Title: The Autobiography of Duo Maxwell (Prolog)
Rating: R
Warnings: Two guys in love. Need I say more? Oh, umm some Het, but it's explained really quick so you don't have to worry about it. Just some past stuff. Please don't be afraid of it!
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Notes: Um...everything is from Duo's POV...I think that's about it.


It’s kinda crazy, the way things work out. For example, this computer is telling me that “kinda” is not a word. But I use it all the time! So, I write with it. I assume that if you’re reading my autobiography you’ve read some of my work. Or, you’re being forced to do it, for some reason. If that’s the case, at least I’m crazy enough to make it fun.

Okay, from my writing you’ve learned just about everything about my life during the war. I want to write about after the war. Why I’ve become a writer. And things are only happily ever after right now, at this moment. For all I know, that could end in a blink of an eye. People really need to recognize that happily ever after doesn’t last forever. It just doesn’t.

My life has been hard. I don’t think of the war years as part of my life. They were in so many ways, but they were so bad, I’d rather just forget about them. Because of that, this story starts with a very confused 16 year-old boy. He didn’t really have all the years that normal teenagers do. The years when he’d have the chance to figure out who the hell he was.

So, like any confused person would do, he dove head first into a sex driven relationship. Okay, not my best move, but I still loved my relationship with Hilde. She was a good friend. A sister. A sister that I banged almost every night. It’s so hard to explain what we had. She and I were part of the war, and needed to find each other. I think she might have just loved me. I might have loved her too. We didn’t know what we were doing. We both had all this passion built up. War can make you VERY horny. Stop gawking I’m serious. It’s all the fighting. Just makes you want to…you know.

The bad part about my relationship with Hilde, besides it’s lack of love, was that I was always looking for a lot more. I guess the two go hand in hand. Anyhow, I ended up going to lots of clubs at night. And one night, I walked into a gay bar. Everyone was so nice there; compared to the other clubs I’d been to. It was still a pulsing dancing madhouse, but people welcomed you even though you thought you were straight.

This is the first time I’m publicly saying this. I’m gay and in a wonderful relationship. So yeah, the tabloids were right. Mr. High profile author has a boyfriend. He’s watching me type this right now. Telling me I should stop writing and take care of the...heh heh, we’ll get into that later.

So, that night at the gay club, I found out about myself being gay. That is the oddest and most confusing thing I’ve ever written, but it’s true. This really amazing guy asked if I was a girl. I said no. He said that was a good thing, and then he took me to his apartment.

Needless to say, I packed up and left Hilde the next day. I still don’t think she understands, but I hoped on a shuttle to earth. As most people know, after the colonies were built and all, Earth became this place for the people that didn’t really fit in. Gay men and Lesbians, all those people. It was just a wasteland to the rich perfect people. But, when I set my feet down in New York City, I found out that I was home.

It didn’t take long to find a club. I got a job there. Another gay club. I went through way too many guys there. I’m surprised that I’m not dead or something. I didn’t really care. At the time, life was meaningless and sex was everything. I can’t remember any of the guys names. None at all. I wonder if I’ve seen them later. Hand in hand with some other fabulous guy. And, I’ll smile. Because that guy is happy. Even if he wasn’t a lost soul that I was with, he’s happy now.

During the war, there were other soldiers. Everyone knows that. What most people don’t know, is our names. The real names of the Gundam pilots. I don’t even write under my real name. I’d give away everyone’s name, but the others have these important lives now. You wouldn’t want to know who was part of this. But, my name is Duo Maxwell. Pilot 02 of Gundam Deathscythe. And there was our fearless leader. Code name Heero Yuy, pilot 01 of Gundam Wing. He doesn’t know why he was named after the president who was assassinated. He just knows that he wants me to call him Heero Yuy. Oh um, by the way, he’s the one still reading this. Yeah, I’m sure you can put that together.

So, at this time, Heero was married. This amazingly wonderful girl named Kate Conway. She’d left her home in the colonies to go to Earth so she could cook. Trust me, she is a good cook. You might have heard of her. Anyhow, they were together on earth. They had this really great relationship. Kate was Heero’s best friend. And Kate loved Heero with all her heart. The problem was, Heero didn’t love Kate, in the deepest meaning of the word. But they managed. They had a few fights, nothing serious. Kate really thought that she and Heero would be together forever.

They had three children. Orlando, 7; Jed, 5; and Rei, 3. Orlando had his mother’s golden hair color, but his father’s lack of hair control. He had his father’s eyes too. That deep, haunting, burning in the dark, blue. Jed was also a blond like his mother, only his hair stayed where he put it. It was very straight and smooth. Although he also had his mother’s green eyes, it was clear that he had quickly learned his father’s glare. Rei was a cute little girl who was the only child to get her father’s hair color. It still retained her mother’s smooth straight look. Her eyes swam with both parent’s eye colors giving them an eerie look.

The five of them lived in an upscale New York apartment. It used to be the ritzy pent-house suite. Now it’s merely the best apartment in that building. Nothing special. Okay, it was special to all of us. But to the world, it was just a home on earth.

Now, it wasn’t until Rei was born that Heero figured something out. Every time he and Kate had, you know, he had been thinking about some guy. He never put much through into it, because it was usually some guy from work who was bothering him. But, recently it’d been a bit more than worrying about work. Let’s not get into the details exactly, but Heero Yuy was gay.

In retrospect, it’s kinda funny. We’re all gay, except for one pilot. But he was married before the war, his wife died, and he found someone else who was up to his standards. I sometimes wonder if it has to do with us being in such close proximity to each other for so long. I really can’t say why it turned out that way.

It was extremely hard for Heero to explain all this to Kate. She was upset. Of course she was upset. She’s been married to this man for 10 years, had three children with him, and now finds out his gay.

She canceled a few tapings of her cooking show. The world was so devastated. And not a clue as to why she was so upset. Instead they showed re-runs of old shows and everyone had already cooked that stuff.

When Kate finally talked to Heero about it, they worked things out. Kate was a smart girl, and she knew that Heero would need to be happy if he was going to be a good father. Heero agreed that he still wanted to live with Kate, but he wanted to get a divorce. She agreed. She wanted him to be there for the children like normal. So they decided to have this arrangement. The courts weren’t happy that they didn’t get to go over child custody arguments. But that’s because they would have gotten more money.

It’s about this point that my story really begins. Up till now, it’s just been life. But now it’s going to become a lot harder. In the words of an old (amazing) movie: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be love in return.” That was the monstrous obstacle I was about to hit. And boy, it would be a bumpy ride.