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Series: Gundam Wing / Weiß Kreuz
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, Yohji x Omi, Ran x Ken, 13x6x5, Brad x Nagi, Nagi x 5 (hehe) Schu x Farf um...more as it continues
Summary: Someone's idea of a sick joke
Contents: Yaoi, Angst, OOC, Sap, Abusive use of seiyuu, shota-kon!
Spoilers: Aya-chan, Kase, Asuka and Yohji's other secret (All Weiß)
Status: Incomplete
Additional: A challenge from the Gundam Yaoi ML

Of Rooms and Boards 4

“You can’t make me!” Wufei huffed, stamping his foot.

“Calm down, Dragon!” Treize exasperated. “Now, just what is wrong with returning to your dorm?”

“The roommate with the… and then the… the homework… and the teacher… and he sounded like you! Are you American?”

“Can you get anything coherent out of him?” Zechs leaned over and whispered into Treize’s ear.

“He’s your lover.”

“Yours too.”

“Now he’s all yours,” Treize insisted.

“If I must…” Zechs sighed approaching the ranting and babbling Chinaman.

“Stop!” Wufei ordered. “I’m tired of everyone after my ass!”

Zechs blinked.

Treize blinked.

“Everyone?” Zechs asked incredulously.

“You! Him and him!”

“Me, Treize and who?”

“Yes, Dragon, who is this other?”

“He… room... homework…”

Zechs sighed again.

“Right back to where we started… I’ll handle it this time, Milliardo.”

“By all means,” Zechs gestured toward Wufei.

“Dragon,” Treize crooned, “who is ‘he’?”

“And why is he after your ass?” the blonde quipped.

“He is him and I don’t know why he’s after my ass! Why are you two after my ass?”

“His name, Dragon.”

“Oh… Nagi…”

“Do you wish to stay here then, in our quarters?”

“That’s what I was saying from the beginning!”

“Treize!” Zechs hissed. “Both of you and me will be labeled as traitors.”

“Zechs, may I remind you that all three of us are enemies to each other?”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Wufei, now calmer, raised an eyebrow.

“I just thought that I’d mention it,” he shrugged.

“Dragon, you can’t stay here, but we can walk you back to your dorm.”

Wufei huffed again.

“Dragon, you’re making this difficult…”

“Fine, but if he fucks me again, I’ll kill you all! …Erm, both…”

“Again?” The two men asked simultaneously.

“What do you mean by ‘again,’ Dragon?”

“You know… maybe I’ll just go back to my dorm now…”

Wufei bolted, but not without both officers on his tail.


“Yohji, what did you see?” Aya glared as he pulled his pants on.

“There was a murder,” he repeated.

“When? Male? Female? Student? Faculty?”

“Female… student. If you would hurry up and get dressed – both of you – then we can still get to the scene before anyone else does…”

“Hold on a moment, Yohji,” Aya growled.

“If you weren’t so busy trying to get into Ken’s pants, you would be ready!"

“Yohji, it’s two o’clock in the fucking morning! What the hell did you expect?!” Ken snorted defensively.

“Just calm down, put some pants on and hurry up!”


“Dragon! Get your ass back here!” Treize called as he ran across the campus.

“No! Why does everyone want my ass?!” Wufei yelled over his shoulder.

“Wufei! Look out!” Zechs warned.

“For wha – oof!” Wufei asked, but found out as he ran right into someone.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where – Kudo-sensei?”

“Do I know you?” Yohji asked, picking himself up off the ground.

“Yohji, he’s in the same class as I am,” Ken whispered.

“Oh... what are you doing out this late at night?” he demanded.

“I could ask the same of you,” Wufei retorted.

“Wufei, are you alright?” Zechs asked when he and Treize caught up.

“Hai, I think so…” He took Treize’s offered hand for leverage.

Aya glared, “Who are you two?”

Zechs’ head shot up at Aya’s voice. “It doesn’t matter. I’m sorry about this mishap and we will be on our way…”

“Matte,” Treize ordered. “I believe the one with red hair needs to explain something to all of us.”

“Fujimiya-sensei,” Wufei addressed, “do you know him?” He gestured at Zechs.


“Aya! Be nice!” Ken chided.

“Look, we really need to be on our way…” Yohji inferred.

Aya and Zechs were locked in a staring match.

“Aya! We need to hurry! You two can stare each other down later, but now, we need to go!” Ken tugged at the redhead’s arm.

“Aya, we need to go. Now!” Yohji barked. “See you in class tomorrow, Wufei…” He took hold of Aya’s other arm and together he and Ken pulled him off.

“I’ve seen them somewhere before,” Treize mused, “Although I don’t remember where…”

“I’m sure that you’ll remember soon,” Zechs assured. “Now, as for Wufei…”



“It was around here, Heero,” Duo quipped.

“You had better be right.”

“I swear!” Duo defended “Yeah, right there.” He pointed to an icky mess on the pavement.

“I see…” he answered pensively.

“It used to be female,” Duo wrinkled his nose.

Heero examined the mess as Duo stood watch. If they were discovered, well, unpleasant things would happen and not all of them included physical harm…

“She’s been cut… It seems that there were minor slices along her limbs, but that only accounts for minor blood loss, therefore…” Heero pointed to her arms, “The main arteries were severed…”

“What kind of psycho would do that?” Duo spat crossly.

Somewhere Farfarello sneezed.

“This needs to be reported to the authorities, we don’t have to deal with something as small scale as this…”


“It was around here, Aya,” Yohji quipped.

“You had better be right.”

“I swear!” he defended. “Yeah, right there…”

The three Weiß looked to where Yohji had pointed and saw two boys examining the body. They quickly hid themselves behind the tress.

“What kind of a psycho would do that?”

“This needs to be reported to the authorities, we don’t have to deal with something as small scale as this…”

“Yohji,” Ken hissed into the blonde’s ear, “Go talk to them, they’re students…”

“Aya’s a teacher too!” he protested.

“And Aya talks?” Ken raised an eyebrow.

Aya growled.

“Good point…” Yohji responded pensively.

Aya growled again.

“Well, are you going or not?” Ken pushed Yohji out of his cover.

“Who are you?” Heero demanded. Before he knew it, Yohji had a gun leveled at his head. “What are you doing here?”

Yohji’s wire snaked around Heero’s gun and jerked it out of his hands before he could even blink.

“I could ask the same of you,” Yohji cited Wufei’s words, staring Heero in the eyes.

“You are the bio teacher,” Duo squinted through the darkness.

“And you are students who should be in their dorms, asleep.” Yohji never removed his eyes from Heero’s knowing full well that Aya and Ken were watching both boys. “What are you doing here, next to a corpse and carrying guns?”

“What are you doing here?” Duo returned.

“What are you doing here?” Yohji repeated.

“What are you doing here?” Duo continued.

“What are you doing here?” Yohji was too stubborn to give up.

“What are you doing here?” And apparently neither was Duo.

“What are you do-”

“Balinese! God damn it, stop!” Ken emerged from his hiding place.

Heero lunged for his gun and came face-to-face with Aya’s katana. “Don’t,” the redhead snarled. “Get up and next to the other one.”

“Fujimiya-sensei and Hidaka… Kudo- sensei…” Duo was now utterly confused.

“You know them?” Heero asked.

“They’re teachers… except for the dark-haired one,” he explained.

Aya’s katana inched closer to Heero’s throat. “You are Schuldich,” he scowled.

“Whoever ‘Schuldich’ is…” Heero drawled under his breath.

“Why else would you be here and sound like him. This place is swarming with Schwarz,” Aya pressed.

Everyone but Aya sweatdropped.

“It is,” he shrugged. Yes, all four Schwarz…

“Since you found us,” Heero proclaimed, “we are going to have to kill you. No one should know of us.”

“Did you kill her?” Ken asked suddenly.

“No,” the two pilots answered simultaneously.

“Then we will have to kill you anyway, no one should know of us,” Aya declared.

“This is unpleasant,” Duo and Yohji sighed together.

“Well… if we’re all to die, then how about if this never happened?” Ken proposed.

“If you agree not to interfere with our business in the future,” Heero glared.

Aya glared back. “If you don’t interfere with us.”

“Done.” Duo agreed.

There was a long silence where no one moved or spoke.

“You leave first,” Aya broke the awkward silence.

“You first,” Heero argued.

“No, you first,” Ken joined in.

“You first,” Heero repeated.

“How about at the same time?” Duo and Yohji suggested.

Heero, Aya, and Ken looked back and forth between the two.

“You first.” Aya was not about to botch a mission.

“No, you first.” Neither was Heero.

“I’m going,” Yohji sighed.

“And me,” Duo seconded.

“Me too,” Ken decided. “Come on, Abyssinian, It’s not worth it,” he tugged at Aya’s arm for the second time that night.

Duo applied the same treatment to Heero.

“This isn’t over, Schwarz!”

Ken rolled his eyes, Aya really needed to be less focused.




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