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Title: Sabaku no Namida (Desert's Tear)
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: 4x5, 5x4, 2x1, 13x6x3, RxD
Contents: Yuri Weird AU Angst Lime Yaoi Death
Summary: Welcome to the ruthless world of pirates
Status: Incomplete

Sabaku no Namida: Part 1

There was a storm brewing, he could taste it. It was not just the atmospheric type, either. His captain must be informed.

Heero cringed mentally, even since the blonde Arab was brought on board, his captain had been extremely tense.

Slowly, he made his way below deck where he and his captain resided and rapped once on the wooden door.

"Dare?" A muffled tenor demanded.

He knocked thrice to identify himself. It was a simple code between him and his captain; if he was by himself he knocked three times, if he was accompanied by someone, he knocked twice. That was the way things worked, for he was unable to voice his actions, an unpleasant reminder of his past to which he was grateful to his captain for saving him from. His larynx was a small sacrifice for his freedom, but with his master a voice was not needed.

He ran a calloused hand through his unruly, windblown hair. He noticed that the salt was making it grimy. He hoped they would dock soon so that he could wash it. His captain loved his hair when it was clean. He loved to rake his fingers through it affectionately, His captain's hands were attracted to it naturally.

Not only did they need a port for personal reasons, but they were also running low on supplies. Of course supplies could always be stolen from a passing ship, but that meat more casualties and they were running low on men as it was.

The door creaked open, revealing a short, but fierce young man. What grabbed a viewer's attention first was that he had a nose ring and two golden rings in both his right and left ears and his heart-shaped face was a constant reminder to his crew just how old their captain was.

"Come in," he spoke softly.

Heero bobbed his head in acknowledgement and complied.

The door was closed firmly behind him and Heero stood awaiting his captain's orders.

"Come here." Duo sat down on his chair and patted his lap.

Once again Heero obeyed his captain's orders and awkwardly sat down on Duo's lap.

"What ails you, koi?" The captain asked while tracing the 'poison' kanji tattoo on the mute boy's arm.

/Many things/ Heero's mind flashed.

"For example?" Duo purred.

/The blonde Arab,/ he did not need to elaborate.

"Aa. He worries me too."

/He bore Treize's flag and not only that, I feel a strong tie between him and that large man on his ship. Loyalty and obligation,/ he explained.

"You feel it too?" the captain shifted uncomfortably. "That can result in casualties."

/We have already lost many. We need to dock at the next port to recruit more men and get those of ours injured medical aid./

"Our doctor is sufficient-"

/Cheap rum on a wound is highly sufficient,/ Heero retorted with a snort.

"Don't talk back to your captain!" Duo playfully bonked Heero in the side of his head.


The Arab stirred.

"He's waking up." Wufei mentally slapped himself for stating the obvious.

"Be careful," Dorothy warned, narrowing her eyes.


An eye the color of the sea in the West Indies snapped open. He immediately recognized his attackers.

Due to the fact that his body was weakened from loss of blood and fatigue, his reaction was slower than normal, knife drawn in fifteen seconds instead of the usual five.

"Masaka! Shimatta!" Dorothy swore just before the Arab lunged at Wufei's throat.

Wufei drew back in time to avoid a knife blocking his windpipe, but it caught his left cheek, leaving a long shallow gash in its wake. Dorothy repressed the attacker from behind, preventing him from doing further damage to Wufei.

"Let. Go. Of. Me!" he squirmed.

Without thinking, Wufei hit Quatre on the side of his head with the butt of his sword, knocking him out instantly.

"Go inform the captain," Wufei growled.

"Aye, sir." Dorothy left.

"Chi! Why did I listen to her. We can't reform him," he grumbled to himself as he searched for a bandage. "K'so! I'm going to have a scar!"


Someone knocked on the door.

"Dare?" the only occupant with a voice asked.

"Dorothy, sir."

Duo reluctantly got up, dislodging Heero and opened the door. "What's wrong?"

"Your presence is need in the medical ward."

"Shit," the young captain muttered under his breath, louder adding, "The Arab?"

"Aye, sir."

"Shit," he repeated. "Take me to him."

"Aye." Dorothy gave a quick nod and walked away knowing that her captain was following her, Heero glued to his hip.

"Kore." She pointed at the door.

"Hai," Duo pushed the door open to reveal a cursing Wufei and an unconscious Arab. "Ch'!"

/Hn. It's all up to you now, koi./

Duo shot Heero a wry look.

/It is,/ he shrugged.

"Dorothy, leave us," Duo gritted.

"Aye, sir." She made a hasty exit, not wanting to be at the receiving end of Duo's foul mood.

"Wufei, stop cursing, get you face bandaged and leave us to deal with the Arab."

The Chinese boy almost snorted at Duo in defiance, but thought better of it. He could never win a match of any type with his captain, Duo would just read his thoughts. It was always better to serve under him than to be severed by him. He knew when he had lost, with a snort of acknowledgement, Wufei followed Dorothy.

Heero drug the Arab's body to when Duo now sat.

/Do your work. I'll keep anyone from barging in./ Heero left his captain, positioning himself outside the door to, as he had said, prevent anyone from interrupting Duo.

Duo began his tedious job of rearranging the Arab's mind. He reprogrammed almost everything regarding his loyalty and identity. When the beginnings of a headache started to blossom in his skull, Duo knew it was time to stop.

His thoughts wandered back to earlier. Wufei had thought about defying him. There was a way for him to extract his revenge.

Soft, plush lips curled in a predatory grin.

Just one more adjustment and he would be done.

Finished, Duo staggered out of the room, collapsing in Heero's arms. "Tell Wufei to guard Quatre."

Heero knew better than to mind-speak to Duo, with his captain in his current state. It would just aggravate his headache. Silently, Heero motioned for Wufei to do as Duo instructed as he carried Duo to his personal quarters.



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Ok, Duo has Schu's power of telepathy and Dorothy has Crawford's power of having visions.