Title: Captured by Feelings
Author: Sana
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Warnings: yaoi, angst, AU, OOC, lemon!
Pairing: 1x2
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Author's notes: Does anyone still remember this fic? Probably not, as it took me so long to write this part. Well, just in case someone does care, here it is.

Part 7


Heero leaned forward capturing Duo's lips once again. His hands moved over Duo's back upwards until resting on the back of Duo's head, sinking in the chestnut mass. He pulled at the base of the long rope of hair in a desperate effort to bring the two of them even closer.

Heero could feel Duo's hands on his chest, playing with the buttons of his shirt, as if asking permission to take it off. The other long arm was wrapped tightly around his waist making it impossible for Heero to move.

After pulling away for air, Duo wrapped both of his hands around Heero and buried his face in the crock between the dark haired boy's neck and shoulder. He slowly turned his face to the golden skin of Heero's almost temptingly exposed neck and licked. The wetness startled the Japanese boy, making him jerk a little. Seeing that as a sign to stop, Duo hastily pulled away.

"Sorry," he murmured.

"For what?"

"Well you obviously didn't like that. I don't know what was I thin--"

He was silenced with a big sloppy kiss on the lips, his words swallowed by the other boy.

"Duo..." he smiled after pulling away and tucked some loose strands behind Duo's ear.

Still smiling, he leaned forward, copying Duo's actions. The skin on Duo's neck was smooth and soft under his tongue as he tasted him. Licks giving their way to wet kisses, Heero moved upwards, capturing one of Duo's earlobes. The longhaired boy made a sound that was something between a gasp an a moan and dug his fingers deep into the unruly hair.

The wet intruder traced the outlines of the delicate earlobe, pausing only for a moment while he nibbled at the top. The path of kisses continued down Duo's jaw and up, toward the other earlobe. After giving it the same treatment as to the previous one, Heero moved lower. Tracing the collarbone, he slid one hand under Duo's shirt and pushed it upwards. As soon as he succeeded in pulling it off of Duo's head, Heero returned to pleasuring the other boy with his mouth, carelessly throwing the shirt to the floor at the same time.

He paused his ministrations only for a second, devouring the beautiful body before him with his eyes. The boy looked like a vision. His body was slightly muscled, just enough to make him handsome, but gentle at the same time. He seemed perfect in every way, making Heero wonder if he could be real or just a product of his mind.

The alabaster skin drew Heero closer, as if asking to be touched and explored, and before a second was up, Heero was back to trailing kisses across the broad chest. He circled his tongue around one pink nipple, sucking on it and making the other boy gasp loudly. At the sound all the blood in Heero's body went straight to his manhood, immediately awakening his arousal.

Heero held one hardened nipple between his teeth, teasing it with his tongue, while his hand worked on the other one. By now Duo was moaning, each of the erotic sounds hardening Heero's need even more.

Giving one last nib at the nipple he trailed lower across the flat stomach, pausing when he reached the boy's navel. After drawing a few circles around it, his tongue plucked inside. Although Duo had expected something like that to happen, he couldn't have prepared himself for it. The feeling was so intense and so... strange. Like nothing he had ever felt before. He inhaled loudly, arching his back as far as it would go without breaking any bones, and tightened his grip on Heero's hair at the same time. Duo felt truly wonderful. No one has ever touched him in such an intimate way like the Japanese boy was doing right now. His body was being worshiped, and he couldn't help but feel a little guilty for having all the pleasure and doing nothing in return.

Just as he was about to voice his thoughts, he felt Heero nuzzling his arousal through the tick material of the jeans and all the words flew right out of the window, unspoken. His mind filled with mist, but somewhere in the distance, he was sure he heard himself groan.

Heero pulled away from the easily visible bulge in the black jeans of the longhaired boy and looked straight into the amethyst eyes.

"May I?" he asked, tracing the confined erection with his finger.

"Please!" Duo almost screamed, bucking his hips upwards and making Heero smile.

After rubbing Duo's shaft with his palm for a few more seconds and making the boy growl in anticipation, Heero slowly eased the zipper, freeing the hardness. Duo's member stood up proud, hidden away from the lustful cobalt gaze by nothing more than the thin fabric of his boxers. Heero slid the jeans down the long legs and off. Not a second later, the boxers followed.

And then, finally, Heero could see the beautiful boy in all his glory. He stared at him hungrily, taking in every curve and muscle, and Duo couldn't suppress a shiver as the needy cobalt eyes caressed his skin. The eyes travelled downwards and Duo felt himself blush.

Suddenly Heero jumped off the bed and whirled Duo around so that his legs were dangling off the edge of the mattress. He started to kneel between the creamy thighs only to be stopped by Duo. To his confused look the longhaired boy answered simply: "I want to see you too," voice husky with desire.

He shifted on the bed, folding his legs beneath himself and reached out his hands, unbuttoning Heero's shirt. He licked his lips in anticipation as inch after inch of golden skin revealed itself for his eyes only. He worked on the seemingly endless line of buttons, finally reaching the last one. As he worked it open, Heero pulled his arms back, letting the shirt slide to the floor.

Duo ran his hand across Heero's chest enjoying the feel of hard muscles beneath his fingers. The fingers sneaked lower, feeling the hard abs and finally reaching the waistband of Heero's pants. Without hesitation he unbuttoned them, pushing them to the floor.

They stood there facing each other naked for a long moment, graceful bodies illuminated by moonlight, unsure of what to do next. Neither of them had any prior experience in sex, thus leaving it to their minds to think of what to do.

Duo was the first one to move, pulling Heero in an almost bruising kiss. The Japanese boy kissed back with equal enthusiasm and let himself be pulled down onto the mattress, landing on top of Duo.

As their bodies connected, a surge of energy shot through them, making them shiver. They were flushed against one another; chest against chest, flat stomach against flat stomach and hardness against hardness.

Heero's hand traced the side of Duo's body, making the smaller boy moan in his mouth. They were both so hard it hurt, and the closeness they shared didn't help. Even the slightest movement caused their erections to rub against each other, making a wonderful friction and bringing them closer to the moment of white nothingness.

After breaking the kiss they were both panting, Duo's pink tongue darting out of his mouth to lick the beautiful full lips. Heero wanted nothing more than to feel that warm mouth close around his cock, taking him to the heights far above his wildest dreams.

He kissed Duo on the shoulder, repeating the action a few times before burying his teeth in the soft skin and causing a surprised yelp from the boy. Heero sucked gently, making the delicate skin bruise, marking the boy as his.

Duo's hands were moving feverishly over Heero's back searching for sensitive spots and remembering the few he found. He could feel the Japanese boy's hand move behind him, reaching for his hair. The once neat braid was already in complete disarray, long stands of hair escaping the elastic band and falling on each side of the heart shaped face. Heero tugged on the band, freeing Duo's hair completely and letting it fall around them, surrounding them.

After placing a few more kisses on the shoulder, Heero trailed lower, towards Duo's hardened member. Never taking his lips away from the golden skin, Heero shifted on the bed so that Duo's legs were on each side of him.

As he reached the boy's midsection Heero paused looking up. The amethyst eyes looking back at him were darkened with need, making the beautiful face more gorgeous than ever. If he ever had any doubt about this, the look he just saw in the longhaired boy's eyes pushed it away. He wanted this.

He moved lower still, finally reaching his target. He ran his tongue over the underside of Duo's cock, making the boy moan loudly and jerk up on the bed. Heero then licked at the tip, capturing it with his warm lips. He sucked at it slowly, tasting the drop of pre-cum found there.

Duo groaned in impatience, bucking his hips upwards in an effort to burry himself deeper into the hot cavern. Heero simply smiled around the boy's pulsing arousal, sliding it deeper in his mouth. Inch by inch his head moved lower, discovering new layers of pleasure for Duo to enjoy. The longhaired beauty was panting, his head trashing from side to side. All the coherent thoughts were lost in the intense waves of passion riding through him, the only presence still known to him was the warm mouth enveloping him. And then he felt two fingers pressing against his mouth. Without thinking, he parted his lips taking them in.

Duo closed his eyes, imagining it was more than just Heero's fingers in his mouth, sucking on the long digits furiously. He sucked thoroughly, whirling his tongue around the fingers and taking them as deep inside his mouth as they would go. The sight of Duo taking his fingers in and out of his mouth, nearly made Heero come right then and there. But he was determined to make the American boy come first, so reluctantly, he pulled his fingers out of the warmth that was Duo's mouth.

Heero's fingers traced a wet line over the broad chest, the flat stomach, and finally reaching the boy's midsection. He took Duo's leg and placed it over his shoulder, getting a good excess to the longhaired boy's puckered hole. During all this time, his mouth never left Duo's arousal and he could feel the other boy getting closer to the edge with every bob of his head.

Heero moved his slick fingers lower, touching Duo's hidden entrance. He circled it a couple of times before pushing one slender finger inside, making Duo moan and buck his hips upwards, welcoming the intruder. Heero started working his finger in and out of Duo slowly, increasing the pace with each thrust. Shortly after, he added another finger, and another, shifting Duo's body so he could push deeper inside. And as he did, his fingers brushed against Duo's prostate, making the boy scream Heero's name as loud as he could.

"Heero!!! I'm gonna... ah... I'm gonna..."

And then the world became too distant as he emptied himself in Heero's mouth. He felt so light, almost like flying. He felt like he could reach the stars and pick them off the sky with his hands if only he wanted to.

As he felt the weight on his chest, he started falling, the stars drifting out of reach quickly, finding himself back on the mattress in a matter of seconds, and another naked body on top of his own. Heero was smiling down at him, pushing the sweaty bangs off his forehead.

"That was just..." he trailed off, lacking the words to describe the intense feelings he'd experienced just moments ago.

"I know," Heero said nodding and leaned to kiss him. When they parted, Duo realized that his leg was still draped over the Japanese boy's shoulder. And then he felt something hard pressing against his entrance, the realization of what it was immediately re-awakening his arousal.

"Do you want this?" Heero asked shifting, so that his hardness brushed against Duo's warm hole, making the American moan loudly. He was looking straight into the amethyst eyes as he asked his question, something in the cobalt orbs promising that he would indeed stop if the answer was no.

All Duo could do was nod, words being a too complex action for his passion filled mind. He closed his eyes as desire overwhelmed him. In the distance he could hear his own pants and... -was it the sound of spitting?- before feeling his entrance stretch to welcome the huge intruder.

Heero moved slowly, careful not to hurt his new lover, but at the same time wanting nothing more than to bury himself to the hilt and screw the boy senseless. As soon as he noticed the frown on the heart shaped face, however, he stopped.

"Does it hurt?"

"A little," came the reply.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No..." the beautiful boy beneath him smiled. "Keep going."

So he did. And after just a few seconds he was settled fully inside, enjoying the perfect tightness around him. Soon Duo's breathing returned to a normal rate and Heero started to move, slowly at first and then faster and faster, speed increasing with each thrust.

Duo couldn't feel the mixture of pain and pleasure he felt before. The tearing pain was gone, leaving only waves of pleasure to wash over him. He knew he was close and every thrust brought him even closer to his second climax that night.

Two bodies in the dark room moved together as one, needing nothing more but he presence of one another. Heero's head was thrown back, cobalt blue eyes closed, small moans escaping his lips every time he drove into Duo's tight channel.

He didn't know how long he could take it, so he reached his hand, long fingers wrapping around the other boy's erection. Duo gasped and threw his head back, hair flying behind him. He was so close that it took only a couple of rough strokes before he came, sending his seed over the both of them.

This time Duo's release was much more intense, making him drive his teeth into Heero's shoulder in an effort to stop himself from screaming. But a strangled scream managed to escape his lips anyway. The sound of Duo screaming and the already incredible tightness becoming even tighter was all it took to make Heero come, emptying his passion deep inside the other boy.

Spent from his release, his hands weren't strong enough to hold him, and Heero slumped down on the smaller body beneath him.

They lay like that for a long while before Duo's hands came up to encircle Heero's waist. The Japanese boy pulled back just enough to see the violet-blue eyes sparkling with happiness. He gave him a quick kiss on the lips, before carefully pulling out of the longhaired boy.

He laid next to Duo, returning the embrace. The American snuggled closer, placing his head on the muscled chest, and in less than a minute Heero could hear even breathing, following his lover into the dreamland only a few seconds later.


End of part 7

Soooo.... What do you think? This was my first lemon and therefore it wasn't easy for me to write it, so please let me know what you think about it. Please! *makes chibi eyes*