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Title: Got Milk?
Contents: Lemon Yaoi PWP OOC
Summary: It's a PWP I can't give a summary without giving away the whole damn thing!
Status: Complete

Got Milk?

Duo and Heero had their noses pressed against the window of the current safe house, watching Wufei, the last person that could interrupt them ride off on his motorcycle. Trowa and Quatre were also on missions, that left Duo alone with his lover.

It started not too long ago, when the three other pilots were on their missions. Duo was babbling on and on and Heero shut him up in his own very interesting way. Everything went smoothly from there.

The couple turned to each other. Quatre, the first to leave on a mission would be back soon. That didn't leave them much time...As soon as Wufei was out of sight, the two lovers bounded to Heero's room. Duo and Wufei shared a room so Duo and Heero took the liberty of going to Heero's room to do their horizontal tango.

Heero ran slightly faster than the hyper American and waited for Duo to burst through the door. The instant his braid was through the door, Heero tackled him to the floor.The two boys wrestled for a while, stripping each other as they did so. Duo was now on top of the usually, but no longer so stoic Japanese pilot.

Heero was trying to get his mouth to Duo, but the American kept him pinned to the floor. The dark-haired pilot was struggling as Duo was carefully pinching his already hard nipples.

Heero had had enough teasing and with a roar and a twist was on top of Duo. He started to kiss his braided lover all over, not leaving a single part of Duo un-kissed. Duo whimpered, wanting him to stop teasing, not realizing that he had done the same to the Japanese.

Heero took Duo in his mouth. This brought a gasp from the braided teen, whose braid was now out and his hair flowed in every direction. Duo moaned and bit his lip as Heero nipped playfully. His tongue roaming up and down Duo's thick cock. With a suppressed scream, Duo came in his lover's mouth. The Japanese teen lapped it up, swallowing as much of the precious liquid as he could. Some escaped his mouth, dripping down the side of his face.

Then he abandoned the organ and slowly kissed his way up Duo's stomach to his desired destination: his mouth. Duo moaned.

"Shh, as always, this may hurt," Heero warned softly.

He stuck a finger inside Duo, then a second and finally a third. Duo bit his lip to keep from screaming. Blood was trickling down the side of his chin, welling from the right corner of his mouth.

"Shh," Heero murmured into Duo's stomach, then kissed it as if it was a silent apology for the pain he caused him.

Heero moved his mouth to Duo's as he slid inside him and swallowed the Shinigami's scream. He licked the blood from the inside of Duo's mouth with a prodding tongue, savoring it's metallic flavor.

He started pumping in and out of Duo's tense body, finding a rhythm. Heero reached a hand around Duo's narrow waist, pumping his erection in time with his thrusts.

With a bloodcurdling scream from both himself and Duo, Heero stopped pumping as he came inside him, spilling his seed inside Duo. As Duo

Spent, Heero slid out of Duo and collapsed next to him...


The two spent pilots looked up and they saw they had an audience. Quatre was standing in the open doorway with Trowa behind him.

"Can we help you?" Heero asked nervously.

"Ano..." Trowa wiped his mouth, hoping for Heero to follow suit.

The stoic dark-haired pilot blushed and quickly wiped Duo's seed from his upper lip.


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