I was zoning out during band when I was supposed to be playing...oops...and the song sounded like a pirate song. So me, never passing up a chance to play God tried to turn it into a Gundam fic....And ended up mutilating it horribly...
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Title: Sabaku no Namida (Desert Tear)
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings:4x5, 5x4, 2x1, 13x6x3, RxD
Contents: Yuri Weird AU Angst Lime Yaoi Death
Summary: Welcome to the ruthless world of pirates
Status: Incomplete



Sabaku no Namida: Prologue



The air was saturated with the hum of excitement. In a few more feet, they would be able to attack.

Just a little closer...

"Now!" Wufei cried as he threw a harpoon at his adversary's ship. The head of the weapon embedded itself into the wooden hull of the ship. It was in so securely that if it were to become loose, would have to be cut. He tugged at the rope attached to the harpoon to make sure it really was secure.

Wufei was dimly aware of the shots whizzing past him from all directions. No bullet could stop him from his revenge, he would leave the shooting to his shipmates.

With his dagger in his mouth, fire in his eyes and revenge fresh in his mind, Wufei flung himself onto the other ship via the rope of the harpoon. Once safely aboard the vessel, Wufei removed the dagger from his mouth, clutching it tightly in his fist, then set about his task: Find Treize and kill him.

This was wrong, the air felt different, Wufei tried to place what was wrong as he searched his enemy's ship.

The captain. The captain. Where the hell was the captain?! Wufei scanned the entire ship, giving a small prayer to Nataku for teaching him cloaking magick. With the thought of his late wife, Wufei quickened his step.

The sadistic bastard that brutally murdered his wife could not be found. Quickly, but not carelessly, Wufei glanced up at the flag blowing above the crow's nest. The flag defiantly belonged to Treize. It was embedded in his memory, just like it had been embedded in his wife.

Wufei had to find Treize quickly, before the cloak wore off. Around the bow, Treize's first mate was fighting with one of Wufei's female shipmates. Upon closer examination, the Chinese realized that the blonde was not Zechs, Treize's first mate, but a younger, possibly even more powerful youth. The boy could not have been a day past fifteen, his hair shorter than Zechs', but only by a foot, and tied back in a loose horsetail.

He was fighting against the ship's most skilled fencer, Dorothy Catalonia and proving himself to be an equal match.

Realizing that Dorothy was not going to win the match, Wufei took matters into his own hands. Sauntering over to the unknown blonde, Wufei blew softly into his ears as he spoke.

"Where is Treize?" he hissed.

Words from nowhere caused the blonde to loose his concentration. Dorothy took advantage of her foe's handicap, impaling him with her rapier.

The boy choked grasping at the hole in his stomach. His rapier fell to the deck with a thud. Dorothy thoughtfully kicked it out of his reach, sheathed her sword and aimed a gun taken from her boot at his forehead, all in one fluid motion.

The skewered boy clutched his stomach as if to try to stop his blood from escaping him.

The cloaking magick wore off and Wufei appeared behind Dorothy and repeated his question.

The blonde opened and closed his mouth several times, but no words came forth, only thick blood.

"If he will not speak of his captain, kill him," Wufei ordered.

"I..." he gasped. Frothy blood was collecting at the corners of his mouth. "I...am..."

"You are what?" Dorothy snarled impatiently.

"I'm the...captain..."

"Ch!" Wufei swore, "How could I have made such a grave miscalculation!"

"Sir," Dorothy asked in a monotone, "What should I do with him?"

"Kill him," Wufei sounded tired.

"Aye, sir, demo..."

The boy glared at her, then at Wufei.

"But?" the Chinese boy sighed.

"I am not one to disobey my superiors, sir, but he almost bested me, couldn't we take him with us, make him one of us?"

The raven haired boy reflected for a moment, then nodded.

As the battle around them continued, the two made their way back to their ship. Dorothy had the wounded boy slung over her shoulder, his wound pointed upwards to prevent anymore blood than necessary from leaking onto her white blouse.

"Duo!" Dorothy shouted, "There's been a mistake! Let's amscray!"

Duo shot the person he was fencing and took off towards the bow.

As the ship slowly retreated, the crew pushed the enemy fighters overboard, shooting them as the fell.

A massive man appeared on the deck of the stationary ship, demanding that they 'return Quatre-sama at once'.

The other ship paid no heed, plowing its way through the blood-tinted water. How apropos, after all this was the Red Sea.


Ok, so the prologue focused more on Wufei and Quatre, but Duo and Heero play a major role in this fic! After all, Duo is the captian.

Until next time! ^.~ Chu!