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Title: Of Rooms and Boards
Author: Roseclaw
Series: Gundam Wing / Weiß Kreuz
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, Yohji x Omi, Ran x Ken, 13x6x5, Brad x Nagi, Nagi x 5 (hehe) um...more as it continues

Summary: Someone's idea of a sick joke
Contents: Yaoi, Angst, OOC, Sap, Abusive use of seiyuu, shota-kon!
Spoilers: Aya-chan, Kase, Asuka and Yohji's other secret (All Weiß)
Status: Incomplete
Additional: A challenge from the Gundam Yaoi ML

Of Rooms and Boards: Part 2

“Go away, Duo,” Wufei grumbled in response to a knock on his door, burying his head into his pillow. “I’m trying to sleep and it’s your fault if he tried to kill you.”

The door swung open and a spindly boy his age stood in the doorway.

Wufei was on his feet in an instant demanding who the boy was, why he was in his room and how he managed to get past a locked door.

“I am Naoe Nagi and this is my room,” the boy spoke softly.

“The hell it is! It’s a single and why do I have a key if it’s your room?!” Wufei exploded holding up the said key.

“There must have been a misunderstanding. What are we to do with one bed?”

“You sleep on the floor.”

“How about we both sleep on the bed?”

A trickle of blood leaked from Wufei’s nose. “Hell no, you sleep on the - ”

Nagi cut him off with a kiss, stifling his protest with his tongue. Yes, he was promiscuous and yes, he enjoyed it.

“Bed,” Nagi finished as he nipped down Wufei’s jaw.

“I don’t even know you!” Wufei protested, trying to push the strange Japanese boy off him and finding that he was frozen in place.

“You know my name, you know my looks, and now you know my profession.”

And Wufei didn’t complain for the rest of the night.


“Duo, get your lazy ass out of bed,” Heero demanded coldly.

“Don’t wanna, too tired,” Duo replied with clarity, giving him away.

“Your awake, now up!”

“Hidoi!” Heero pushed Duo off the bed and onto the floor, bed sheets and all.

“Now, get dressed.”

Duo stuck his tongue out. “Icicle man!”


In the next room, Omi was trying to wake Ken up and coming across similar difficulties.

“Duo, get your lazy ass out of bed.”

“Schuldich?” Omi’s eyes grew wide.

“Wha?” Ken mumbled sleepily, “Schwarz is here?”

“No, that voice just sounded like Schuldich, but it was much colder…and why would Schwarz be here, ne?”


“Ken-kun! Get up!”

“I’m going, I’m going.”

“Now, Ken-kun!”

“I’m up! I’m up!”


“Yohji, get your ass out of bed.”

“But you’re under eighteen,” Yohji reached out and grabbed Aya, pulling him down in a kiss, obviously – Aya hoped – still asleep.

“Wake up, damnit!” he yelled, pushing Yohji away.

“No wanna wake up, Omi, it’s nice.”

Aya sweatdropped, then pushed Yohji off the bed.

“Hidoi!” Yohji stuck his tongue out. “Icicle man!”

“Now get dressed.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


Wufei groaned, he was so sore.

“Ohayo!” Nagi beamed next to him.

“Oh, Kami-sama! Tell me that did not just happen.”

“It didn’t just happen, it was a few hours ago.”

“Thanks for the reassurance.”

“It’s time for school, by the way, what’s your name?”

“We just…and you don’t even know my name?!”

“Yeah, so what’s your name?”

“Chang Wufei,” he snorted.

“What class do you have first?” Nagi had known so much last night, so why was he feigning innocence now?


“So do I…” Wufei inwardly groaned at Nagi’s response.

//But I already know English!// Both minds wailed.


Wufei was glad that he sat nowhere near the boy that had bedded him last night. //Thank Kami-sama for alphabetical order.//

His fellow pilots were in his class as well, not to mention that Nagi found two others to bug: a blonde and a brunette.

“Class!” The teacher came in, speaking in English. “Sit down and shut-up!”

“Just great,” Ken mumbled to Omi, “More Schwarz. Are you sure that you didn’t hear Schuldich this morning?”

“Quite sure, Ken-kun.”

“For those of you who know me” – Crawford glared at Ken and Omi – “There is no need to introduce myself, but for everyone else. My name is Crawford, call me anything else and suffer the consequences. Yes, I am American, so don’t ask.”

“Cool!” Duo squealed in English, “I’m American too!”

“Then why are you taking this class?”


“Hn, baka,” Heero uttered.

“Nagi,” Crawford growled, “Say that and you will not enjoy this class for the remainder of the year.”

“But Br - ”

“No. Stay after class.”

“Stupid Brad,” he grumbled under his breath.

The rest of the period went by very slowly – for Nagi only.


“What is it, Brad?” Nagi asked once all the other students filed out of the room.

“Weiß is here.”

“I know that, but that is no reason to keep me after class! I have another class to get to, too!”

“What were you going to say before I shut you up?”

“Umm…” Nagi looked pensive, “American tight-ass, but you knew that.”

“Yes, I did,” Crawford pulled down Nagi’s pants, followed by his own. “Now, I’m going to have to fuck you now.”

“Hmmm…” Nagi purred, bending backwards over Crawford’s desk.

“Ohayo! Sorry, I missed this class and – “ Relena’s words died on her lips as she fainted.

“You gonna deal with her?”

“After I fuck you senseless.”


“Sorry I’m late,” Nagi said with a goofy grin tugging his lips.

“Schwarz,” the teacher growled.

“Oh, you her too, Abyssinian?”

“Sit down and shut up.”

“Saa…just like Brad.” Nagi sat down.

“As I was saying,” Aya got back on track. “This is sociology. Have fun.” He sat down at his desk and started to read.

His class sweatdropped.

“Ano…Fujimiya-kun!” Quatre raised his hand.

“Aren’t you supposed to teach us about sociology?”



Finally the last class of the day rolled along.

“Welcome, students!” Yohji smiled. //Oh, Kami-sama! I need a scotch…several…and a cigarette.//

“Yohji-kun!” Omi squealed, “You’re teaching Biology?”

“Yes, Omi…for eight fucking hours a fucking day, for five fucking days a fucking week.”

“Glad you’re having fun, Yohji,” Ken remarked dryly, passing the two to get into the classroom. “It’s been a long day with two Schwarz.”


Anyone ever heard of ‘Murder on the Connecticut River’? Well, this is gonna be like that! It has a plot! Wow…that’s a first.