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Title: Sabaku no Namida (Desert's Tear)
Pairings: 4x5, 5x4, 2x1, 13x6x3, RxD
Contents: Yuri Weird AU Angst Lime Yaoi Death Lemon!
Summary: Welcome to the ruthless world of pirates
Spoilers: n/a
Status: Incomplete

Sabaku no Namida: Part 6

Heero sighed as he sank into the warm water of the tin tub. It had taken him so long to get Duo off his back on board, but he was excited that he was able to take
an actual bath.

"Heero!" Duo whined, pounding on the bathroom door, "Please can I join you!"

/I said that I wanted to get clean./

"I'm your captain! I order you to let me in!"

/Not until I'm clean./

"You're clean enough!"

/The longer you bug me, the longer you wait./

"Hidoi!" Duo leaned heavily against the door. "This isn't over yet!"

Heero did not respond.


No response.

"Oi! Heero! You can't block me forever!" Duo had taught only Heero how to block his mind in defence against a telepath, but now he wished he had not done so. He was in dire need of release. He had gone what? three days? without sex and it was starting to get to his mind.

/Heeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooo!/ he complained again. /You can't block emotions!/ With his newly rediscovered advantage, Duo sent wave after wave of lust in Heero's direction.

Behind the closed door, Duo could hear a splash followed by the sound of wet footsteps on a hardwood floor.

/I'm clean,/ Heero announced, swinging the door open. Duo would have fallen into Heero if he had not shifted his weight. Well, maybe he should have just let himself crash into a naked Heero and let things just happen.

No, he had other plans. Plans for revenge.

Duo pulled Heero taunt against him. "You've been bad, Hee-chan. Disobedience is not a good habit to get into."

/I know, but it got you horny, ne?/ Heero cupped Duo's groin.

"So it did," Duo went for Heero's mouth, brushing them slightly before becoming forceful, parting his lips fully, forcing Heero to do the same. Duo's tongue ran along his bottom teeth before warring with his tongue. Duo won that round, pinning Heero's tongue to the roof of his mouth with his. Heero pressed his pelvis down against Duo's rocking gently.

Duo groaned, arching his back to increase the friction on his growing erection.

Heero nipped at Duo's chin as his hands found their way underneath Duo's shirt, never ceasing his pelvis rocking against him.

Duo's hands did likewise, running tenderly up and down Heero's slender sides, from his chest down to his hips. All the while, moaning deliriously.

"Heero!" he whimpered, as his mouth migrated down his throat.

With a growl the braided boy pushed Heero onto the floor, landing on top of him.


Duo's mouth worked Heero's again as one hand worked his sex and the other snaked over Heero's chest. The tongue twining paused for the brief moment it took for Heero to rid Duo of his shirt, throwing it across the room. Heero's hands were far from idle, caressing Duo's chest, causing then both to moan into each other's mouths.

The violent-eyed boy moved his mouth down Heero's throat, leaving a moist trail of saliva. At the angle were the shoulder met the neck, Duo latched on with his teeth, tongue swirling on the puckered skin.

/Duo!/ Heero gasped, squirming underneath Duo's body, becoming more aroused by the moment. Duo continued to grind his hand into Heero's groin.

After one last nip to the crook of Heero's neck. Duo's mouth continued it's downward course, latching onto an erect nipple, pulling at it with his teeth and shaping it.

Heero buried his hands in Duo's girlish braided locks, but the hardness rubbing against him was anything but.

Heero groaned as Duo removed the pressure from where he needed it most, but he still continued down his chest. To make up for the loss, Heero hooked his forefingers around the brunette's pants, pulling them down with painstaking slowness.

Duo went down on Heero, blowing softly on the swollen head of his purple erection, dipping his tongue into the slit.

He gasped at Duo's sweet torture, thrusting his hips so that he could take in more of him in his practiced mouth.

Duo obliged, swallowing him to the hilt. The mute boy let out a throttled moan, thrusting his hips again, in rhythm with Duo's sucking.

As he sucked Heero off, Duo held his hips in place so that he would not gag him by thrusting at the wrong time.

Heero's thrusts became out of hand as Duo began to use his tongue and teeth as well, until Heero was practically fucking his mouth.

Sensing that Heero was about to come, Duo removed his mouth.

/Cheater!/ Heero got up on his knees, pulling Duo up with him.

Heero gently lay Duo down on his back applying delicious torture to Duo's chest. lapping the sweat pooling between his pectorals. While he was ravaging the boy's chest he was dipping a hand in the bath water left over n the tub.

He dribbled a liberal amount on his hand, then grasping Duo's penis, rubbing it up and down. Growing more aroused by Duo's writhing under his hands. Duo gasped at the cold water on his hot arousal.

/Are you ready, Duo?/ Heero asked breathing lightly on Duo's coated cock, causing him to shiver.

"Yes! Heero! God!"

Heero slowly lowered himself onto Duo's fully erect penis. Duo gasping as he was surrounded by Heero's heat, trying his hardest not to pull the brunette down.

Once he was fully in place, Heero lifted himself up then dropped himself back down. Then repeated it again. As Heero's bouncing increased, Duo's control decreased. With a possessive growl, Duo flipped over, taking Heero with him. His control snapped as he bit into Heero's neck on the opposite side that he had done previous damage to and slammed into the boy below him. Everything that was Duo and everything that was Heero joined together in the short eternity of their coupling.

All control was lost, both Heero and Duo giving into the bliss. Duo found Heero's prostate and aimed for it with every jerk of his hips.

With a sharp cry, Heero came, spilling all over Duo's abdomen. Heero's internal muscles clamped down on Duo, causing him to erupt a moment later, his semen buried deep within Heero's body.

Duo's flaccid penis pulled out of Heero's rectum. He was breathing hard, covered in sweat and semen. Duo sighed, trying to gain control of his breathing. He was a mess, he would take care of that later when he had more energy. He rolled off Heero and closed his eyes, though he did not fall asleep.

Heero sighed, breath far from labored. He turned to look at the exhausted boy beside him. He was beautiful and Heero belonged to him.

Now they both needed to bathe...


"Is that all they do?" Quatre asked in their adjacent room.

"I'm afraid so," Wufei sighed.

It was going to be a long night.


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