they cared for him. How long would it be before they found them? Were they safe here? Probably safer than anywhere else.

He glanced around again. The idea of spending the rest of his life in a place like this didn't really appeal to him. But where else could they go? All he wanted was to take Heero home, show him the beautiful gardens of their estate, swim with him in the pool and teach him how to enjoy life. He wanted to give Heero the happiness and wealth he took for granted for all those years. He wanted Heero to have all the things the Japanese boy didn't.

More than anything, he wanted his parents to understand this. He wanted them to forgive Heero, although he knew they never would. He wished it was possible to erase the past, so they could all get along.

He sighed at the thought of his parents. God, he missed them. He really wanted to see them, but he could never leave Heero. If he could only leave for a day or two and then return...

Duo dismissed that thought quickly. It was too risky.

He sighed. Well, he could live here for a while longer. It didn't matter as long as he had Heero with him.

He lowered himself onto the mattress, trying to get some more sleep. Only moments later, he heard the water in the shower stop, followed by the sound of Heero's steps as the other boy entered the room.

Heero had a towel wrapped tightly around his waist, which swayed perfectly over his ass as he walked. Small drops of water were still trickling down his chest, shining brightly as the sun reflected in them.

He held another towel, lazily rubbing his hair dry and turning to look at his lover at the same time.

As he saw Duo, he couldn't help but smile. The other boy was absolutely adorable. He was lying on his side, his body curled like a baby, hugging the blanket close for warmth. Heero's feet took him to the edge of the bed and he could not resist running the tips of his fingers over the smooth skin of Duo's cheek.

Duo smiled, one amethyst eye opening slightly.

"Aren't you cold?" he asked as he noticed Heero's state of undress and pulled the blanket off of himself invitingly.

"More than I realized," Heero replied and slid under the covers next to his lover.

They hugged each other close, but Duo flinched at the contact.

"You're so cold!" he exclaimed, rubbing his hands over Heero's arms and chest in an effort to warm him up.

"It's because of that shower. I'll be ok, don't worry, it's just a bit of cool water," he added quickly when he noticed Duo's worried look.

"We have to do something about that shower... And also about this whole house. If you plan that we stay here, Heero, I think we should clean it up."

"I agree," the Japanese boy said nodding. "I brought everything we need to get this place clean. But what do you say to eating first? Aren't you hungry?"


"Then why in the world didn't you say so? I've brought food. We have plenty of it."

"Let's go eat then!"

Duo jumped off the bed, pulling Heero up as well. He picked up his clothes quickly, putting them on automatically before running to get the bag with food.


"There it is. That's the house. I think you can park the car across the street," the blond man said, pointing at an empty space at the parking lot.

As they parked the car, he turned to look at the man who was driving.

"Thanks again, Trowa. I'm really glad you're helping me."

The other man nodded, smiling and pushed open the door.

They crossed the street silently and walked through the gate, entering the small garden.

It was the first time Trowa was there, and he looked around, familiarizing himself with the surroundings.

There were some trees and a lot of flowers in front of the house, making it look nice, but nothing special. At first sight, one might say that the house looked modest, even. But Trowa knew better.

Everyone knew how rich the Maxwells were, but they didn't want to boast about it. They had huge gardens on the other side of the house, which they kept away from the public's eye.

Trowa was too busy looking at the house that he didn't even notice the old woman sweeping the path that led to the front door, now only a few feet in front of them. She stopped when she noticed them, giving Quatre a weak smile.

"Good day Mr. Winner," she greeted him politely, turning a questioning gaze at Trowa.

"Good day, Sara. Is Mrs. Maxwell at home? Detective Barton and I need to see her."

"Yes, she's in the gardens. I'll take you to her," she said, gesturing to them to follow her.

They walked through the house quickly, but Quatre still noticed that they were passing through the part of it he hadn't seen before. He didn't think about it, though, as he was focusing his thoughts on the case, slightly worried about what Hellen would think of Trowa.

He was brought back from his thoughts as the bright sun greeted him -- the gardens. His aqua-blue eyes narrowed before he raised his left hand to his face, stopping the sun from blinding him.

Now that he was once again able to see, Quatre looked around. As far as his eyes could reach, he couldn't see the end of the gardens on any side. There were endless rows of trees to his right, mostly different kinds of fruit, but there were some kinds he hadn't seen before as well. They were probably imported from a country far away and it was a hell of a job to take care of them in this climate, the blond man thought briefly.

There were beautiful flowers everywhere around them, their bright colors in contrast with the green grass, which slightly resembled Trowa's eyes. The day was sunny and warm and Quatre could see why Hellen decided to spend it there. The view of the gardens was magnificent and, in a way, calming.

He didn't even realize they were still walking, completely mesmerized by the sight of the estate, until they stopped. That brought him back from his reverie and his eyes fixed on Hellen.

The blond woman was sitting in a chair under a very tall cherry tree. There was a small table in front of her, as well as three other chairs made of bamboo. She seemed surprised to see the two men there, probably not expecting Quatre to return before tomorrow.

She greeted them with a polite smile and asked them to sit down.

"I didn't expect you to return so soon," she admitted. "Thank you. And this is Mr. Barton, I presume?"

"Yes. I hope I can help find your son, ma'am," the tall man spoke for the first time.

"I hope so, too. Thank you for coming. And don't worry about money; we'll pay as much as you ask, just, please, find him."

"Money is irrelevant. I'm here because Quatre asked me to help, so simply consider me as another member of the police."

Hellen was slightly surprised by the statement and once again couldn't help but wonder if there was something between the two.

"I've already informed Tro-- detective Barton about the case, so there's no need to go through that again. However, I think he might have some questions he'd like to ask you, something the police might have overlooked."

The woman's eyes moved from Quatre to Trowa, "Alright. What do you want to know?"


"Mmm... Man, this is good!" Duo said over a mouthful of food.

He ate quickly, hardly bothering to chew and Heero couldn't hide the disbelief clearly visible in his eyes as he watched the American eat. It was already his third can of... something. The label read "Boranija" and it appeared to be some mixture of vegetables, but Duo didn't care. He was so hungry that the only thing that mattered was that it was edible and, surprisingly, quite good.

"Where do you put it?" Heero wondered aloud.


"How can you eat so much? I thought we'd have food to last us a week, but I guess I was wrong."

The Japanese boy smiled, "One of us will need to go to the city and buy more food, but not today. What we have should be enough."

Duo blushed.

"Sorry. I didn't eat for two days, it's only normal I eat this much. After all, I'm a growing boy," he winked.

Heero smiled and shook his head.

"Whatever. Now about the cleaning... Are you up for it?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, I don't believe you've ever cleaned a house in your life. I suppose you have maids where you live, right?"

Duo looked down. His wealth made him feel so guilty now, but it was true. Whatever he wanted, his parents would have done for him. There was very little he needed or was even allowed to do himself.

"Yes," he whispered almost inaudibly. "But it can't be hard. Anyway, you'll show me, won't you?" he asked, amethyst eyes once again bright and hopeful.

Heero nodded, moving out of the room and retrieving the broom and rags he'd brought earlier.

"Where do we start?"

"Um... I guess we should clean the room we'll spend most of our time in first, since we won't be able to clean the entire house in a single day."

"Ok, which one is that?"

Duo blushed crimson, "The bedroom?"


They worked silently for hours. Heero was dusting and Duo was mopping. They needed to get the dust out of the mattress, so as they didn't have a vacuum cleaner, they decided to carry it out and beat the dust out of it.

After they had carried it out, they jumped on it, eliciting clouds of dust from the old mattress.

Heero was mumbling and cursing; apparently, he was allergic to dust. Duo seemed to have a lot more fun, however. He was bouncing up and down, cheering happily.

"Yay! I haven't had this much fun in a long time!"

"Speak for yourself. I can't wait to get this over with," Heero said glaring at the mattress. If it could, it probably would have melted under the power of his gaze.

"Aww, Heero, don't be such a spoil-sport!" Duo whined."Come on! Come and jump with me!"

The dark haired boy rolled his eyes and, covering his nose and mouth with a hand, moved to kick the mattress.

Once there was no more dust erupting from the old mattress, they carried it inside, to Duo's great sadness. They proceeded to clean the bathroom after that and neither of them seemed to enjoy the experience.

After a couple of hours and countless eww's from Duo, they were finally done. The sun was already setting, but at least the house was livable now.


The door burst open and a tall, slender man entered. His short blond hair was perfectly combed, hinting at just what kind of a perfectionist he was. He was wearing a black suit, a tie, and a very serious statement. Behind him was a woman, probably a secretary, telling him over and over again that he had no right to simply walk into the chief's office and that he would get in trouble. But the blond man ignored her. He appeared as if he couldn't hear her at all.

Wufei, whose head had snapped up from the papers he'd been working on as soon as the door had opened, was looking at the man, feeling his throat tighten slightly as he realized who it was.

"Leave us, Molly," he said to the woman, his eyes still locked with the man's. The woman looked at him in confusion for a few moments before nodding and leaving the office while closing the door at the same time.

The man stood quietly near the door, simply glaring at the Chinese chief. Wufei felt more uncomfortable with each passing second.

"Mr. Maxwell," he greeted, "Please." He pointed to one of the chairs before sitting down himself.

It appeared at first as if the man would ignore him, but then he moved to one of the chairs and sat, still not saying a word.

"I believe you're here because of the case," Wufei began when it became obvious that Solo would not return his greeting. "We talked on the phone yesterday and I told you, we're doing the best we can--"

"You still haven't found him." It wasn't a question; he just stated the obvious.

"No," the chief breathed quietly and jumped as Solo's fist collided with the table.

"What do you mean you haven't found him? What are people paying you for? To sit around and eat doughnuts all day? What am I paying you for? The new vehicles, computers and bulletproof vests... You have those thanks to me, remember? And now when I need you to save my boy, you won't!"

"Well, it's not like we don't want to do it--" Wufei tried to protest, but was interrupted once again.

"But you can't, right? Well, in that case, you should let someone who could take your place!"

Wufei's statement darkened. He didn't like where this was going. No, not at all.

"We believe this was done by a professional, possibly even a group of people--"

"I don't care! You're supposed to be professionals too, or am I mistaken?"

Wufei bit his lower lip. Solo had gotten him so angry by now that he had to fight the urge to hit the blond man upside the head.

"Don't worry, Mr. Maxwell, we will get him back."

"So you keep telling me. Well, you better do it, or else I'll make sure you can't find a job anywhere in this state."

He said it in a matter-of-fact voice and Wufei couldn't suppress a shiver. He knew it was true.

The blond man gave Wufei another piercing stare before rising to his feet and leaving the room. The Chinese man stared at the door for a while after it closed, still feeling unease in the pit of his stomach. He really had to find that boy, he thought as he ran his fingers through his hair.


Duo shifted, making himself more comfortable on his pillow that was Heero. He inhaled deeply, enjoying the masculine smell of his lover. His lips moved across the Japanese boy's stomach playfully, trailing butterfly kisses over every part of alabaster skin he could reach. A strangled sound escaped Heero's lips and Duo looked at him, surprised.

"What? That tickles, you know."

Heero looked so adorable as he said that, making it impossible for Duo not to giggle. The longhaired boy moved closer, covering Heero's lips with his own.

They kissed passionately, tongues moving against each other, slowly at first, their speed increasing as the boys' hunger for each other grew. Their heated bodies were pressed tightly against each other and Duo could feel himself starting to get hard. He moaned into Heero's mouth as the other boy's hands followed the path of his spine.

Duo's whole body was on fire, so it took him a while to realize that his lungs were also burning in the need of air and he pulled away. He pressed his forehead against Heero's, closing his eyes and enjoying the moment.

"I wish you could stay with me forever," Duo heard him say. That single sentence brought all the thoughts of home rushing back to Duo's mind and he opened his eyes, staring into the cobalt pools mere inches away. He pulled away then, his eyes moving to stare at the wall.

"What is wrong?" Heero asked him, already becoming worried.

"Nothing. I mean, I like being with you, but..."


"I miss my family."

They both fell silent for a few moments. It was obvious there was something more Duo wanted to say and Heero didn't want to rush him.

Finally, he said, "I want to go home."

Heero's eyes widened, his brain failing to provide him with an answer.



End of Part 9