I'm calling it Nanashi until I come up with a name for it, that is, if it developes into anything. It could just remain a teaser forever. I have a problem with that :) But anyway, here's what I got. I had this scene dancing in my head all night long and figured I had to get it out.


Standard Disclaimers...They aren't mine but the piece is and even if you did sue me, you wouldn't get much. I'm in college. That's another way of saying I'm paying to be overworked. It don't add up well.

He sat huddling in a corner, bare knees tucked to his chin, sweat beading down his face. His eyes were squinched shut against the glaring white of the room and he couldn't stop shaking. Bit by bit, the drug was taking away his control. It was all he could do not to jump up and race the room, screaming all he knew. But that would simply speed up the drug's process and he needed a plan. He had to get out, he would not betray .

The vents at the top of the walls fell open and a torrent of tainted air began seeping into the room. He must have jumped three feet in the air and once standing, could not get his knees to bend again. All he could think of was running, running faster and faster until he couldn't breathe and the energy was gone and he could rest peaceably again. *No!* he shouted to himself, for he could not utter a sound for fear of loosing to the demon the drugs bred. *I'm stronger than this!*

Thoughts shifted from terrorized escape to the deep violet eyes of his companion. Unable to capture the braided Shinigami, their pursuers had settled for him, Pilot Zero One. It was thought that he would act as bait. The thought made him sick but the combination of the sterile room and adrenenalin-laced drugs didn't afford him any opportunity to consider a good escape plan.

Then again, maybe he wouldn't need one. The question was, was it worth the price? Images of Duo smiling, laughing, teasing him and kissing him passed before his eyes. No, he couldn't bear it! Duo was his opposite, his polar half, the one that kept him sane and in one piece. Heero may not always love that fact, but he'd come to accept it. Could he part with it?

The vents leaked more and more poison into the air and his heartbeat jumped once again. There was the answer then, ne? He had no choice. To save the one he lo.yes, loved.he would have to forget him.

High up on the wall was a small mirror where his captures watched him. Taking a deep breath, he faced them squarely and calmly. Then, expression never changing, he lifted his hand to his left ear and pressed a small, hair-thin trigger embedded there. In the three seconds before the small device implanted in his brain imploded, he sent out a silent plea that Duo would remain safe.

The doors burst open as a pinprick exploded in the back of his mind. He collapsed, eyes going dark, and lay prone on the floor.