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Title: Sabaku no Namida
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: 4x5, 5x4, 2x1, 13x6x3, RxD
Contents: Yuri Weird AU Angst Lime Yaoi Death
Summary: Welcome to the ruthless world of pirates
Status: Incomplete

Just a little warning, because all of these parts are so far apart, ya might wanna read the previous ones so that it's not that confusing, 'k?

Sabaku no Namida: Part 4

Quatre and Wufei ambled through the crowded streets of Majunga searching for new recruits with whatever Wufei had mentioned before.

They happened upon a large crowd huddled around a wooden stage.

"Wufei?" Quatre tugged on his leather vest, "What's going on?"

"Slave auction," he replied. "This is where we find them."

"At a slave auction?"

"Yes, it seems that those whim have endured hardship are more prone to have some sort of abnormal talent."

"But...how will you know?"

"Watch and see."

As if Wufei's words were a cue, a large burly man walked onto the stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen! For the moment that you have been waiting for! We have a wonderful selection this time around!"

"'This time around'?" Quatre asked.

"The traders have a new selection every month or so,"
Wufei explained.

"First!" A naked woman was shoved onto the small stage. She was nothing special to observe, a petite native woman. "A hard worker on any plantation or ship" - he tugged her biceps - "She also has a nice body if you are searching for pleasure." He continued to ramble on, fondling her. "Do we have any bids? Starting at £10. Yes, you in blue. Do I have a higher bid? £20! Do I hear higher? No? Once, twice, sold!" (1)

Quatre felt like he was going to be sick as he placed a supportive hand on his stomach. This was the way of the slaving auction, natives, captives and other unfortunates were prodded and sold like cattle to any who would pay.

Wufei had yet to find one that caught his interest, though he did spot Dorothy and Hilde in the crowd.

"£10!" Quatre shouted, snapping Wufei back to reality. He focused his scrutinizing gaze on the boy on stage. He was young, well built, tall and had wild brown hair that covered on emerald eye as the other one shone with intelligence.

"Quatre," he hissed, not noticing anything about the boy on stage. "There is nothing about him!"

"I feel something," he retorted. Though he was to lust after the Chinese boy, he did have his own opinion.

"£10?! Do I hear 20!" the auctioneer bellowed. "This boy feels no pain!" He pinched the boy to demonstrate, and he remained somber.

"£20!" Another man yelled.

Quatre and Wufei looked at him. Ginger hair. Aristocratic manner. Treize.

"That man!" the blonde gritted, "He killed my father." Wufei wondered if that memory was real or if it was just an idea that Duo had planted into his memory. "£30!"


"He doesn't feel pain, that must account for something!"

"£40!" Treize responded. He really wanted that boy. As did Quatre.

Wufei caught Dorothy's eye and nodded in Treize's direction. She nodded in return, pushing her way through the masses. (2)

"£50!" Quatre countered.

"Six - " Treize was cut off as a knife pressed into the small of his back, tensing, but not visibly.

"Long time, no see, cousin," Dorothy hissed. (3)

"Remove your blade from my back," he remained deadly calm.

"The one who feels no pain belongs to us," the blade dug further into his back, a thin crimson strand breaking free, itching.

"I want him," Treize replied, ignoring the pain and itching.

"You have Zechs, you don't need another fuck toy," she growled.

"Point taken," he growled back, "Remove your boot-knife."

"Sold for £50!"

"He's ours. Go and don't retaliate in a crowd, it's not wise."

"You haven't heard the last of me." She removed her weapon, allowing the elder cousin to disappear through the crowd.

She wove through the crowd as well, whispering 'It's taken care of' to Wufei as she passed.

The blonde Arab was pleased with this minor victory, though oblivious to Dorothy’s actions. There was something about that boy that pained him. It pained him because the other boy was pained. “Come, Quatre, let’s go claim him.”

The blonde gazed sadly as the boy was herded roughly off the stage, replaced by another. He nodded and followed his raven-haired love.


“Hello,” Duo leaned on the table of the mud caked woman, setting down his drink.

“I’m not a whore,” she downed another drink.

“I’m sorry,” his brow furrowed. He could hear Heero’s mental laughter and it made his mind itch.

“I’m not a whore,” she repeated grabbing the attention of a serving wench to refill her glass, but she refused to move to that side of the tavern.

“I’m sorry, you misinterpreted my intentions. Let me buy you a drink.” Duo shot Heero a glare as he shut out his hysterical mental laughter.

“I can’t be bought with a drink,” she growled.

“How about an offer?”

“I said I’m not a whore.”

“As I said, you misinterpreted me. I’m looking for a doctor.”

“You’ve got the wrong person. I’ve killed off a city,” she said miserably. /My life./

“Your life was not destroyed in the plaque. There is more to life than Antananarivo.”

“How much did I drink,” she slurred, wondering how much she had said aloud.

“A lot,” he chuckled. “Sally, will you join my crew as an onboard medic?”

/How…my name…?/

/It’s a little talent of mine,/ Duo extended a hand. “Will you join us?”

“I have nothing left here.” (4)

She reached for the violet-eyed man’s hand.


When Wufei and Quatre went to claim their new purchase, Dorothy and Hilde remained at the auction to see if another slave caught their attention. Eventually one did. A young woman with long wheat hair that covered her naked breasts and bright sapphire eyes. The bidding started at the same price as all of the slaves previous and Dorothy took it. At first on one challenged her, until the auctioneer mentioned that she was of royal blood.

“Dorothy, give it up,” Hilde sighed when the bidding surpassed £200. “You won’t win this and I don’t see anything different about her.”

“I like her appearance,” the blonde shrugged. “Do you think that you could give me a hand?”

“I can try,” Hilde let her mind unwind, flowing in all directions and slowly the bidding came to a halt, bidders finding that they could not open their mouths.

“£230!” Dorothy shouted with a knowing smile.

“£230! £240?! No?! Once! Twice! Sold!”

“Arigato, Hilde.”

“If Duo-kun asks, I had nothing to do with you spending £230 on a untalented one.”

“Yeah, it was my idea…Let’s go claim her.”


Howard was loading supplies onto the sloop when trouble arrived in the forms of Treize and his first mate.

He dropped the barrel he was hauling and his cutlass was drawn before it hit the ground.

“Yare, yare,” Zechs sneered, “A ship guarded by shark bait.”

“Go away,” Howard growled, his cutlass between him and the two men. /DUO!/ his mind shouted, /We have a MAJOR difficulty here! THEY found the ship!/


Duos’ head jerked up. “Complication. Back to the ship, run!” He, Heero and Sally were on their way back to the Crucifix at the time, so they wasted no time in returning. /Wufei! Dorothy!/ his mind reached out, /Return! Now!/

Treize, how nice of you to show up and even nicer of you to leave,” Duo smirked.

“You’re outnumbered, cousin.” Duo felt the presence of the rest of his crew behind him. All of them, he knew had their weapons drawn.

“We shall meet again,” Treize left with Zechs tottering after him.

/We’d better leave port,/ Heero advised. /Before he decides that he could take us out and returns./

“What about the storm?” Duo knew that answering Heero aloud drove his crew insane, but he was not in the mood to cater to the wishes of his crew.

/I’m sure that we can make it to St. Augustin before it breaks, plus we have the wind on our side./ (5)


/So much for my bath./


1) I have yet to research what country had control of 16th and 17th Madagascar, so I'm using pounds, cause England had a habit of taking over a lot of Countries...

2) It's a massive mass of masses!!! (Ignore the one on caffeine....)

3) I don't know if that's a fan-based thing or if Dorothy really is a cousin with Treize, but for this fic she is, 'k?

4) Isn’t that from Star Wars?

5) Yes, that is spelt right. It’s another port in the south of Madagascar.

Look what I found! It's from the book Under the Black Flag by David Cordingly.

"There is no mention in the codes drawn up by pirate companies of homosexuality. Since it is hard to believe that the pirates were ever prudish about such matters, we must assume either that homosexuality was never an issue among them or that it was so widely practiced and tolerated that it was not necessary to include it in any code of conduct.

"The parallels (Professor Burg) draws with recent studies of homosexuality among all-male prison populations: He draws attention to the unequal proportion of men and women in the Caribbean islands. Burg suggests that this led to men resorting to homosexual practices."

Then it goes on about sodomy and pedophilic crew members.

Under the Black Flag is copyright of Random House, Harvest, David Cordingly, Alec Herzer and all peoples associated. I own this as much as I own Gundam Wing and all the other animes under the sun. I make no profit, it's for educational and entertainment purposes only. Etcetera, etcetera. The same disclaimer as above only with Under the Black Flag...

Just thought that that was interesting.

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