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Title: Sabaku no Namida
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: 4x5, 5x4, 2x1, 13x6x3, RxD
Contents: Yuri Weird AU Angst Lime Yaoi Death
Summary: Welcome to the ruthless world of pirates
Status: Incomplete


Sabaku no Namida: Part 2


Heero silently closed the door to his captain's chambers, not wishing to wake his lover until he regained the ki he had lost. Once that happened he had to convince him to dock, this storm was going to be violent.

While Duo was out the was no way he could communicate with his shipmates. He could always write down his thoughts, but most of the crew left was illiterate, therefore wasting the effort would be just that, a waste. He could move his mouth, but no one left could read lips, except for Dorothy and Wufei, but they were busy with their jobs now, Wufei watching the Arab and Dorothy on look out. Or he could use sign language, but that was one language he had yet to learn.

Although it was not as bad as the Silence. Nothing would ever be as bad as the Silence. Years of wandering through the wilderness, through cities, at such a young age. People laughing at him, mocking the voiceless one until he secluded himself from the people who had stolen his voice. They had stolen much more than his voice, however, but Heero made sure that no one knew that, not even his koi. They had done everything imaginable to torture him, rape was nothing compared to the other nameless things They had done. He had no voice to protest, to scream, no one to hear him, no one to help him. He was Silent. Duo was the only one who could stop it.

Heero paced the length of the ship waiting impatiently for land to appear on the horizon. Time was running out, the storm was coming, refusing to wait for a captain to awake or a small ship to find land.

"Land!" Dorothy shouted down to Heero from the crow's nest. "Starboard bow!"

The mute boy knew that land would not be visible for at least an hour, that would give Duo plenty of time to recover.


Wufei's agonized scream woke Duo from his replenishing slumber. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and cracked his back with a cruel smile playing his lips. Wufei had discovered his gift.

Duo snuck out of his room, he wanted to witness this.


Wufei was in trouble. Heero rushed to where Duo had positioned him.

When he arrived, he saw his captain leaning against the doorframe looking rather content with himself and an extremely distressed Wufei rooted to the spot. The blonde Arab was nowhere to be seen, but upon closer examination, Heero could see a pair of arms snaking around the slim waist of Wufei.

/You didn't!/ Heero accused his lover, startling him.

/Oh, I most certainly did,/ Duo purred in his mind. /He asked for it with his insubordination./

/Do you think that we should help him?/

/After a while, I'm enjoying myself./


Wufei was seething. How could Duo do this to him?! The culprit had to be Duo, who else could screw with a person's mind. There was no way in all the Hells that a person could go from bloodthirsty to hot in under an hour's time, but that was what had happened to the Arab.

Not only had the Arab been attached to him for about half an hour, but Wufei was getting dizzy from the lack of oxygen to his brain.

Duo was so going to pay for his little trick. Wufei was going to enjoy the Arab. If some hot guy was going to throw himself at Wufei's feet, he would take it, and if it meant getting even with Duo, he would be overjoyed, no matter how disturbing it was.

Duo and Wufei were far from enemies, in fact they were the best of friends. They were really close ever since Duo picked him up in the East Indies. They were practically inseparable. Just because they were friends, however did not stop Duo from playing tricks on Wufei. The first time Duo did this Wufei was pissed beyond belief, but soon got Duo back once he realized that his captain was a telepath. It was fairly easy to picture Duo in a frilly pink dress complete with the breasts.

The little tricks kept going back and forth until Duo picked up another oriental. A mute boy. He and his captain became very close, very quickly. Wufei guessed it was because Duo was the only one that could speak with the boy, not at him. The tricks seemed to stop there, until the Arab.

Wufei realized that he didn't even know the Arab's name. He had heard Duo call him 'Quatre', the large man from the ship also referred to him a such.

"Ano...Excuse me?" Wufei tapped the blonde's wrists that were still firm around his waist.

"Yes?" That was the first time the Arab spoke without hatred in his voice.

"What is your name?" Wufei felt himself blush as the blonde removed himself from around his waist, hands lingering on the toned chest.

"Quatre," he replied.

"Four?" Wufei blinked. Duo had made sure that all of his crew knew how to speak the many languages of the people they stole from and fought, French being one of them. "Pardon me for asking, but aren't you Arabic?"

"Naam," he nodded, "But my mother was French."

"French and Arabic? Where did the blonde hair come from?" He ruffled Quatre's hair for emphasis, he was really getting into this.

"I don't know. I guess my mom was part English too."

"Really? By the way, my name is Wufei." He extended a hand to be shaken, but Quatre kissed it instead. /I'll have to figure out why he calls himself 'Four'. It seems odd that he has a number not a name./ Wufei felt his cheeks burn again. /This is really embarrassing!/


/You're a sadist!/ Heero accused, back in Duo's room.

"I just got the ball rolling again," the captain explained with a lopsided grin.

Heero narrowed his cobalt gaze.

"Oh! No!" he defended.

Heero's eyes bore into Duo's skull as if to dare him to prove it.

The purple-eyed boy took the mute up on his challenge, mentally tossing him all the feelings he had for him mixed with a lot of raw passion.

"I win!" Duo giggled as Heero fell to his knees.

/Ho?/ Heero recovered enough to retort, /Now what do you plan to do with that victory?/

"I plan t-"

"Sir?" Dorothy chose that moment to knock .


"Land is comin' up, Madagascar, shall we dock?"

Duo looked at his lover, who nodded.

"Yes! Oh, and Dorothy make sure that we are not disturbed until docking, unless it is an absolute emergency."

"Aye, sir." Duo assumed that she left, but he did not care really, all he cared about at that moment was his mute lover.

"As I was saying, I plan to do this." The captain cleared his throat and pounced Heero.


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