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Series: Gundam Wing / Weiß Kreuz
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, Yohji x Omi, Ran x Ken, 13x6x5, Brad x Nagi, Nagi x 5 (hehe) Schu x Farf um...more as it continues
Summary: Someone's idea of a sick joke
Contents: Yaoi, Angst, OOC, Sap, Abusive use of seiyuu, shota-kon!
Spoilers: Aya-chan, Kase, Asuka and Yohji's other secret (All Weiß)
Status: Incomplete
Additional: A challenge from the Gundam Yaoi ML


Of Rooms and Boards 5


The sun was finally coming up by the time Duo and Heero returned to their room. Both of them seemed surprised to find Ken entering the room next to theirs, but not as surprised as Ken. Once everything was taken care of, however, the three calmed down… but that was after Duo wrestled the gun out of Heero’s hand.

Duo was the peacemaker between the two, poor thing, but at least Aya did not escort Ken back to his room.

Eventually, everyone proved themselves to be too fatigued to battle to the death and came up with a pact that ensured their survival until morning… erm, the start of school.

Ken nodded and entered his room as Duo and Heero went for their own.

“Now what?” Duo asked.

“Now we get a few hours of sleep before school and worry about obstacles later,” Heero snorted.

“Finally! You come up with a strategy that I like!” Duo flopped onto his bed and within two minutes time, he was asleep.



“Ken-kun! Where have you been?” Omi worried as Ken came through the door.

“Running into one problem after another,” he sighed wearily in response.


“Later, after I get some sleep – you should too, if you’ve been up all night – and we are all together as a team.”

“Oh… ok, Ken-kun. Oyasumi nasi.”

“Oyasumi, Omi.” Ken fell onto his bed and was asleep instantly.


“Now what?” Yohji asked.

“Now we get a few hours of sleep before school and worry about obstacles later,” Aya sighed.

“Ok, fine with me… You sound tired, Aya. Did Ken wear you out?” Yohji teased.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he snorted.

“Yeah, what of it?” the blonde quirked an eyebrow.

Aya narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“Whatever, oyasumi, Aya.” Yohji turned his back to the redhead.

Aya growled.

“Get over yourself.”

“Is Omi not enough for you?” he challenged.

Yohji left the room without answering.


Relena was not happy. If anyone else were in her shoes they would get blisters from those stupid heals… and would not be happy either. Not only were her shoes way too tight, but also she had missed the first day of school because she had fainted. Why had she fainted? Because she saw a teacher bang a student on the job. There had to be a rule against that somewhere! Not only that, but they were both male! The horror!

Her too tight heals clacked on the tile as she tried to run to the Dean’s office.

She had woken up in the infirmary around five in the morning and had argued with the nurse over the fact that she just had to see the Dean and now. Although the nurse did have a valid reason: the Dean wasn’t there this early. But who was she to use logic with the Queen of the World.

Relena tugged the doors to the Dean’s office open only to find out that they were locked and the nurse was right.

She grumbled to herself as she plopped down to the floor in a very unladylike fashion - she didn’t even bother tucking her skirt underneath her legs - to wait for the Dean, or at least his secretary, to show up. Which happened two hours later.

“My I help you, miss?” the secretary asked, confused.

“Yes!” Relena shot up and then quickly attempted to smooth out her skirt. “My name is Relena Peacecraft and I need to speak to the Dean immediately! It’s urgent!”

“I’m sorry, Princess, he’s not in yet.”

“Can’t you just get him in quicker?”

“I’m sorry, things don’t work that way. But please come in and explain to me what has gotten you so worked up, ok, honey?”

The secretary seemed to be a nice enough person, so Relena followed her into the office.


“Is it really morning already?” Quatre yawned as the sun crept into his eyes.

“Hai,” Trowa rolled over and planted a kiss on the blonde’s nose. “Heero just dropped by and says that we should meet in his room as soon as school lets out.”

“Mission, mission,” Quatre yawned again.

“Un. Now get up and ready for school,” Trowa urged.

“I could say the same for you…”

“But you have something different in mind, don’t you?” Trowa’s mouth curved upward softly.

“You bet!”


“And when I came in to the class that I was to share with Heero-koi, they were -were just bent over the desk! And! And!” Relena sobbed into her hands. “It was horrible! Just horrible!”

The secretary rolled her eyes. “Who were ‘they’?”

“The English teacher! I don’t know his name… maybe Bradford!” she wailed.

“You mean Crawford?” she volunteered weakly.

“Yes! That’s it! Crawford-sensei!”

The secretary threw a relieved look to the door when it opened and the Dean arrived.

“It took you damn long enough!” She yelled.

“I just wanted to watch you suffer, Hel,” he smirked.

“You bastard! You knew this! Damn you, Schuldich! She’s too damn like Tot! And I can only deal with on of them! All we need to do is to give her a ‘Mr. Rabbi’!”

“Calm down, Hel,” Schuldich glared at her, eyes almost shinny from laughter.

“Heero-koi!?” Relena looked up to the sound of her beloved’s voice and found something completely different. “You’re not Heero!”

“Acute observation,” Schu responded coolly.

“You need to do something, Dean-sama!” She wailed.

“Stop right there!” the German ordered. “First, my name is Schuldich. Second, I already know what you’re going to say, so don’t say it. I’ll talk with Bradley and Nagi later. Alright, ojosan?”

Relena nodded mutely, not knowing why she couldn’t speak. Ah, the joys of telepathy.

“Now go get ready for classes today.”

Relena ran out of his office as quickly as heals would allow her.

“So Brad’s screwing the kid in public?” he mused.

“Whatever,” Hel scoffed. “Masafumi so did not tell me about this.”



hehe, Hel is a secretary! MUAHAHA. *cough* Sorry.