Author: Roseclaw
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Title: Of Rooms and Boards
Type: series, omake, crossover
Rating: PG-13, maybe R later *shrug*
Warnings: Ano...Yaoi, Angst, OOC, Sap, Abusive use of seiyuu... Shota-kon!
Pairings: a lot ^^ : 1x2, 3x4, Yohji x Omi, Ran x Ken, 13x6x5, Brad x Nagi, um...more as it continues
Archive: ok with me, just tell me where!
Short summary: Someone's idea of a sick joke

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This was a challenge from the Gundam Yaoi ML

Of Rooms and Boards: Part 3

"I don't wanna, Heero! I've got homework!" Duo wailed.

"We all have homework, Duo-kun," Quatre reminded. "But we do have to get to work on this mission before OZ gets ahead of us."

"Quatre's right, Duo: mission before homework."

"You always take Quatre's side, Trowa! Of course, I already know why," he winked.

Quatre blushed.

"Wufei's room, now," Heero ordered.

"Ano…I don't think so," Wufei spoke up.

"Why not?" Heero snorted.

"I have a roommate."

"A what?"

"A roommate, Maxwell, you know, someone that shares a room with you."

"I'm not stupid Wufei! I know what a roommate is! But you have a single! How…?"

Wufei took his turn to blush.

"Wufei's got a boyfriend!" Duo crowed triumphantly.

"Shut up, Maxwell."

"We need a new base of operation," Trowa addressed, ignoring Duo and Wufei. "We can use Quatre and my room."

"That sounds fine," Heero nodded.

"Duo-kun, Wufei-kun, please stop fighting and let's get to work."


"I don't wanna, Aya! I've got to make lesson plans!" Yohji wailed.

"We all have work, Yohji-kun," Omi reminded. "But we do have to get to work on this mission before OZ or Estet get ahead of us."

"Omi's right, Yohji: Mission before work… I can't believe I just said that to you of all people!"

"You're becoming more like Aya, Kenken," Yohji winked.

Ken blushed.

"My classroom, now," Aya ordered.

"Yeah, yeah, we're going."


Quatre yawned and rubbed his eyes. He had been staring at the computer screen for hours on end and he was starting to get cross-eyed.

"That's enough hacking for tonight," Trowa guided the little blonde away from the laptop. "You guys had better get back to your own rooms."

"Agreed," Heero nodded shortly. "Ja."

"Hey! Wait for me! You've got the key to our room," Duo ran after him.

"I wonder when they are going to stop bickering and acknowledge what they feel for one another…" Quatre whispered.

"Whatever," Wufei snorted.

"Oyasumi, Wufei-kun."

"Oyasumi, Quatre. //Even though I don't want to get back to that cursed room!//

//You know you enjoyed it.//

Wufei blinked. Heero was in his head? That was what it sounded like: deep and nasal.

"Daijobu ka?"

"Yeah, Quatre. I'll talk to you tomorrow in class."


As Wufei walked back to his room, he could still hear Duo and his futile attempts to get Heero to acknowledge him.

//When are they gonna learn?//

//Ask one of the kitties; the tall blonde will know.//

Again, Heero was in his head. Wufei concluded that he was crazy and that it was his roommate's fault.

Yes, it was definitely Nagi's fault.

//Don't blame the child.//

When did Heero acquire a German accent? Wasn't German an endangered language? It's usage stopped around 200 A.C., right?

//No, there's a German colony.//

"Ok, stop answering my musings!" He slammed the door to his room shut.

"What's wrong?" Nagi asked. He was lounging on the bed, doing his homework, naked.

"You again!"

"Yeah, it's my room too."

"At least put some clothes on!" Wufei could feel his body betraying him.

//He's good, ja? You should try taking him instead of vice versa, it feels so good!//

The Chinese boy couldn't stand it anymore and suffered a severe nosebleed, fountaining blood all over the nice white carpet.

"Schu! I know it's you! Stop playing with my fucktoy!" Nagi demanded.

//Ever heard of sharing, bishonen? What would your dear Bradley say?//

"Leave Brad out of this and fuck off! I'm sure that Farfarello would volunteer."

Farfarello? Dante's Inferno?

//Yes, my sociopath from Dante's Inferno.//

"Schuldich! Leave us!"

//I wanna watch!//

"No, you can't! Find your own fun!"

//I already did.//

"Fine! Watch for all I care!"

Watch what? Wufei was so confused, only hearing half of the conversation.

Nagi grabbed for Wufei and filled him in on what he had missed.


Omi yawned and rubbed his eyes. He too had been hacking for hours on end.

"That's enough hacking tonight," Yohji guided the little blonde away from the computer. "We'd better get back to our rooms."


Omi shut down the computer and left with Yohji.

When Ken went to follow, Aya stopped him verbally: "Ken I need to talk to you about my class."

"What about it?" Ken's eyebrows drew together in thought.

"You're failing."

Ken sweatdropped. "I've only been there for one fucking day! And you didn't teach jackshit!"

"Come to my room and I'll show you what needs to be done."


"Weiß is here," Crawford stated.

"Know that," Schuldich yawned. "So? What about them?"

"If we ignore them, they should do the same for us."

"Kin I cut 'n oop?" Farfarello leered.

"Not yet. We need to see what their motives are."

"Why can't I just pick apart their minds?" the German whined.

"What fun would that be?"

"You want to see them flounder about?" Nagi raised a delicate eyebrow.


"You're sadistic," the brunette accused.

"You're masochistic," Crawford returned.

"This is where Farf and I take our leave."


"Oyasumi, Omitchi!" Yohji called, pushing open the door to his suite. "Thanks for the info!"

Closing the door softly, he went to look for Aya. Yohji and Omi had taken a slight 'detour' on the way back to their respective rooms and had found something none too pleasant that Aya needed to know of.

"Aya? Ne, Ay - " Yohji entered the bedroom and stopped short. "Ken?!"

"Meep!" Ken tried to hind under Aya's coverlet as Aya slept next to him. Both of them were in an equal state of undress.

"Ken! What the fuck are you doing here?!"

"That… Extra credit."

"So that's how he planned it…"

"He planned it?! Aya! You bastard!" He kicked at the redhead.

"What do you want?" Aya grumbled.

Yohji cleared his throat.

"There has been a murder."


See? Murder on the Connecticut River!

This is *so* turning into a free-for-all!

I don't like this part, but I am having fun writing it!