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Title: Sabaku no Namida (Desert's Tear)
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: 4x5, 5x4, 2x1, 13x6x3, RxD
Contents: Yuri Weird AU Angst Lime Yaoi Death
Summary: Welcome to the ruthless world of pirates
Status: Incomplete


Sabaku no Namida: Part 3

"Ok," Duo instructed as the ship pulled into the harbor," We need new recruits. Don't make a scene, if it is not needed. Got that? I want no one to know of our location. Epyon, Treize's ship, I'm sure you know, has been seen around the area of the Indian Ocean. I want no one to go after him, if he or any of his men are spotted. Am I understood?"

The captain received several nods and mumbled 'yes's as he glanced at Wufei.

"Each is to go out in pairs, less suspicious that way. Wufei, you are to take Quatre. Show him how things are done. Dorothy and Hilde are to go together, and Heero and I will take care for restocking our supplies. Howard" -he looked towards the old man- "You are to stay here and watch my ship. You know how to reach me if I'm needed.

"We will be docked until the storm that has been predicted has passed. If we are forced to leave earlier due to incompetence, let's just say that things will be rather unpleasant for that individual. Report back immediately after the storm. No one is required to sleep aboard the ship, so," Duo's tone turned from deadly serious to light cheerfulness, "Have fun! And bring back some good ones!"

What was left of his crew disbanded to complete their tasks onboard in order to prepare for docking and the new recruits.


"Wufei? What did Duo-kun mean by 'how things are done'?" Quatre asked once they returned to his room. Wufei was made first mate by Duo, therefore he received his own cabin.

"We each have our own talents, Quatre," he started. "Duo is a telepath. Dorothy is pre-cognoscente and handles a sword with much skill, she was the one who- never mind." Wufei stopped himself before he mentioned that Dorothy had skewered him. That might undo all of Duo's handiwork. "Heero has acute senses, sight, smell, sixth, etc. also he can touch something and know the entire history of it. (1) Hilde is a telekinetic...And Howard...Howard's just old. And that's all the crew left after- That's why we need new recruits."

"You left someone out," Quatre prompted.

"Eh? Dare ka? Oh! I-I'm not quite sure what I am, but I guess I would be called mage by some."

"What about me?" he cocked his head to the side.

"I haven't been around long enough to tell," he tweaked the blonde's nose. This was almost disgustingly cute.

"You still haven't explained..."

"It's not something that one can explain, it must be shown."

The ship shook as it collided with the pier.

"Come, We are needed on deck."


Heero and Dorothy jumped overboard onto the pier, ropes firm in hand. They tied the rope securely around the wooden posts (2), then attached the gangplank, allowing the others access to Madagascar's seaport of Majunga.

Duo was the first to disembark, followed by the other three, non-stationary crew members. Even though Duo did prefer a small team, this was ridiculous.

The crew paired off as they were told to do: Duo with Heero, Wufei with Quatre, and Dorothy with Hilde.

The two woman were as close as Duo and Wufei: close, but not too close, both waiting for the right person. When Hilde was first recruited, she had her eyes on Duo, but her captain simply did not return emotions that were that deep.

Hilde, like every member of Duos crew, had a troublesome past. At the age of ten, she had witnessed the death of both her parents at the hands of Treize Khushrenada. After he had killed her parents, Treize took her aboard his ship as a slave. The things she had seen...

Aboard his ship, Hilde had met his cousin, Dorothy. She too loathed the ginger haired captain, not to mention his first mate, Zechs. They had become friends rather quickly, while planning an escape. Each one, however was thwarted by either Treize or Zechs.

They were both grateful for their rescue, even if Duo had not originally planned to do so. Hilde and Dorothy carried their fair share and then some to show their gratitude to Duo.

Without looking back, the three pairs set off in different directions.


"Aren't you two a little too young for this type a' place?" a serving wench sneered.

"We are capable of paying, so what do you care?" Duo threw back, not wanting this bitch to know just whom he was.

"What will ya have?" she gave in.

"Two of the house specials."

"Fine." She left Duo and Heero with her nose in the air.

The two boys situated themselves in a corner where they could observe the entire tavern without the entire tavern observing them and also with easy access to the door.

A different serving wench delivered two glasses of something foamy that smelt even worse than it looked.

Heero wrinkled his nose at it. /You're even thinking of drinking that?/

Duo smiled as he look a large swig.

The girl waited for Duo's response while she ogled Heero. "Are you knew in town?"

Duo laughed, almost chocking on his drink. That was the lamest pickup line ever.

"He's mute. Good luck in getting a response out of him," he mocked.

Heero glared at her as she glared at Duo, but eventually she skulked off.

The two nursed their drinks as their ears wandered to the conversations of the other occupants of the smoke filled tavern.

"I heard a rumor that The Crucifix has newly docked in the harbor."

"Is that the ship with the young captain?"

"Yes, as beautiful as he is deadly."

"He must be after Epyon, for it has been docked for three days now."

"Yes, he must be. The rivalry between the two is strong!"

A newcomer pushed through the doors, resulting in a mass silence. She shot wary glances to every occupant, "I'm no one!" she snapped and the hushed murmur started up again.

"She's intriguing, ne?" Duo asked Heero. She could be no older than twenty, yet she looked educated. Eyeing her dirt-matted hair, original color lost under the mud, but her eyes were fascinating, a dusty lavender.

/She looks as if she hasn't bathed in weeks,/ he snorted in reply.

"As I recall, neither have you."


"There is a plague in Antananarivo," she told a serving girl, gulping down her drink and displaying the glass for a refill. " There was nothing that I could do..."

After refilling the glass, only to have the contents drained again, she took a swift step backwards.

"I'm not infected..." she eyed the girl with suspicion, demanding another refill. "I just didn't have enough medical training. Just a limited amount...Shit!" she started to cry brokenly, burying her face in her hands. "My mother... my father... my friends... my training... my life..."

"I think we've found our new medic."



1. Reference to The Crow. The dead dude (I forgot his name) can know the history of something by touching it. Only Heero is NOT dead.
2. Does anyone know the name of those metal anvil thingies that ships are tied to so they don't float away? The name has slipped my mind. Along with my genetics...stupid slipperiness!
Sorry that I didn't mention Hilde before now, but erm...I kinda forget about her...gomen.

And I'll say it again: Hope you like!