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Title: The Autobiography of Duo Maxwell (ADB from here out) Chapter1
By: Jeanne AKA SailorAquaStar AKA CountryApple
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“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.”

That kinda became my life the day I ran into Heero again. It was at the grocery store. Apparently he’d seen a man with a long brown braid trailing behind him. This man stepped inside a grocery store. So, Heero followed. None of us stayed in close contact with each other. The chance to see one of us was always wonderful. Heero usually avoided such situations.

And who do you think he’d find by the milk cooler, then me. Ah that was a good day. Seeing Heero was just…WOAH. He’d grown out of his lanky look, however; he was still really thin. I was too. But, that was because I hated eating. Eating made me think of times when I couldn’t eat. Food was too rich. Besides, the guys at clubs really liked my being so thin.

Heero looked at me. I looked at him. It was this weird shock thing. I was just standing there, my hand half way in the freezer when he’s like, “Duo?” and I whip my head around to see him. He’s all gawking. And I was too so it was really strange. It wasn’t until the man who owned the store shouted in this obnoxious Middle East accent “You better close the door! I pay for electricity here!”

“Heero…” I half whisper this. My breath is sorta stuck in my lungs. “Why…” I want to ask why he hasn’t been around. Because, being the person I am, I wanted to fuck his brains out right there. I’m not kidding you. He was so amazingly beautiful. It was just like, “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you for years, let’s get it on right here in the milk cooler.” Yeah, that was exactly what was going through my head. Anyhow, instead of saying that, I said “are you here?” Wow, I sounded so very, very smart.

“I live around the corner. Why are you here?”

How do you tell someone “Oh, I here because I’m on my way to my apartment. I was having sex with some guy that didn’t matter to me and that I’ll never see again. So, you have a bed somewhere?” you can NOT say things like that to people. At least, not hot sexy best friend type people. “Just out…thought I’d get some milk, you know.”


“Hey um, you wouldn’t be interested in a cup of coffee would you?” It’s kinda weird. It’s like, yeah, I haven’t seen you in forever and a day, let’s go get coffee and pretend like we see each other every day.

“That would be great.” Heero said. I hardly heard him. I shoved the milk back into the cooler and headed out the door. Heero managed to follow. We didn’t talk much until we got to this coffee shop. It’s in the basement of this building and it’s so cool. I order something and so does he.

“So…how have things been? What have you been doing?” I ask, absently stirring my coffee. I lifted my cup to take a sip before he responded.

“I got married-“ cough sputter cough! Married? HE got married. Of all people to be gay and yet he got MARRIED?! “-Duo? Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” I gasp out, “Just a bit on the hot side. So, um who’s the lucky girl? Relena didn’t get married since the war, I know that.”

“No, it’s not Relena. And she isn’t all that lucky. Her name is Kate. We live a few blocks from here.” Images of Heero and some perky, large breasted, blond bimbo girl with little Heeros and bimbos running around my head. It was all I could think of. “We got a divorce a few months back.”

“A divorce? As in, a lack of marriage? But…you live together right?”

“Yes. I’m…I don’t know how to say this.” Heero took a long pause. “I’m gay. I er, didn’t figure it out until our last daughter was born. It took me four years to tell Kate.”

“You’re gay?” I can’t help, but be shocked at how surprised I sound. Heero just kinda blushes and looks down at his cup. “Heero, sorry. It’s just…I’ve been out for a long time myself. After leaving Hilde back in the colonies to come here. Look, how long has it been since you told anyone besides Kate? Do you want to come to my place and talk about it?”

“You’re place?” He took a thoughtful pause. “Yeah, that might be nice.”

Okay, even after YEARS of going to guy’s places and having sex, it just does not work to ask a guy to my place. It’s soooo bleah! Ugh, I hate it. And yet, before you can say “I’m skipping ahead in the story” Heero was at my apartment. Needless to say, there was very little talking after we got through the door and I pressed my lips onto his. He responded with an equal passion, almost rivaling mine. It was so nice. What a hello. Umm, more old movies. So, kiss, kiss, kiss, and then we found our way to the bedroom. I don’t know how much you want to hear, but let’s just leave it with this: It was the BEST sex I’d ever had in my life.

I think that’s what made me afraid. I’ve really never ever had sex that great. Mind blowing amazing pent up passion. It was SO great! The heated kisses, everywhere on my body and on his. The suckling and foreplay that just drove us mad. And of course the sex. Crazy sex. And it really scared me. Why was this time so much, much better than every other time? My first idea, it was just that time. Just the excitement of seeing Heero again.

To test my idea, I invited Heero over again. He came over in a heart beat. I almost think that, since I called his cell phone, he was just hanging out somewhere near by. He was here really fast. And then, we had sex. It was just as good! This time, we played a little. I had these strips of black silk I sometimes used. Just to tie someone’s hands up. They were nice, better than handcuffs. Sure, handcuffs were nice, but a guy didn’t want to wake up the next morning with his wrists all bruised and cut up. The silk gave the same effect, without bad result. Heero was really into it. It was just fantastic.

So I sorta came to a mental shrug. Okay, sleep with Heero until it goes away. Of course it will. Not like I could fall in love or anything. And there was this really awesome perk of sleeping with Heero. He was there in the morning. Sure, we woke up a few times with a hand in our crotch, but that was so physiological. Most of the time he would get up and make coffee. I’d come in and wrap my arms around him, kissing him on the cheek and playing like he was the housewife. It was fun. It was really cute.

I bet you’re wondering what happened to me having a job. Well, I kinda quit. I’d started writing and showed my work to a friend from the war. He said he’d support me since he thought it was so good. Ahh the joys of having friends with money. No reason what so ever to not just have sex with Heero and write. It was a most enjoyable life. For now that is.

Wow, a short chapter I guess. Oh well, please, ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages, continue to chapter two. Things are going to get much worse. Poor me. No, not poor me. Poor Heero! God damn it, I’m the one who still gets laid. Err…lets continue!