Title: Demon Lover
Authors: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com) and Akuma (Akuma2x1@yahoo.com)
Archive: GW Addiction http://www.geocities.com/fenris_wolf0/ (Thanks Tyr! ^_^ )
Category: AU, Yaoi/Shounen-ai, OOC, LEMON!!!!!
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 2x1
Warnings: shounen-ai/Yaoi, LEMON!!!!!!
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Notes: This is one of the many creations from the two of the members of the Round Robin Lemon Writer’s Guild!!! Where our motto is – SEX IS GOOD!!! The Guild was created by Syn to combat the angsty feelings created by the writings of the other member of our Guild – Enigma!!! This is the first of our creations to be posted outside the 1x2ML. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it!! ^__^ This was inspired by Arashi no Prelude’s doujinshi Mystic Eyes. You can find the scans, albeit some may be blurry – Gomen, at the following URL thanks to Amy at the DHML: http://members.spree.com/entertainment/duomaxwell39/dhml/djs.html Sorry for the cross posting!!


Part 1
by Syn
One day a young demon was wandering through a small kingdom and as it was getting late he stopped in a tavern for a meal and a room. During the meal the tavern owner told him about the poor young King who had been recently tormented by creatures of the night. Thankfully the young demon had remembered to disguise himself as a human before entering the establishment.

The owner then showed the young man a picture of the king.

/Oh my. Very nice./ He thought to himself as he started to drool. The young ruler was very attractive. He had short dark hair that seemed to go everywhere at once, soul piercing Prussian blue eyes, and full yet, in the picture, pouty lips. The owner interrupted his study of the pic with some interesting information.

“The king has a reward out for any one who can finally get the creatures to leave him alone.” The young demon was very interested in this.

“What is the reward?” He asked.

“The reward is what ever the successor wants. The poor king is so desperate to rid himself of them he would do almost anything.”

/Anything, eh?/ He thought to himself looking at the picture once more. “What is his name? And where can I find his home?” Duo asked not taking his eyes from the picture.

“King Yuy, King Heero Yuy, and you can find his castle at the top of the hill at the edge of the town.” The young demon thanked the man and left, wanting to see the beautiful boy in the flesh. Soon he arrived at the castle and sneaked inside.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” A scream echoed through the castle halls, sending the demon scurrying towards the origination of it. He ran down the halls until he came to the doors to the King’s chambers and quietly entered. He stood in awe at the young man in the bed. He was tossing and turning, fighting off something in his mind, or at least that was how it looked until he realized the King was awake. He walked closer as the night creatures began to solidify in form, allowing him to see them. They were clawing at him and molesting him. The young demon felt his rage build inside at the thought of them touching what was his. He finally made his presence known and attacked the creatures, sending them all back to Hell. Finally when they were all dispatched, he looked back to the bed where the King still lay watching him with fear in his eyes. The demon hadn’t concealed himself and now was standing in his full glory in front of the King.

“Who.. no what are you?” Heero barked at the demon.

The demon approached Heero and sat at the edge of the bed. “I am the one to have finally dispatched those who have been tormenting you for so long. I am here for my reward.” He said with a glint of lust in his eyes as he grazed over the beautiful form before him. Heero’s night clothes had been shredded in the attack and he had barely covered his sex with a blanket leaving the rest for view.

“Yes I guess you will get the reward. What is your name?” He asked

“Duo.” Was all the long-haired boy would say. Heero took in the attire of the demon. He wore black leather pants that were skin tight, hugging every sensual curve, and a black leather vest and a little leather choker. The only clues that he was a demon were the small horns protruding from his head. His long hair was held back in a braid that reached down past his waist.

Seeing the predatory gleam in the demon’s eyes Heero was hesitant to ask the next question. “What do you want for your reward?”

Duo crawled closer until his face was mere inches from Heero’s and whispered. “You.”


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